You can Brexit any time you like, but you can never leave

I corrupted this song before. I make no excuse. I like this song.

This is a first go. It’s late, I’m tired and might improve on this tomorrow.

Or I might not.

The EU Slaverama (with more apologies to the Eagles)

On a cold rainy island
At the edge of Europe
The people wanted their freedom
So they all had a vote

With the future now settled
The MPs promised the truth
But then they said we have to vote again
A shock result, did they goof?

Both sides claimed they had won it
One side is insane
The other side isn’t quite as mad
But self-important and vain

So they call in remainers
To head their ‘leaving’ talks
The peoples’ voices matter not at all
The spin is obvious balls

Welcome to the EU’s Slaverama
Such a lovely fate (such a hungry fate)
Such a deadly fate
We’re all blowing up in the EU Slaverama
What a nice surprise
It’s all based on lies

Their minds are tax-funded twisted
They think their voters are dim – huh
They laugh to see they still get voted in
Promising naught but spin

Now we have no parliament
Just bickering twats
Just to keep us distracted
They’ll most likely tax fat

Now they’ve brought in the Gove man
Soft in Brexit and head
Cameron revives his sad lament
We’d all be better off dead

And now those Brexit voices
Sound far away
The winners of the final vote
But no-one hears them say

Save us from the EU Slaverama
Such an awful place (such corrupted states)
We really want out of the EU Slaverama
If you want to stay (if you’re that insane)
Please just move away

Mirrors to distort views
Deep lies within lies
And she said – You are all just prisoners here
Smile and say it’s all nice

In the EU chambers
The talks begin today
There’s only one on the menu
And its name is May

The voters stay in the shadows
Hoping for a change
Hoping honest politicians will
Take their home back again

Relax said the EU
We are programmed to deceive
You can Brexit any time you like
But you can never leave.

Sadly, that’s how it’s going. King Charles III will most likely preside over his namesake’s kind of England, I fear.


6 thoughts on “You can Brexit any time you like, but you can never leave

  1. Tonight, I watched two of the Basel Rathbone Sherlock Holmes films made during WWII. These films early in the Universal series ended with patriotic eulogies meant to stir the hearts of the cinema-going public at the time. I thought, how fitting for our age too, as we fight a different sort of war: with enemies within.

    This is how ‘Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror’ (1942) ends:

    Holmes: Good old Watson. The one fixed point in the changing age. There’s an east wind coming all the same. Such a wind as never blew on England yet. It will be cold and bitter, Watson. And a good many of us may wither before its blast. But its God’s own wind none the less and a greener, better, stronger land will lie in the sunshine when the storm has cleared.

    That was written by Doyle in ‘His Last Bow’ about the First World War.

    And from ‘Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon’ (1943):

    Watson: Things are looking up, Holmes. This little island’s still on the map.

    Holmes: Yes. This fortress built by nature for herself, this blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England.

    By ‘England’ they mean Britain, of course, or the UK, but it makes me sick to watch this ‘Brexit’ charade. Who won the wars anyway? In those films, Sherlock did, but we might all be speaking German one day anyway. It seems clear that ‘Brexit’ is manufactured theatre for the masses.

    Blair, May, Sturgeon and many others deserve the same fate as Vidkun Quisling. I hope to be alive to see the day – a day when a greener, better, stronger land will lie in the sunshine when the storm has cleared.

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  2. From Theo/Liz B?

    And it came to pass, in the land of Britain, that the High Priestess went unto the people and said, Behold, I bring ye tidings of great joy.
    For on the eighth day of the sixth month there shall be a general election.

    And the people said, Not another one.

    And they waxed wroth against the High Priestess and said, Didst thou not sware, even unto seven times, that thou wouldst not call a snap election?

    And the High Priestess said, I know, I know. But Brexit is come upon us, and I must go into battle against the tribes of France, Germany, and sundry other holiday destinations. And I must put on the armor of a strong majority in the people’s house. Therefore go ye out and vote.

    And there came from the temple pollsters, who said, Surely this woman will flourish. For her enemy is as grass; she cutteth him down. He is as straw in the wind, and he will blow away. And the trumpet of her triumph shall sound in all the land.

    And the High Priestess said, Piece of cake.

    And there came from the same country a prophet, whose name was Jeremy.
    His beard was as the pelt of beasts, and his raiments were not of the finest. And he cried aloud in the wilderness and said, Behold, I bring you hope.

    And suddenly there was with him a host of young people. And he said unto them, Ye shall study and grow wise in all things, and I shall not ask ye for gold. And the sick shall be made well, and they also will heal freely. And he promised unto them all manner of goodly things.

    And the young people said unto him, How shall these things be rendered, seeing that thou hast no money in thy purse?

    And he spake unto them in a voice of sounding brass and said, Soak the rich. And again, Pull down the mighty from their seats.

    And the young people went absolutely nuts.

    And they hearkened unto the word of Jeremy, and believed. For they said unto themselves, Lo, he bringeth unto us the desire of our hearts. He cometh by bicycle, with a helmet upon his head. And he eateth neither flesh nor fowl, according to the Scriptures. For man cannot live by bread alone, but hummus is quite another matter.

    And the High Priestess saw all these things and was sore. And she gathered unto her the chief scribes and the Pharisees and said unto them, What the hell is going on?

    And they said unto her, It is a blip, as if it were a rough place upon the road.

    But they said unto themselves, When the government was upon her shoulders, this woman was mighty. But now that she has gone abroad unto every corner of the land, she stumbleth. For surely it is written that ruling and campaigning are as oil and water, and there shall be no concord betwixt them.

    And the chief scribes wrote upon tablets, saying, Jeremy is false of tongue. He hideth wickedness in his heart. And his sums do not add up.

    And nobody paid any attention.

    And the elders rose up and said to the young people, If ye choose Jeremy, he will bring distress in your toils and wailing upon your streets. Do ye not remember the nineteen-seventies?

    And the young people said, The what?

    And the elders spake again, and said to the young people, Beware, for he gave succor in days of yore to the I.R.A.

    And the young people said, The what?

    And the young people said, Jeremy shall bring peace unto all nations, for he hateth the engines of war that take wing across the heavens. And he showeth respect for all peoples, even unto the transgender community.

    And the elders said, The what?

    And it came to pass that the heathen of this land came among the people, with fire and sword, and slew many among the faithful. And great was the lamentation.

    And the High Priestess waxed exceeding wroth and said to the people, Fear not. For I shall bind your wounds and give ye shelter from the heathen, and shall take up the sword against them.

    And there came again pollsters from the temple, who said, Will the people not vote for her in this hour of need?

    And nobody paid any attention.

    And it came to the vote.

    And the elders went up to vote, and the young people. And the young people were as a multitude. And in the hours of darkness there was much counting. And the young people watched by night, and the elders went to bed.

    And there came in the morning news that the High Priestess had vanquished the prophet Jeremy. But the triumph of the High Priestess was as the width of a nail. And she was vexed.

    And the elders and the chief scribes and the Pharisees spoke among themselves, yea, even in the corners of their houses.

    And there was great rejoicing amidst the multitude of the young. And they took strong wine, and did feast among themselves. And there were twelve baskets left over.

    And of the pollsters there was no sign.

    And the people saw Jeremy and said, Surely this man has won? Doth he not skip in gladness like a young hart upon the hills?

    And there was great murmuring among the elders. And they said unto themselves, Weep not. For the High Priestess doth but prepare the way.
    Cometh there not one who is greater than she?

    And they said, Behold, for the hour of the redeemer is upon us. And his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, the Prince of Peace. And they cried in one voice, Boris.

    And the young people said, Oh, shit.

    And the people gave tongue, and made supplication unto the Lord, saying, Lord, let our cry come unto thee.

    And the Lord thought the whole thing was absolutely hilarious.

    And then the people said, Lord, what shall we do regarding Brexit? For henceforth the High Priestess shall be as weak as a newborn lamb. How shall we hope for continued access to the single market?

    And the Lord said, The what?

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  3. Heehee…. as soon as I saw your blog title this evening the “Hotel California” flit through my mind. I’d have gone with “The Hotel Brexitfornia” over “the EU Slaverama” but other’n that my rewriting talents would quail in a corner next to yours! VERY nicely done!!! You oughta send it around to whatever TV type shows or bands or whatever might actually want to do it up proper for mass consumption!

    I was just exchanging emails with Mark Jarrett in Australia this evening about the mess on Manus Island. Can you imagine how much hell there’d be to pay if the US or UK rounded up all their illegal (or pseudo-legal?) immigrants and “detained” them on some island floating around out there? Sheeesh! You would think that Australia, given the history of its own immigrant base as a “prison island” would be a bit more sensitive.

    – MJM

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