Tales from under the Drinking Tree

Sorry guys, it’s in Dutch.

Feesten Onder de Drinkboom is shortly to appear on Amazon in print and Kindle editions, it’s now on Smashwords in multiple e-formats and will soon (if it gets through Smashwords’ vetting first time) appear on Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple, Sony etc in ebook form.

It’s a slim book hence the lack of title on the spine but if you speak Dutch it promises to be a good read. Dirk has sent me one of the tales in English and you won’t believe the weird life he’s had!

The Drinking Tree is real. It produces an alcoholic sap called Tuak which you just collect and drink. I wish I could grow one in Scotland but sadly that’s unlikely to be possible. I’ll just have to stick with the grapevine and wait.

The book contains tales of Dirk’s life in Indonesia along with some background on Indonesian customs and traditions. I hope, one day, he’ll translate the whole lot into English. It would be an entertaining read and probably a very useful guide to tourists from English speaking countries.

Dirk, if you’re reading, correct me on any points because I speak no Dutch at all.

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