Loch Doon and Tinfoil Hats

I knew I’d lost a story somewhere in all the confusion. I had lost two from Marsha Webb. Those are now edited and returned and contracts, then payments, won’t be long now. I hope to have it assembled for Beltane, it’s not much time but until I can at least get the part to fix my car, I’m going nowhere anyway.

The book, thanks to Longrider, will be titled Tales from Loch Doon. This is a quick mockup of a cover using one of my photos of Loch Ness.

I’ll mess around with the lighting and I’m not entirely happy with the font there. Still, the basic image works, I think. Roo B. Doo will be first in the editor list since she did, by far, most of the work while I was dealing with life. Life. Don’t talk to me about life. Loathe it or hate it, you can’t ignore it.

The book will have 14 stories from 9 authors, unless I missed someone else. If you still don’t have edits back, please let me know. Check your spam cupboard for a Leg Iron Books email.

Okay, that’s the book stuff. Tinfoil hats ready? Here we go.

Is 5G really dangerous?

I don’t know. Ask Vanessa Redgrave. (Okay I can’t get to a post office, possibly for weeks, but if you get that reference I’l email you an eBook of your choice from Leg Iron Books in any format you want)

I have no expertise in microwave radiation at all and frankly, I live where 4G is only available if you stand in the right place and our landline comes through ageing copper wires. I’m not going to have to worry about 5G for a very long time, so I haven’t looked into it all that hard.

It seems to have a short range so you need a lot of towers. That sounds expensive. And ugly. I’ve seen the towers and they aren’t exactly pretty things. I admit I am not keen on this whole ‘internet of things’ idea at all but then I did grow up in a time where only the posh people had a landline phone in the house. It’s all accelerated at a hell of a speed. I remember the invention of cassette tapes, and how we couldn’t afford a Walkman and didn’t feel the need for one. I remember when the CD was a fanciful myth on ‘Tomorrow’s World’ and those are already gone.

So, this new 5G, well, I doubt I really need it and if I stay in this house I’m not likely to get it anyway. I will not install an Alexa listening device in this house and I won’t buy a TV with a camera in it. There’d be no point anyway, the internet out here won’t cope with it. Most of what I do, most of what I send by email, involves text documents. I could do it with an old dial-up modem.

But is 5G dangerous? I don’t know. I admit I am concerned by the lack of any testing and the apparent lack of will to do any testing. I really do think it should be tested, high energy microwaves have the potential to be harmful and if they are going to tell me my smoking and drinking is harming me then they need to prove that their profitable new game is at least less harmful.

Baseline answer: I don’t trust it because of the refusal to run and publish tests, but I have no hard evidence it’s dangerous.

Can 5G create/control a virus?


This is an area where I do have some expertise. You cannot create a virus from electromagnetic radiation and there is no way at all to control a virus. As most of the world is currently finding out.

A virus does not have a brain, nor even the basis of any kind of nervous system. It does not think, it does not reason, it considers nothing, sees nothing, hears nothing, feels nothing. It is not even an entire cell. It’s essentially a cell fragment. Lower in complexity even than archaebacteria. A bit of RNA or DNA enclosed in protein and lipid, with a surface that lets it attach and get into a real cell. It is a parasite. It does nothing but invade cells and replicate itself.

The current bout of Mao Tse Lung seems to affect some ethnic groups more than others. That does not make it racist. It knows nothing of race, it doesn’t even know humans exist. It doesn’t know it infects cells expressing ACE2 protein, it doesn’t know it kills people, it doesn’t know about people at all. It knows nothing at all. It has no means of storing any kind of external information and no means of receiving external information. You can blast Radio 4 at it for eternity, it will not notice.

So aside from the rather obvious observation that even 5G is not a Star Trek replicator and creates nothing, there is no means to control a virus via any kind of waveform because the virus has no means to even detect that waveform. 5G has absolutely nothing to do with any virus of any kind.

Are renewables renewable?

Windmills and solar panels are possibly the worst thing to ever have happened to this planet. Sure, oil spills are bad, but oil is part of the planet. The world can eventually reabsorb it and deal with it. Okay, timescales are longer than human lifetimes but we are ephemeral. Our entire history is such that the planet hasn’t noticed us yet. We really aren’t as important as we like to think we are.

Basically, we are a form of monkey that has developed fancy toys. All made from the planet’s resources and much of it will just be reabsorbed. Like CO2. It really is plant food, you know. Anyone who was taught real biology knows this.

The windmills and solar panels, those ‘green’ things, are causing lakes of toxic waste where the required elements are extracted. Solar panels, once expired, are buried in landfill where they leach out poison into the soil. They cannot be recycled.

Ever wondered how a 60 foot windmill stays up? It’s bolted to several hundred tons of concrete hidden below the soil. Every one of them. Those blocks will be wondered at by archaeologists a thousand years from now, and they will produce complex theories about the fibreglass windmill-blade mass graves they will find all over the planet. None of these things are recyclable and they are going to be in the ground far longer than any other landfill. They won’t rot.

Nuclear power waste will be long gone before the solar panel and windmill waste decays. Future archaeologists will wonder how we powered our world with such inefficlent systems while they power theirs with uranium. Just as ours now wonder how the Incas cut stone so precisely.

Eventually it will all fall apart and the realism that hydro and nuclear are the clean way forward will emerge, but we will never power any kind of long distance transport with those things. Fossil fuel use will reduce but I don’t believe it can ever be utterly dispensed with. Just ask Greenpeace and their diesel powered ships.

We could, of course, go back to putting sails on ships… Greenpeace hasn’t though. Why is that, I wonder?

Is there really a plan to reduce global population?

Yes. There has been for a long time and they really aren’t being subtle about it. Africa – all of it – will be a nature reserve, large areas of other continents will be no go areas for humans, we are to be corralled into economically productive cities and only the elites will travel.

Sounds horrible? It is, but the ones pushing it think it won’t apply to them. Just like the ones who fought for communism in the Soviet Union and China and those who supported Nazism in 1930s Germany. Just like those academics who supported Pol Pot until he had them all exterminated.

Oh you can call it tinhat foilery all you want. You can pretend it won’t apply to you all you want but it is no secret. The UN are quite open about Agenda 21. The delegates at their meetings think it won’t apply to them or their families. Agenda 21 was a ‘conspiracy theory’ but there are now conferences discussing it.

Does anyone want to destroy society as we know it?

You haven’t been paying attention, have you? The ecoloons want to drive us back to mediaeval times. No industry, no nothing, you will be caking your straw hut in cow shit and eating raw turnips to save a planet that has not noticed you exist. This is genuinely what they want and once again, they don’t think it will apply to them. They think they will film it all on iPhones and upload it to TikTok. Sorry guys, neither of those things will exist. You’ll be up at 4 am to chase badgers off your turnip fields and pick slugs off your lettuce just like everyone else. Unless, of course, you are executed for wrongthink.

You don’t need to look at the tinfoil hat brigade. There are no aliens coming to poke your bum, no reptiles coming to eat your children. That’s not even needed.

Look at what they are telling you openly. They are not kidding.

27 thoughts on “Loch Doon and Tinfoil Hats

  1. I did rf.
    A wise fellow engineer gave me his answer to those who fear phone masts.
    Stand and look at a middle distance multi kilowatt flood lamp.
    Then take your little two watt torch / flashlight hold it against your closed eyelid and switch it on.
    Which of these seems brighter, distant flood or little acorn bulb.
    Same with phone mast antennas and the puny, one or less watt, emitter, your mobile, you hold next to your head.
    Inverse square law. Double the distance from emitter and the power hitting you reduced by a quarter.
    The stuff that will bugger up your genes, and those of your descendants, if the buggeration allows you to have any, is ionizing radiation. Such as X-rays, cosmic rays, , particles flying off radioactive stuff.
    Maybe all significant and sudden mutations have happened because of this. Most deadly, or useless, but the one in many millions will make the recipient a winner.
    Simple electromagnetic rays, light and radio waves, from way down in the ultra violet right up to the stuff they use to talk to submarines will do you no harm, unless by sheer power it cooks your bits. Which can be quite low power to degrade your eyes, a bit more to give you sunburn, to lots to barbecue you. But most of your body has nerves which warn you about this heating. But not your eyes, or I was told, testicles.
    Stay safe as they say.

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  2. These tossers amuse me, I’ve never come across one who has the vaguest notion hoe a refinery operates, a power plant, a steel mill! None of them have any real idea of how a car operates, it’s all juju to them, they have garages for that! What are they going to do, threaten me? I’ve been a senior engineer in Oil and Gas over 40 years now, send your goons to give me a hard time, but be very careful not to let me inside the control room for 5 minutes, or anywhere near the main control valves, don’t trust my calculations for the main steam pipes in your power station, don’t let me near the blast furnace or the steel converter, the results will be spectacular but I doubt if you’ll enjoy them very much! A quote from Dune, ” He who can destroy a thing, controls a thing”
    I will NOT live in your control-freak world, in some little box on the 34th floor just so you can have the lake district to yourselves. It’s us ‘little people’ who run the world, the engineers, doctors, farmers and bus drivers, you shitbirds aren’t even on the same page, be nice to us and we may allow you to join us on the beach occasionally.

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    • From my point of view, I’ve seen references to the virus ‘molecule’ by people who really think they know what they are talking about. I have given up trying to correct them.

      After I left science I spent four years as a cleaner because I was skint and overheard some really daft staff training on food poisoning/food borne disease (no they are NOT the same). I thought about correcting them but a) nobody listens to cleaners on cleanliness matters and b) I’m not lecturing on cleaner pay.

      I learned a hell of a lot in that job. I learned how and, more importantly, why food poisoning/disease outbreaks occur.

      Now I hear places are laying off the cleaners to save money, at a time where cleanliness is by far the most important thing.

      Managers must get training in idiocy. They can’t be that stupid without help.

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  3. Basically, we are a form of monkey that has developed fancy toys.

    Quite a bit more than that, although it sometimes looks that way. Evolution theory, I believe, is one of the main reasons we are where we are: on the verge of being either dead or being turnip farmers, except that the plan is to consolidate all the smaller farms into huge ones, so no turnips for us, unless we can afford to buy one, which is unlikely.

    Evolution theory is very important when constructing an atheistic, communist society because, as Lenin said, “Our programme necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism.” It’s why they hate religion, except for their own.

    Talking of Africa, I stumbled across a couple of websites yesterday. I hadn’t known that they were building a “Great Green Wall” of trees right across the continent, just south of the Sahara. https://www.greatgreenwall.org/

    That sounds like a good idea for a change, but I’m still suspicious of anything ‘green’. Then there’s the idea of covering part of the Sahara with solar panels and wind turbines to power the world. “Plus, it would bring rain to the Sahara and make parts of it green for the first time in over 4,500 years.” https://anthropocenemagazine.org/2018/09/wind-and-solar-farms-could-literally-make-the-sahara-green/

    Will the Africans get the same generous grants for renewables as Britain’s already-rich landowners have received?

    Rhetorical question, obviously. No, once the neocolonialist corporations have extracted the final diamond in South Africa and exhausted the last copper mine in Zambia and the last slave has died in the Ivory Coast while growing cocoa for Nestlé products, they won’t need Africa anymore. After Marie Stopes International et al have aborted and sterilised to their hearts’ content (if they have hearts) and the remaining Africans are forced to move northwards ‘for their own good’ before climate change kills them, then, like Antarctica, we’ll have another continent without a permanent population and essentially owned by the UN.

    If you’re on a ship in the middle of the ocean south of latitude 60 degrees South, it’s illegal to feed seabirds. You’re supposed to guard your sandwiches in case a bird swoops down and steals it. They can make up any laws they want.

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    • Putting solar panels in the Sahara sounds like a good idea and would be if they lasted any reasonable amount of time. They don’t and they are not recyclable. And someone is going to have to sweep sand off them.

      It would be better to use the system that uses mirrors to focus sunlight on a central tower to produce heat. The mirrors will likely last longer, they are just glass so can go back into the sand when they’re done and don’t require mining of rare elements that produces horrible amounts of toxic waste.

      You still need someone to wipe the sand off them, of course. I bet he won’t get paid much for keeping the rest of the world powered.

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  4. Re that book cover: WOT? No Monster!

    I was asked to write an essay at university to answer the question: Is a virus alive. After a week in the stack reading and scribbling notes (It was in the 70s) I wrote it. No was the answer. A virus particle is not alive.

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  5. Mr Legiron
    Are renewables renewable?
    Errr no. Recommend that all your readers watch; Planet of the humans by Jeff Gibbs on the YouTube, before it gets removed. A real eye opener for the followers of St Greta and the greenies.

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  7. re. 5G
    “5G” is a blanket term, relating to a whole suite of technical changes inside mobile telecoms.
    In one respect, it relates to how the internal core network functions are distributed, this has nothing to do with radio/electromagnetics at all.
    In another respect, it refers to channel coding: how the data is modulated onto the radio carrier.
    More processing makes a more optimum usage. This can be, and is, done using existing radio bands previously used for 2G/3G/4G.
    The above is the only “5G” in the UK currently.
    Where the tinfoil hat brigade start dribbling is in the 3rd aspect of 5G: the allocation of some millimetre band spectrum for very fast data connections (and very short range).
    Because of the range, and number of masts, this will inherently be a city business district only coverage for a long time.
    This “5G” is not in the UK yet, because the Gov has yet to auction the spectrum.
    So all the tinfoil hat lot are misguided idiots, ‘cos there ain’t any of wot they complain about.
    All microwaves have a thermal heating effect, but communications uses tiny anounts of power compared to an oven. You should be more concerned about aircraft search radars.

    If you don’t want to be exposed to 5G, when (if ever) it appears in the UK, do not buy a 5G handset, or if you do, use a hands-free kit and keep it away from your head. Square law…Any power from the nearest mast is square-lawed to zilch, best complain about that broadband electromagnetic source that comes up every day: the sun!

    Lack of testing? No. But there’s no cure for Stupid.

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    • I can get 4G in the kitchen here but not in the rest of the house. I am considering getting a 4G modem because the landline (old copper wires) is so crap. Last time it went down and I used the phone as a hotspot it was a lot faster.

      So if we don’t have 5G in the UK, what masts are the loonies burning? It would amuse me no end if they were cutting off their own TV…

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      • The local masts you see are of 2 types.
        The bulkiest/most obtrusive are the TETRA service used by the blue-light services. This is a private system. It’s supposed to be replaced by someone’s 4G, but don’t hold your breath.
        The other is mobile phones. Masts serve 2G, 3G and 4G in the same mast, and often have backhaul links (small microwave dishes) pointed to a more central mast: it’s cheaper than digging up the road to lay fibre.
        The physical mast is often shared between mobile operators: Vodafone and O2 for example. There are limits based upon interfernce and wind loading.

        TV tends to be much bigger masts, although local repeaters in hilly areas are smaller.

        So these clowns are damaguing mobile phone (and mobile internet) coverage, or damaging the blue-light TETRA system. High Treason.


  8. I’ve had a 5G Wi-Fi router in my house for the best part of three years and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with me, and my second head agrees, so there. Just because I dribble grey goo out of my eyes makes me, oh splat, Mister Guffy’s done a flubble. Again.

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