Reticent as I am to be a member of any club that would invite someone like me to join, I (along with CynaraeStMary of course, since this is no longer a single author blog) am pleased to accept membership of a new blogging group.

It’s in its infancy but growing, I understand more bloggers are to be contacted imminently and asked to join.

I could go into a long and rambling explanation of what it’s all about but Bill Sticker already did that so there’s no point doing it again. Besides, I am on split shifts so have to go back to work soon.

Soon this insane workload will be over and I can concentrate on the anthology again. The science side is in discussions that don’t need me at the moment so at least that part of life is quiet.

Anyway, here’s what the badge looks like, or will, as soon as I can get it in the sidebar…

scriblerus border large

It’s been some time since the blog had a badge.

7 thoughts on “Badges

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