Four days

I have assembled the Treeskull Stories into its earliest stage and sent it to the authors so they can check their parts of it. It does mean all authors get to see the whole (so far) book but they all get a copy or more anyway and since I can’t yet pay much, any perks are always a bonus. So far it’s weighing in at roughly 120 pages depending on how the formatting pans out and whether any more stories arrive.

I have to close this one on the 14th October. It has to be ready to be ordered and arrive in time for Halloween. After Halloween, people won’t be so interested and will be looking for Christmas books. I think we should have a Christmas book. It might not be quite what they expect.

I tried to do one last year but ran out of time and didn’t have enough stories unless I filled it with mine. That would have made it a ‘H. K. Hillman with supporting features’ book. I’m not interested in that. It’s not what Leg Iron Books is about.

This year the Christmas anthology is looking much better and I’ll be ready to start taking more stories for it on the 14th October. It will close on the 1st December because the Christmas period is chaotic and it will need to be ready early.

So if you have a Halloween story, it has to get to me by midnight on the 14th or I can’t do it. I need a couple of days to edit it and find/make an illustration for it and then fit it into the contents. I also have to set up the internal links for the eBook, which isn’t hard, but takes time.

The Treeskull Stories have already passed my 100 page limit for being worth the work of publishing. It’s a definite go. There is room for more, if you have one.

But please don’t send it at five to midnight on the 14th because a load of other people might do the same. Then I’d have to go with whoever gets there first.

Christmas stories for the next one, the deadline is midnight on December 1st.

That’s GMT for all times, by the way.



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