One of those annoying rambling posts

Chaos is so far averted, but it could strike at any moment. Preparations continue with a goal of being out of here by the end of the month. I would prefer it stayed amicable but I know it won’t. It’s just a matter of time now, and not much time at that.

I now have one of those magic phones that cram the entirety of the internet into something that looks like a coaster. It’s about as thick as a coaster too so I have ordered a cover to keep it alive. It could be my only internet link for a time.

It’s a Lumia 535. I bought the phone and added a contract SIM with 4 Gb per month internet time. Carphone Warehouse have a deal that included £36 cashback so I got the phone for just over £50. Which seems cheap considering what this little thing is capable of doing.

If you buy a Microsoft phone, connect it to your WiFi first. It’s Microsoft. It is going to download updates as soon as you turn it on. So far it has downloaded a gigabyte of updates, fortunately all through the WiFi so it hasn’t used a quarter of my monthly internet time.

I hesitate to call it a phone because I’m not really sure how you go about making phone calls with it. It does let me flip between Twitter accounts, it has Farcebok on there (I haven’t tried linking to that yet) and Skype too. Yes, the phone has a phone app.  I can log into the blog from my phone now. From my bloody phone!

There was a time, not all that long ago, when only posh people had a phone in the house. Now every Tom Dick and Harry has one in their pocket. I understand how my grandmother felt now. She was born before the invention of the motor car and might have reached her teens before seeing one.

Anyway, it is no longer possible to permanently separate me from the internet. No matter what happens, the Underdog will continue.

The other big part of the current exodus is selling stuff on eBay. I have accumulated a great deal of stuff, and find now that I care for very little of it. It was all just distractions. I could walk away and leave it all and not think about any of it ever again but much of it has a cash value. Cash is in short supply and I’m going to need some. If I’m really stuck, my brother has offered to help out, as have quite a few of you readers. I would prefer not to impose, if at all possible, but I appreciate the offers nonetheless.

There is a great deal of cash tied up in stuff here. A surprising amount. That’s before I even really touch the railway stuff – I have surplus there but might not need to sell yet. It could remain as an investment for the future.

I have to sell the banjo. A five string banjo best played with a six fingered hand. I haven’t learned to play it yet and don’t have the time now. That, I think, I will take to the local banjo shop and see what I can get second hand. It’s actually a local music shop but since the only thing I bought in there is this banjo…

It could go on eBay but I really don’t trust the post with this.

I found all the stuff for the takedown recurve bow and will put a picture here before it goes on eBay. Since eBay take 10% I can sell at 10% less than the average eBay price and get the same. I also have two pistol crossbows and a full size one but I bet the post office will get all sniffy about taking those. The swords, I think I’m stuck with those forever.

I have a carousel slide projector which surprised me somewhat. I thought I’d got rid of that years ago! One for the dump, nobody wants them now.

Oh and someone was interested in my old microscope slides a while back. I have a nice wooden box containing 100 prepared teaching slides that’s going up for sale. Details on request.

I own a Rotozip Rebel. I have used it, and I still have all my fingers. This will surprise many of you, I know. It is possibly the single most dangerous power tool ever devised and so I simply had to have one. My house has inset shelving in one wall thanks to the devastating evilness of this little drill/saw/grinder/death machine. It’s a wonderful thing but I don’t need it any more.

There’ll be more power tools going on eBay. Not the scroll saw. I need that. Nor the Dremel. I need that too. And I need all the power drills because… well, power drills. What else need I say? I know every guy out there is nodding sagely and every woman is rolling her eyes but hey… power drills, right?

Did I mention before that the baker gave me whisky? The last week has involved mornings in Gadget Shop and evenings in Local Shop and air at home you’d need the finest ceramic knife to cut and about 4 hours sleep a night so it was all a bit hazy. I nearly went full Romulus on the staff at one point midweek. Which would have been a shame. They don’t deserve that.

Anyhow, the baker gave me a bottle of Glenmorangie for the little chairs and table. I didn’t expect any return on those, they were done for the fun of it but being appreciated feels pretty good, I’m finding. The bottle remains unopened so far. I could have cracked it open last night since today was a day off but a week of little sleep and no alcohol followed by a blast of whisky would have floored me.

I think that is what is known as ‘common sense’. It’s a new concept. All part of the underdog update that’s being gradually downloaded into me 😉

I’m being upgraded to Underdog 2.0 from Underdog 1.0.fuckit  It seems like a massive improvement to me

And so it seems I managed to trade plum tree sticks for posh whisky. Purely by accident. Is it odd that I see nothing unusual in this?

You know, I really thought I was the only one n my situation until I told you all what it was, It seems it’s common. Wife tormentors get reported but husband tormentors rarely do. We guys like to pretend we can cope but you know, even the hardest of us just crack sometimes.

We’re human. Sometimes we forget that.




15 thoughts on “One of those annoying rambling posts

  1. You will be fine, the hardest part is making the decision and not allowing yourself to waver. I left with nothing and never regretted it. I had a great second marriage and my husband was my best friend right up to his death after 31 years. I agree men get a raw deal from some women, never understood why they stay with a man they constantly belittle and who is their children’s father. I hope you enjoy your freedom and have a wonderful new life.

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  2. Leggie. Stop torturing yourself. Sell EVERYTHING if you can. My garage and loft are crammed with junk which ‘might come in useful’. You intend to ‘start afresh’, so why are you hanging on to junk from your previous life? Sell it if you can. If you can’t, then bin it or take it with you. Those are the only three alternatives.
    Get your mind in gear. Forego emotion. Do not weep. “I burn the past”.

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  3. Here to the clear out of physical and mental crap is underway we hoard so much its unreal.
    And no the whisky for plum twigs doesn’t seem weird at all. Feels like it is how we are meant to be and would be were it not for the worshippers of ‘numbers in an account’.

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  4. For a long time, I thought you lived on your own. Then it slowly dawned on me that you probably didn’t but in effect and tragically, you might as well be. I don’t really know but now, I’m just truly happy for you and your future. Whatever transpires, it will no longer be destroying your soul.

    Clearing out stuff: I understand only too well, having stripped this house for refurbishment a couple of years ago. I can’t better William Morris’s advice: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful“. Beauty can easily encompass e.g. finely-upholstered rat chairs, of course: whatever floats your boat.

    During the clearout, I too had to deal with a large slide carousel: not mine, but Mr. L’s. (And no, I don’t bloody recall the make and model number FFS.) Mr. L is the stubborn hoarder in the family, not our son or me, but he was in Greece at the time. Phone call needed.

    “You’ll not be wanting this old slide carousel, will you?”. “Yes, yes, for god’s sake keep it.” “But we haven’t got any slides.” “I’ve got loads of slides.” “No you haven’t.” “Yes I have.” “OK, you have. But they’re up in Newcastle at your ex girlfriend’s house. You left there 32 years ago.” “So?” “Have you asked her for them?” “Not yet.” “When were you last in contact with her?” “About 20 years ago.” “You going to phone her, then?” “I might do. But I don’t even know if she’s still alive.” “I’ll give you 24 hours to phone her, then the carousel goes.”

    Grown up son, who’d been standing by holding rusty old carousel, looked at me quizzically. I looked back at him in silence. Without a word, he continued to carry it outside straight into the rubbish skip where it made a satisfying crunching metal sound as it joined the incomplete beach casting rod c.1968, the 5 assorted bicycle wheels with perished rubber, 2 cracked hydrometers, a large jar of molasses to be used by 2003, and so on.

    Whereas I’ve kept really useful things that will deffo come in handy, like a selection of fancy dress clothes including a viking helmet complete with blonde hair, a pink net tutu, and a leopard skin tunic.

    Well, you did say this is one of those annoying rambling posts so I thought I’d annoyingly ramble back at you this morning.

    Stay happy. Lx

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  5. One of those annoying rambling comments:
    I must admit to being a hoarder. Along with the 3 angle grinders and garage full of miscellaneous stuff that I might need one day there is the old shed entirely full of Morris 1000 parts from when I rebuilt one from two scruffy ones (30 years ago), the attic with computers and hi-fi reaching back 40years, books from university in the 60s and even a bag of letters from school-day pen friends.
    I know that one day I will have to downsize and the very thought fills me with dread. Yet most of this ‘stuff’ hasn’t been touched in years, basically it’s just rubbish, albeit with some sentimental value.
    If you can bring yourself to get rid of all these old trappings of past life then all power to you. I wish I had the willpower because the longer they remain the harder it becomes. Good luck!

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  6. I had to move not so long ago and thought it was going to be easy. I had a 4 week deadline to work to and they were the hardest 4 weeks ever! I didn’t realise how much rubbish I’d collected over the years. I spent every day, sorting through stuff. Some for the tip, some for the charity shop. At least you’ve got stuff to sell. Mine was mostly clothes, shoes I’d either never worn or worn once and nick-nacks which had little value. Sometimes it’s good to start again, clear the cobwebs out of the cupboards, if not out of the mind. Good luck to you. Glenmorangie is one of the few whiskys I like. Hopefully in your new life, you’ll get to drink more of it.

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  7. Most years my boss get me a skip for my birthday. “Can’t I buy you a handbag or perfume instead?” he usually moans. This year he forgot my birthday gift entirely, but that probably because I was off sick and not there to organise it *rolls eyes*…

    With regards to your banjo, Legs – the music shop probably will buy it from you. You won’t get back all you paid for it, so just to think of it as a rental instead. The fact you didn’t learn to play the instrument whilst you had it is not the shop’s fault 😉


  8. Tip on Ebay selling. List everything. Never assume it’s not worth selling. During a recent clean out I discovered a pair of small items which I’d had lurking in a drawer for 20 years. Was going to chuck them out but listed them instead thinking that someone might collect such things. Was hoping for a fiver or a tenner but they ended up selling for nearly £560. You just never know.

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  9. I must admit,I’ve been following your clear-out/life re-evaluation with great interest.As a lifelong hoarder myself,I find it liberating to occasionally get rid of large amounts of assorted shit which I thought might come in useful but that never has. I’m getting psyched-up for one such cathartic exercise now,as it happens,& looking forward to it immensely. I’m really happy for you, seems your life is becoming pleasant again,as it should be,& with someone to share it,too! Long may it last.


  10. The sale of crossbows on eBay is tricky to say the least.
    Usually you need to disassemble them and sell them as parts, rather than as whole. That’s UK eBay. In America and some other countries the rules are different.
    I have a recurve crossbow already and was thinking of buying a couple of pistol crossbows, so would be interested in the 2 you have. Might be interested in the big one too, if compatible with my recurve takedown bow.
    Send me some pics and prices to my email and hopefully it will save you the hassle of selling em as parts on eBay.
    All the best for your new life.


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