Leg Iron Books – forthcoming attractions

I need to set up a Leg Iron Books site but it’ll have to wait. I might just do it on WordPress but with a ‘proper’ WordPress site, not just the blog one. From there I can sell eBooks direct with nobody taking a cut, even if I can only do them as PDF files. That way both me and the author get a better return.

I had to go with ‘split profits’ on author royalties because the damn price varies so much. All the different VAT rates on eBooks mean they are a different price in every country. There will be no creative accounting – if I make money, the author makes money. I’m no accountant, the accounts will be dead simple.

I won’t deduct tax or anything else from author payments. Declaring income is your business, not mine.

Okay, the next book coming up is ‘The Goddess of Protruding Ears’. The print version is now awaiting approval on CreateSpace which will put it on Amazon, hopefully by the end of the week. The eBook will be coming out shortly after (or before, if CreateSpace find things I have to fix)

Here’s a taster…

Who is Ayu, and why does she insist Johan’s home lies on an island he’s
never visited?

A criminal lawyer who mixes with and defends the darker residents of
Antwerp’s red light district, Johan becomes entangled with a woman whose
fetish for ear-based role play sex leads him into a world where the laws he
knows and understands no longer apply.

Ayu leads him into a new world of pleasure, linked to a past he didn’t know
he was so connected with. The people he met, the lives he crossed, were no
mere coincidences.

Eventually, Ayu’s true nature is revealed, as is Johan’s destiny.

The past, in time, catches up.

It’s not anywhere near as ferociously filthy as Hugo Stone’s ‘Cultish’ but it’s not for children. It’s a good read, complex but not difficult to follow even as it changes between time streams. it’s also not as weighty a tome as Hugo produced. His looks expensive in print but there’s about half a tree in each book! The Goddess won’t be quite so pricey, it’s a shorter book.

Following this I have a short story collection, two novels and a third on the way. Also a biography of an artist and a Dutch translation of ‘Goddess’ which is going to need a separate contract.  My contract only covers English books.

Then I have to start getting ready for the next Underdog Anthology. Oh yes, there’s going to be another. Plus, I have my own books to finish.

Meanwhile, I have to cost a microbiology project for a company who want some stuff tested. No hurry, they don’t want it until Friday…

I really didn’t have time for Christmas. I should have been working.

12 thoughts on “Leg Iron Books – forthcoming attractions

  1. If createspace doesn’t do well for you, you might consider Ingram with wider distribution

    Also, fwiw, why do you need wordpress? (That may be a genuine question.) why not just get a dot com domain which can give you as many pages as you need, including a page w an order form on which you can ask for a credit card number (if you can deal w credit) . Check the site for my latest book as an example (http://www.manhattanroulette.com) Customer can fill it out, e it back. Advantage of DIY sales, you make more money. Disdvantage, you lose the stamp of “verified purchaser” with Amazon reader reviews, which themselves work as sales tools.

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  2. Is the next short story collection a pre-arranged thing with specific author(s), or are you going to be soliciting material again? Should I be working on some of the unfinished and unpublished stories I have? Any tentative dates (e.g Easter)?

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