It’s decided then. We are to leave the EU. Or… is it?

The Remain camp have set up a petition and got all their faithful little drones to sign it. They are asking the Government to change the rules of the referendum that we just had, so that the Leave side would have to get 70% of the vote to win.

The Remain side only have to get 31% to win under that system, but that part is being quietly ignored. There are videos appearing claiming to show people who voted ‘Leave’ but who are now regretting it. It’s clearly propaganda bollocks but the drones will fall for it.

Okay, it was a close vote but Scotland lost an independence vote by the same amount and that was the end of that… or was it?

The Spiteful Nannying Party are pushing for a quick independence referendum. Yes, another one. They want to stay in the EU and like the EU, they want to keep voting until they get the answer they want. Which is why I won’t be at all surprised if we have to have another in/out referendum. In which I will vote ‘out’ again. Might even add ‘Look, I told you once, and this is the last time I’m telling you’ to the form.

Scotland was pegged as mostly voting Remain and the SNP think that if they have an independence referendum now, they’ll win it. They might. The Scots seem to like being in the EU for no logical reason I can fathom since few of them know what it does or what it’s for.

The ones I spoke to here voted to stay because, well, it seems to be okay as it is so why take a risk?

If you never take any risks you stagnate. You cannot progress. Some risks work out and some don’t. Just keep at it. A life without risk isn’t life. It’s just an existence and for me, that will never be enough. Oh I’ll never be massively rich but I always manage to make just enough to live on. Sometimes a little bit extra.

The Scots might well vote for an ‘independence’ that leaves them under the control of the EU as long as they don’t ever realise it means taking on the Euro. Oh yes, it does. No more of that cherished Scottish money because the Scottish pound is of equal value with the Bank of England pound now. Independence means you can’t use Sterling any more and the only thing the EU offers is the Euro. And you won’t be allowed to put thistles on it.

Vote for independence *snork* and you go right back to the situation you were in before the UK voted to leave the EU. It’s not the English who are in charge now, you know. The UK just voted for real independence, and Scotland wants to jump right back into the servitude we escaped. Think it’ll be Scottish oil and Scottish fisheries? It’ll be EU oil and anyone can drill for it. The Scottish fishing fleet will continue to be decimated because it was never the English who did that. Suckers. The English will have independence and you won’t, and you’ll vote for that. Irony overload.

Doesn’t bother me. I’m Welsh, I can easily move somewhere else because I’m an irritating bastard who isn’t welcome anywhere. I’ll pick somewhere that doesn’t have that Euro nonsense. It’s doomed to a massive collapse and I don’t want to have any when it happens.

The Cameroid resigned. He didn’t really need to do that. It makes him look like he can’t actually manage to be Prime Monster of an independent nation. He needs people to tell him what to do. Anyway, he’s going, and the word on the street is that Boris the Undercouch Spider will replace him.

Stop press – I have just been informed by Boris the Undercouch Spider that I have confused him with someone who looks like a cheap mop head on a badly inflated beach ball. Well, these things happen.

Cameroid wasn’t too bad really. He looks like he should be selling toasters for Tefal and the EU kicked him around like a pig’s bladder in a group of Victorian street urchins but he never plumbed the depths of Blair and Mandelson. Those two could out-slime a bucket of slugs… each.

Still, he’s gone but we still have Gideon the hotel bible guy in charge of an economy he doesn’t understand and we are likely to get the wall crawler as our front man to the world next. It will make the world think of the UK as a big top with the clowns in charge, but that’s a pretty accurate assumption at the moment. Let’s hope it changes soon. We can but hope.

The result of the referendum is apparently not binding on the government but if they choose to ignore it or to hold a second one it will have some seriously bad results. Not just in this country.

France, Germany and the Netherlands are likely to go for a referendum too. If they see that their democratic votes can be ignored they might not bother with the peaceful way at all. It could turn out to be unpleasant.

Maybe the Cameroid is sensible to get the hell out of the way. I would.

20 thoughts on “Runaways

  1. “It makes him look like he can’t actually manage to be Prime Monster of an independent nation”

    I think that’s probably true. But then it’s probably true of 99.9% of our politicians at the moment. They’ve become so used to the EU making all the big, important policy decisions that few of them actually understand what is involved in running an entire country. They think it’s just about getting their orders in a fairly general way and then being allowed to embellish or stylise those orders around the edges as they wish. To “personalise” them, if you like. Which, of course, leaves them lots of extra time to meet up with any lobby group, single-interest campaign organisation or celebrity who seems to have a little hobby horse going which might coincide with one of their own pet peeves and go into little huddles with them to discuss how they might move closer towards their rosy, idealistic, perfect, little world by running campaigns to tell parents how to discipline their own children (or not, as the case may be), to tell teachers what they can and can’t tell their pupils in the classroom, to instruct employers as to what proportion of different ethnic groups/gender/sexuality their employees must come from, to hector people about how much sugar/salt/fat they are consuming or to invent ever-more draconian restrictions on where and under what conditions people should be allowed to smoke/vape/drink/meet/talk. And that’s it. That really is what they believe “running a country” is all about, because that’s all that most of them have ever known.

    So, glad though I am that we’ve voted for escape, I really don’t know who of this bunch of self-serving, small-minded hypocrites might possibly be the best person to take on the tricky job of extricating us from the myriad tentacles of the EU without allowing the UK to be totally stitched up by a vindictive, cross bunch of Brussels Eurocrats. There might be one or two good ones in there somewhere, but they’re unlikely to be chosen or asked, mainly because being a genuinely good MP isn’t something that gets noticed, whereas being a prodnosed busybody with a bee in your bonnet about something or other that you can pretend you “feel passionately about,” does. Not to mention the fact that most of our current crop of politicians are from the Remain camp anyway, so their heart’s not really going to be in the job, is it?

    Maybe we should ask the Queen to do it for us. She’s probably a better negotiator than all of our politicians put together. I can’t see her taking any sh*t off Johnny Foreigner, and I don’t think that even the big cheeses of the EU would be able to pull the wool over her eyes; most probably wouldn’t even dare to try. Not to mention the fact that the EU doesn’t represent, for her, a lovely cosy “natural progression” after a life playing at politics here, so it’s no skin off her nose if she upsets a few applecarts by telling a few home truths that the Eurocrats really don’t want to hear. How’s about it, Ma’am?

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  2. “The Remain side only have to get 31% to win under that system…”

    Funny thing. Scotland voted to remain in the UK by 56/44, and to remain in the EU by 60/40. So if a hypothetical new Scottish Indy Ref was run under the new rules the petitioners are now screaming for, they would end up remaining again.

    Didn’t fink it fru, did they?

    PS: Turns out I was massively wrong about postal vote fraud stealing the referendum. Feels good man.

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  3. Not keen on Boris as a leader after his stint as London Mayor.

    I would be much happier seeing Michael Gove as PM, leading the withdrawal negotiations for the UK. He upset the teaching unions as Education Secretary (the EU is as welcoming of failed politicians as Education Unions are to retain failed teachers). They feared him – their toilet reading matter of choice tried to smear him:

    Plus, he’s Scottish and that could be no end of fun 😉


  4. I’m convinced they won’t allow us to leave. They’ll pull some cunning stunt or other to make sure we stay. Or perhaps they’ll be a convenient war somewhere, or a pandemic, so it’s suddenly ‘in the country’s best interests’ that we have to stay. Wouldn’t put anything past ’em….

    The problem is they’re all c*nting socialists and bilderburgers types, who are good at milking the taxpayer to line their own pockets. Just look at how they’re bitching at Nigel. He stands up for the British people and he tells the awful truth about the corruption within the EU, so they don’t like him one little bit. Oh and he stands with Israel. Another reason why they’ll kick him in the teeth….

    I’m pleased with the referendum’s result, but I’m not expecting it to last.


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  5. From conversations I’ve held in this little part of Edinburgh, it seems some people voted to remain for the sole reason that they want Scottish Independence – and saw this as a way to do it!

    Their hope is to first get independence from England.

    Then insist on a referendum to remain in the EU.

    Then vote to not do so!!!!

    I love the logic… miss no opportunity to become a banana republic. At least it’s transparent!


    • It would have worked better the other way, since the SNP are determined that ‘independence’ means dependence on Brussels (ie, no change to the current situation at all). They should have added to the Leave vote, and that would have set Caviar Woman into a frenzy of woad and claymores 😀


  6. Funny thing about this petition Leg: If you go back to yesterday’s blog, about 30 hours ago I posted the following:

    52 to 48 is a decent spread, but it’s not a landslide. Unfortunately I think it’s close enough that it will trigger my “close” scenario where it will be ignored with various justifications and will leave a significant group of very, VERY angry people.

    What possibilities exist for peaceful protest/action through widespread civil disobedience type activities if indeed the government declares that “Given the degree of disruption that would be involved, the vote was too close to warrant a change.” followed quickly by a game-changer of “Future votes to leave the EU will have to be decided by a 2/3rds majority.” or some such?

    Looks like I called it pretty well, eh? It’s the same game that the Antismokers have played with every ban vote for the last 20 years: when they lose, it’s simply a signal to gear up for a “do-over” … but once they win, then the tune is “OK, it’s all settled. The issue is decided and discussion is no longer needed. Only a few malcontents will complain and try to contest The Will Of The People. Time to move on.” etc.

    Might be worth checking a random selection of signature names on that petition with the 2 million signatures. Any reporters out there with the ways and means to check, say, 500 or so (even a hundred might do for a truly random selection) to see if they’re real? I just got done dealing with a fake Anti over here in the States who popped up on a fairly important news site after a major article on “The Nanny State.” He had a real sounding name and a “photo” icon and launched into a VERY skilled and professional set of postings of several thousand words. I challenged his identity and he came back with a nicely written background — that actually contained NO checkable data. There was no reason for him to have avoided providing such data for his claims of a university background and medical position … but when I pointed that out he suddenly and totally disappeared. That was almost two weeks ago. Here’s one of my followups:

    Michael J. McFadden • 3 days ago
    Ryan Stone? You were going to fill us in on your background about ten days ago? Again, for convenience (I’d said…) “May I ask that you provide at least a *little* more solidity to it though? As a college graduate you must have SOME concrete internet history (facebook, twitter, list of graduates, other historical postings since you have none under this name on disqus, photos showing you enjoying yourself with your friends or in a newsletter or somesuch) since what you’ve offered really doesn’t mean anything in terms of further evidence.”

    That was my third request. Still no peep from him. He was evidently fake, despite his “bio” and photo and pretensions and over 4,500 words of posting on that article. (For comparison, this fairly lengthy post of mine, including the cut and paste etc, is only 530 words. Ryan had written almost ten times as much in just a day or two, so he certainly can’t claim to simply be shy: he seems to have just run from the ID challenge.)

    – MJM, who remembers “Rollo Tamassi” bobbing and weaving about his name identity for quite a while until one weekend night when he evidently “lost it” and declared he had a “right to privacy” and thus didn’t have to share his real name (or, obviously, his motivations, conflicts of interest, who might have been paying him… etc etc.)


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