Chukkus Yermoney

So it seems Chukka Umblybumbly is now changing parties faster than most people change their underwear. He’s now joined the Liberal Dimmitwats. I wonder if the Monster Raving Loony party turned him down for being too strange?

I’ve lost count of how many parties he’s joined and left now. I’m only surprised he hasn’t joined the Tories and put himself forward for leader – he is, at least, better known than about half the current candidates.

What does he believe in? Where do his party affiliations lie? What policies does he support? Apart from ‘Brexit Bad’ (could be the title of a TV series, that), what does he believe in?

Himself, apparently, and that, it appears, is as far as it goes. Well that doesn’t make him any different from at least 90% of modern politicians, so there’s that.

Still, how can you hope to have any credibility when you flip from party to party on a whim, almost daily? His next move is only a whim away…

A whim away, a whim away, a whim away, a whim away… In the Commons, the mighty Commons, the Chukka flips tonight…

Earworm. Sorry.

The implosion of British politics is likely to be a disaster for us all but you have to admit, it’s hugely entertaining. We should place bets on where he’ll move to next.

On current polling it could well be the dole queue. For many more than ol’ Chucky too.

Anyway, this entire post came about because of a tweet I saw that made me laugh. So here it is.

It’s funny and accurate at the same time.

I would despair at the future of British politics but at least it’s dying with a laugh.

And we could all do with a laugh these days.

7 thoughts on “Chukkus Yermoney

  1. A whim away, a whim away, a whim away, a whim away… In the Commons, the mighty Commons, the Chukka flips tonight…

    Fucking brilliant. I think it is even better that the tweet although it does need the previous paragraph and thus isn’t so good in a tweet.

    This made my day although it does fit many others, including Boris.

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