The gates of Hell are open…

…and I’m nearly out.

Two more hellish early mornings to deal with. They wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t coupled with the late finish.

New job is now a certainty. I will have left this one by mid-August even if it means a spell of eBaying between jobs. Idiot Area Manager seems determined to push both me and Mopman into saying ‘screw this’ so we are both preparing to jump ship. Today we had A Note, stating that she wanted to know who was covering Saturday morning since her idle swine of a temp can’t (be bothered to) do it.Not ‘can one of you cover?’ but ‘who is doing it?’ As if we are obliged to drop our real lives for pennies at her whim. I will refrain from a detailed description at this point but if you imagine a partially deflated beach ball with a badly drawn face on it, you’re pretty much there.

I am working the early Gadget Shop and then the afternoon Local Shop – she has no problem with me working the morning at Local Shop on the same day. Three shifts, one day, no way. As for Mopman, it’s his one day off this week so he’s said ‘no’ too.

Any more crap and I will, in leaving, bring her comfortable little empire crashing around her ears. I am somewhat miffed.

funny-pictures-history-i-dont-always-eat-grapes-but-when-i-do-theyre-made-of-wrathWell okay, the red wine of wrath. I left the grapes too long.

There are posts on the antismokers and on infantilisation of the population in the works but without whisky, and with the requirement of early slumber, they’ll have to wait. Normal service will resume Sunday unless I die of sobriety in the meantime.

This week I am seeing the woprld as it really is. Next week I return to the whisky, because  the world as it really is, well, it’s pretty weird.

And mostly disgusting.


19 thoughts on “The gates of Hell are open…

  1. “Not, “Can you cover?” but, “Who’s doing it?””

    LOL, she’s been on that management course where you’re taught to ask open-ended questions so that you don’t get a “No” – except she did.


  2. Someone wrote that women make good administrators but bad managers. Long and bitter experience means that with very few exceptions – all right, one, – I can’t argue with that.


  3. Clearly all the management and people skills of a cardboard box – which is pretty much the norm these days. It all started when graduates got moved straight into middle management with no experience whatsoever of actually managing. It’s not new and it’s not going to go away unfortunately…


  4. Today we had A Note, stating that she wanted to know who was covering Saturday morning since her idle swine of a temp can’t (be bothered to) do it.

    As a young fellow once told me, on his way out the door, “That sounds like a real problem. I’m glad that it’s not my problem.”


  5. Honestly, what is it with area managers? One bit of promotion and they’re suddenly in training to be the next Hitler. Ours has hit upon the great idea of us painting the shop on a Sunday. Okay getting paid for it, but who wants to give up a Sunday? And as a colleague so rightly points out, we are not experienced decorators, but amateurs who know how to throw a bit of paint about. If we make a muck up, will we held responsible? Wouldn’t it be better to pay a professional to come in…nah, got to save money.


  6. Were it me I’d make arrangements with gadget boy to leave on the same day at the end of a shift preferably one where she wasn’t ‘on the clock’ and inform her by note. Sauce for the goose and all that.


    • I have already begun the humiliation setup at Gadget Shop. Next, Local Shop. I will hand in my notice this week so my last shift will be August 10th. This gives me time to bring the shop up to a standard no human could maintain for long – and she doesn’t employ many fully humans. Today I heard she was showing around another of her monkeys, who will be the next temp. I didn’t meet this monkey but the description makes her sound like Dr. Frankenstein’s first attempt. The one he deleted from the book.

      The one he forgot to put a brain into.


    • She’s no MBA. She started as a cleaner and has been on an internal management course since promotion. Either that course was run by Dilbert’s boss or she didn’t listen to any of it.


  7. I did maybe thunk she was an MBA, but those having the glory of post nominal MBA are too high and mighty for a shop, no, instead they screw up much larger concerns.


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