Shingles all the way

Okay, now there are stories that the vaccines are ‘causing infections with herpes’. Let’s start off with the prime fact here – this is impossible. Herpes viruses are an entirely separate group of viruses. None of the vaccines contain any live coronaviruses and herpes is not a coronavirus. Herpes is a DNA virus, not a RNA virus. It’s far more stable than coronavirus.

What the vaccines might be doing is triggering shingles (that’s what Herpes zoster is). You can’t catch shingles. No really, you can’t. This is a resurgence of a childhood disease called chicken pox. I had chicken pox so I’m always at risk of shingles (hasn’t happened so far, I’m happy to say). If you have never had chicken pox and you come into contact with someone who has shingles, you can catch chicken pox. You won’t get shingles until later.

Herpes viruses are sneaky little sods. Some of them cause little to no symptoms at all, few of them are actually dangerous but a lot of them can make your life really miserable for a while. I had chicken pox over 50 years ago and I can still smell the calamine lotion to this day. My parents painted me Barbie pink with that stuff. It wasn’t a cure – there really isn’t one – it was to stop it itching so I wouldn’t frantically try to rip my skin off. Bursting all those blisters could leave a lot of scars.

The shingles species is not the same as the oral or genital species (Herpes simplex types 1 and 2). It won’t blister your bits nor will it give you cold sores around your face. It’s the remnants of chicken pox.

Herpes can hide in your body after the immune system has shut down the initial infection. It can come back for an encore when you’re not at your best. Anyone who suffers cold sores knows this, the sores can come back time and again over the course of your life and then they disappear – but the virus hasn’t gone. It’s waiting for its next chance to cover your face in suppurating pustules and make you suffer. This is truly the virus from Hell. It doesn’t kill you, it subjects you to eternal torment because you never know when it’s going to pop back up again.

Okay, so why are some vaccinated people getting shingles? The herpes virus will wait until your immune system is at low ebb, and it’s clear that many vaccines will reduce your immune response to other things for a few days after injection. Heck, your immune system just had a massive invasion of something foreign. It’s really busy. It can’t deal with another infection right now.

You can’t catch shingles. If you get it, the virus was already there, probably for decades. Biding its time. Just waiting for your immune system to be at low ebb or massively distracted. Then it hits.

And then, when your immune system recovers and deals with it, it’s still not gone. It just retreats into the shadows until it sees another chance.

Herpes viruses are not that dangerous on the whole, although a few can potentially trigger cancers. They are enormously unpleasant though, you really don’t want to activate them if you can at all avoid it.

The vaccines might trigger a shingles outbreak in some people, but it cannot cause the infection for two reasons. First, it is an entirely separate group of viruses and second, you simply cannot catch shingles. You can’t be injected with shingles virus. It’s a chicken pox comeback tour, the virus has to already be in you.

Here’s some layman’s-terms information on herpes viruses.

And some more detailed info for those who managed to stay awake through my lectures.

I’m not making light of these viruses. They are really horrible things to experience, but considering some of the side effects reported for these new experimental vaccines, I’d say those who suffer with a bout of shingles are getting off reasonably lightly.

I doubt they’d agree with that, but at least they’re not blind or dead.

24 thoughts on “Shingles all the way

  1. I had shingles freshman year college. Only source clue was my baby bro having chicken pox when he was about six and I was about 12. Maybe I had asymptomatic pox.

    In any event: I back up Leg’s seen in spades.at18. It’s supposed to be a LOT worse when you get older. I turn 70 in a few months!

    Despite the protection of smoking I was planning on vaxxing. The 1 in a 1,000,000 possibility of getting a blood clot did not seem good enough reason to avoid vaccination. If it is only 1 in 1,000,000 then yes I would take it, or even 1 in 100,000. At 1/10,000 I’d start to wobble, and at 1/1,000 it’ be a real puzzler.
    At 1/100 or more of a recurrence of shingles I’d go with the partial vax of smoking, add a bit of extra care,distance,masks and fairly low day to day contact for my protection and feel quite morally justified in doing so.

    There’s a good article about the moral values of gassing out there today. Link anyone?


    – MJM

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  2. I had chicken pox in my thirties. It was deeply unpleasant. I caught it from my father who had vaccine-induced shingles. Thus far I have been lucky enough not to have had shingles myself.

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  3. I said something similar on another forum when someone picked up on the shingles business. My old professor, an expert on Herpes viruses said as we started a practical to grow and count H. simplex type 1 plaques using eggs………” If any one of you does not develop cold sores after this practical it will be because you have developed immunity to the virus”. Thank you Prof, such a ringing endorsement of our aseptic technique.

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  4. If I may offer some anecdotal facts: I had a dose of shingles a couple of years ago and still take gabapentin for the residual pain. Yesterday had my first dose of the Pfizer vax and had a very bad night as my back blew up in pain. Coincidence? Maybe.

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  5. Using herbal natural remedies was what got me tested negative to HSV 2 after been diagnosed for years.I have spend so much funds on medications like acyclovir (Zovirax), Famciclovir (Famvir), and Valacyclovir (Valtrex But it was all a waste of time and my symptoms got worse To me It is very bad what Big pharma are doing, why keep making humans suffer greatly just to get profits annually for medications that doesn’t work.I’m glad that herbal remedies is gaining so much awareness and many people are getting off medications and activating their entire body system with natural herbal remedies and they are become holistically healed totally. Quickly contact Dr Felix herbal home now email him directly on or Whatsapp :+2349068063760 thanks and be blessed.

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  6. My wife was part of a choir tour to the US in early March 2020, which had to be aborted because of exposure to COVID. Many people in the group were infected – one was seriously ill and hospitalised on his return to UK, some were quite ill, and some had very minor symptoms, some none at all. She had a bad cold when she went out to the US, and developed shingles while out there shortly before her return and was successfully treated for it by our local GP when she got back. She didn’tget any symptoms of COVID but must have been exposed to it, and we did wonder whether that would have triggered the shingles, but from what you say it seems it couldn’t have. Perhaps it was just because her immune system was under strain, maybe fighting off the COVID.

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    • Maybe it could have. If she’d had (or maybe even just been exposed to) chicken pox in the past, the shingles virus was already there and waiting.
      Covid symptoms seem to be mostly in the range of mild cold to bad flu. At one extreme, people end up in hospital. At the other extreme people don’t even notice they’ve had it. However, the immune system definitely notices it, and that immune response could be what triggered a bout of shingles.

      I’ve often moaned about modern medicine treating ‘The British Standard Human’ and ignoring that we are all different, and respond to infections in different ways. I doubt it’ll change any time soon.

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  7. Dear Mr Legiron

    This is the first post on the Deagel forecast I’ve seen. The author seems to think it is recent; I’m sure I first discovered it via a comment here, or at Mr Davis’ site, or one of my other regular reads, in 2019 or earlier.

    Graphs updated with the latest data from ONS:

    Cum XS mortality 0-44 2015-22 wk22

    Do you know if a vaccinated person is tested for covid, whether the test be positive? (Assuming it’s not a test process that yields positive results for paw paws.)


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    • That’s a very interesting link.

      As for the vaccinated testing positive, it depends what the test is looking for. If it’s looking for spike protein, the vaccinated are producing spike protein so it’ll very likely come back positive. If it’s looking for spike protein mRNA or DNA, that’s what they’ve been injected with so that could come back positive too.

      Neither case means the person is infected with actual virus, the test is looking for a little bit of the virus and if it’s looking for the bit that’s been injected, it’s likely to find it. I don’t think there is currently any test that looks for intact virus.

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  8. Re blind or dead.. had a bout of shingles in 2009 that expressed across my head and face, very disfiguring for about 8 weeks and very painful, I was taking gabapentin for the nerve damage for 8 months. It also took 40%.of my hearing , I’ve worn two hearing aids ever since, and it lost me a lot of visual acuity (cornea damage).

    The virus lurks in your Central Nervous System and where it expresses on your body depends on which nerve pair up and down your spine is affected. I was unlucky it was high up my spine.

    It also threatens to flare up anytime my immune system is down. I know the early symptoms now (prickly skin, like early mild sun burn) and have persuaded my GP to let me have a course of antiviral pills on standby, if you can get up to proper dose in 72 hours of onset you can suppress it

    A very nasty thing shingles,if you’re offered the vaccine against it , take it

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    • My bout in Freshman year college also had early (prodromal?) symptoms: very sensitive skin, sort of like I’d had a very mild (yet very harsh) sunburn purely along the very top layer of skin, very slightly itchy-maybe, and a very slight feeling of … oddness… about me/everything in general for two days or so.

      THEN… **VERY ACUTE STAB OF PAIN** on the right side of the belly! On lifting my shirt and looking there I saw a cluster of angry-looking red bumps over an area of perhaps 3 square inches or so.

      Heh… that occurred as I was on my way back to a dorm party centered in my dormitory room late on a Saturday night where several cases of beer had been drunk.

      Soooo… I walk into the room, make an announcement: “I think I need an ambulance! I think my appendix just burst!!!”

      The reaction of the partiers (all freshmen!) was classic in terms of the faces, the scrambling, etc; and pretty soon I was in an ambulance with my roommate and hitting the hospital as the party behind us disintegrated.

      The hospital doctor didn’t speak English very well, and kept trying to tell me I should take aspirin and (maybe?) had chickenpox or something like that but “no contagious” and sent me back to the dorm.

      Over the next several days the red rash became more and more painful, spreading from the belly of my right side up and down toward VERY DREADED PAINFUL possible goals of groin and armpit as I just figured I was probably going to die. Stopped spreading within a week JUST before hitting those targets, but left me with a VERY uncomfortable horrible month or so afterward, and several months more to get back to close to normal but with a bit of skin anaesthesia all through that right skin mid-upper-body stretch.

      SOMEhow, without being warned about the possibility, I did NOT spread it up to my face and eyes (where it can get really REALLY bad.)

      Eventually I learned about Shingles and that that was what the problem was. I think I found it rooting around on my own in the college’s med library. At that time (early ’70s) it seemed to still be heavily described as “a disease of the elderly” but I believe that you are correct in that it’s an immune system thing and that it hits the elderly more often because their immune systems don’t work as well anymore.

      Currently looking at the stats, but I *think* that the odds of shingles from the vaccination are likely low enough to chance it. I have not seen anything out there however yet about the odds of shingles hitting people after COVID itself wrecks their general immune systems.

      Has anyone seen/heard anything along THOSE lines?



      • Herpes can be VERY nasty, and VERY serious, particularly when it gets in someone’s eyes and or when they get older.

        I was lucky/unlucky enough to get it in freshman year college. Several days of hypersensitive skin… sort of like you might feel after a slight/moderate sunburn where you are bothered by even the slightest brush of a cotton shirt along your flesh. And then… THEN…you get hit suddenly with the explosion: brief, but strong and stabbing pains, usually along one side of the abdomen, and then after several episodes like that over the course of a few hours with no other symptoms of than a generalized “weirdnessess”, it is accompanied by a small clustered together outbreak of nasty-looking red bumps along with MORE severe pain.

        My first thought when I saw those bumps while alone in the bathroom at a dorm party centered around my room was that likely my appendix had just burst, so I marched into the party, pull up my shirt, and said, “Sorry party’s got to end and I need an ambulance because I think my appendix just burst and I might die.”

        Heehee… I never saw a party fall apart so quickly but the dorm proctor got the ambulance there and I was off to and back from the local hospital quick-quick. The hospital doc was Asian??? (I’m not sure, but he kind of looked Asian and spoke very little English. He kept poking me with his finger in different places on my side and under my arms and on my neck and said, “Go sleep. Take aspirin. You have like Chicken Pox. It not Chicken Pox. Shingles. Don’t touch. Like Chicken Pox.” and ushered me out the door without my having an F’n clue as to what the hell he meant! I spent the next two days looking up shingles and wondering if the diagnosis was correct and finding virtually NOTHING written at a “popular” level that would have let me know what the hell was going on.

        And then had a TERRIBLY uncomfortable three weeks with a spreading/raw/blistery/infected-looking rash kept growing up toward my armpit and down toward my U-Know-What and I was VERY unhappy with the idea of it reaching either destination. Fortunately, it usually stops short of either and just quiets down and fades as the little blisters pop and exude clear liquid.

        That was all for me, with one mild long-lasting sided effect: a moderate kind of skin numbness along the entire blistered area that persisted by gradually decreased over the next 20 years or so.

        I was VERY lucky not to get it in my eyes. It’s evidently easily transmitted thereby one’s fingers… and it CAN (often?) leave you blind or with eye problems that last.

        As long as you’re good about not touching it other than some soft bathing, and making sure you don’t touch it or your clothing in contact with it and then your face/eyes most patients recover nicely I believe.

        – Michael


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