Should the tabloids run the country?

It turns out that the Sun had no intention of going along with the Puritan demands over Page Three. They just pretended to. I’m impressed – I really thought they had caved in but they played a blinder.

Instead of just saying ‘No, get stuffed’, they let everyone believe they had given in and then come back with ‘Ha! NOW get stuffed.” The Page Three will be back as normal tomorrow.

I’m going to buy my first ever (and probably last ever) copy of the Sun tomorrow. I’m not likely to read it or even open it but it’s a small way to show my appreciation of their joke. Perhaps I’ll stuff it into a phoenix, rather than a dodo as Stewart suggested and try my hand at the Turner prize.

I’m still not interested in Page Three. Keep it or ditch it, it doesn’t matter to me. It’s inside the newspaper. If you don’t buy it you’ll never see it. It’s hardly difficult to avoid it. But then it was never about the topless models anyway. As Al Jahom retweeted –

aljahomIt was about Lefties trying to take control of a newspaper they regard as ‘right wing’. Didn’t the Sun switch to supporting Labour for a while, then switch back just before the last election? That’s likely to be why the Left want to smash it, rather than any silly boob-pictures.

Newspaper politics depend on who gives the newspaper owner the biggest backhander. If political parties were not allowed to offer deals to newspaper owners, the papers would probably slate them all equally.

Still, it was good to see the Sun put one over on the Puritans.

Unfortunately, such a response is not likely to be forthcoming from our Gubblement on the issue of plain packaging for cigarettes (then booze and food). They are fully in thrall to the harpies and harridans of anti-tobacco and now also anti-vape.

The Gubblement have decided they do not want the votes of smokers or retailers or those imminently redundant packaging manufacture workers. Nor indeed anyone who can see where this is heading because this is far from being the final stage. There is no final stage. It just goes on and on until they are stopped.

Not just the Tories. Labour and Lib Dems think this mindless claptrap is a good idea too. The SNP will probably try to make it law before Wastemonster do it.

I didn’t think UKIP would get many MPs this time around. Now I’m not so sure. I’m beginning to wonder if they might even win.

The other parties are begging us to vote them out.



37 thoughts on “Should the tabloids run the country?

  1. “The other parties are begging us to vote them out”.

    They’d rather wait 5 years then steam in on a full ticket of “told-you-so” and more unfulfillable promises before beginning in earnest to shaft us completely.

    Well you lot anyway. I left several years ago.

    They’ve all had a good look at the books, and don’t wan’t to be holding the bag when the lights go off. What’s going to happen in 4/5 years when all those union led public sector workers suddenly realise that “sorry, there’s no money left” means not just cash, but accrued pensions earnings too?

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  2. Not voting is what they want. Russell brand says so and he knows loads of stuff. Not any stuff that has any value. Not stuff that makes any sense. Not stuff that helps at all.

    Vote. Make it count. Don’t let them get away with the smallest of things.

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  3. I haven’t bought a paper for decades, but I’m very impressed by the Sun’s joke!
    It’s better than funny. It’s delicious!

    Imagine a healthy society, one where certain parts of the body were not considered shameful or degrading. What would they make of these anti-page-3 maniacs?

    Murdoch has my respect for this cunning stunt!


    • What can anyone make of ‘feminists’ who concentrate on a grainy newspaper image and ignore the burqua, stoning to death for being raped and female genital mutilation?

      Heck, I live in this society where it’s taboo to show boobs in a newspaper and celebrated to stick them in a baby’s face in public and I can’t make head nor tail of it!


  4. I’ll stuff it into a phoenix, rather than a dodo as Stewart suggested and try my hand at the Turner prize.

    A phoenix would be a rarer find, but you could go for a Pterodactyl. Yes, they’ve been seen flying around the world by “Pilots, doctors and explorers”.

    Although, since when could you trust the opinion of a doctor? That “Pterodactyl” was probably an albatross that had just flown out of an oil slick – or a kestrel weighing a few ounces over its KMI (Kestrel Mass Index).

    But the alleged extinction of the dinosaurs is to keep the Theory of Evolution going. As Lenin said (to quote him once again), “Our programme necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism.”

    What do you think all the global legends of “dragons” were about? The word “dinosaur” came into being only in 1842 [Wikipedia].

    Lenin also said, “Democracy is indispensable to socialism” and as we know, the whole world worships “democracy” to consolidate the Marxist-Leninist United Nations global regime to usher in the New World Order.

    [Tip to Leg-iron: Get ‘Panoptica’ published ASAP because you know Regent’s Park Zoo will have a breeding pair of Pterodactyls by the time Spring is over.]

    As for right-wing ‘news’papers, you can test the Marxist-Leninist NWO theory by the certainty that there are bound to be more Pterodactyl colonies living these days. Remember the coelacanths?

    The Gubblement have decided they do not want the votes of smokers or retailers…

    They get them regardless. While they stand outside pubs in sub-zero temperatures, risking the extinction of their breeding pair of coelacanths, they can be heard saying, “I’ve voted Labour all me life. Me father voted Labour all his life and his father voted Labour all his life, all the way back to to the Pterodactys.”

    That’s why nothing ever improves for smokers.

    I didn’t think UKIP would get many MPs this time around.

    I honestly don’t think that UKIP would change anything. The UK is signed up to the WHO’s FCTC. Vote at your peril if you are counting on UKIP reviewing, never mind revising, our ‘legal’ commitments to the UN.

    I say let the dinosaurs rule, i.e. the House of Lords. They have shown they have more sense than our “elected representatives,” which is the reason the LibLabCon Party is so keen to make hereditary peers an extinct species.

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  5. That’s it – definitively voting UKIP this time even if it does let Moribund in. After the psychotic cyclops wrecked my pension, I’ve got nothing else to lose.

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  6. As a mammal myself, but with only vestigial breast tissue, I am proud that the Sun is once again standing up and being counted for the class mammalia. The milky bars are on me!

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    • Now I am going to have the ‘Milky Bar Kid’ song in my head for days, you swine.

      The only chocolate egg that made me feel physically sick was the white-chocolate Milky Bar one. But then perhaps it should not have been consumed entirely at one short sitting…


      • That made me smile, the only time I was sick with chocolate was when my friend and I ate a whole pound of white chocolate at the cinema, we were about 14 at the time. To this day, over 50 years later, I still can’t look at white chocolate! For days after everything I ate tasted like white chocolate even a fried egg.


  7. Yes, I was most pleased to read of ‘The Sun’ publishing their page 3 girl again. And the girl who was featured tweeted thus:

    @NoMorePage3 may I humbly suggest that you now put your time & effort into something that actually matters like campaigning against FGM…


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  8. Wonder if Big T will be interested in licensing their branding on flip-top cigarette cases?

    5p per plastic bag coming in October to precede “the next stage” according to an MP today – presumably paying 10p.

    Off to read the shrieking of the harpies at the Sun’s little prank!


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