The Fall of the House of Covid

Many are trying to prevent it, until they can make either capital or political gain out of it, but it’s going to happen anyway.

This virus is going to kill people and it will keep killing people for quite some time. This cannot be prevented, no matter how hard you shout at and villify the current or any future government. It’s a virus. You cannot just make a law against it and expect it to comply.

It now seems that the ‘reinfection’ that has been widely talked about is just false positives. PCR is ‘polymerase chain reaction’, and put simply, if you have a tiny bit of DNA or RNA, the machinery will make many more copies of it until it’s at a high enough concentration to be detected and analysed. I’m not going into the details, if you’re not a microbiologist it’ll just make your eyes cloud over. Science is repetetive and fairly boring most of the time, every scientist knows that.

When I worked in food borne disease, food poisoning and food spoilage, there was often talk of ‘making it modern’ by using PCR. However, PCR has a major flaw in that application. It detects DNA. Sure, it’s more sensitive than our culture methods but our culture methods do not detect dead cells. PCR does. It detects fragments of DNA and RNA, It will detect the remnants of one single Salmonella in a piece of chicken but it will not tell you if the chicken was rife with disease or if there was just a fragment of one dead cell on it. Culture tells you if they are alive.

So it is with a virus. Remaining fragments of dead virus could be hanging around in the mess it’s left behind after it’s gone. After infection (and by all accounts this one makes quite a mess of your airways especially if it gets bad enough to need hospitalisation) there are going to be a lot of your smashed cells, and virus bits, strewn across the battlefield of your airways.

If reinfection happened then those reinfected would get sick again. If they don’t (and it appears they don’t) then it’s probably just battlefield residue the test is picking up. PCR cannot distinguish between active and dead and it will detect extraordinarily tiny amounts..

Think of it like an actual battle where your side has killed every last enemy, but your generals see the prone uniforms and insist the enemy is still there and you have to keep firing. That’s a PCR test. A culture test would ask ‘are they still firing back?’ A PCR test does not.

So currently it is likely that you get immunity after suffering this virus. Well, you might not suffer, you might not even know you had it, but a test will show its presence even if your immune system has already smashed it. Something else to add to the ‘tests are pointless’ list. An antibody test is more useful, it will test whether you have immunity.

There is a treatment. A cheap one. Hydroxychloroquine, antibiotic and zinc. It has been poo-pooed because Trump said it and also because it doesn’t make anyone rich. You really want to stake your life on your ideology? Hydroxychloroquine is an old antimalarial drug that has become a generic. It’s very, very cheap. Many, many people who travel to malaria risk countries use it every year. A few develop side effects, but then some people suffer an allergy to tonic water. Most people are fine.

There is also an expensive treatment, an antiviral that costs $1000 per pill. That’s the one being pushed by those who will profit from it.

Zinc sulphate supplements are very cheap. Zinc is often depleted in older people and worth stocking up on. It helps with wound healing and breaks cytokine storms. Long term use of the supplement can cause anaemia so it’s really only something we old buggers should take when there’s a risk.

With all this, a lot of people will still die. It’s horrible but it will happen, no matter what we do. None of us will live forever, under any government or health regime. Life is a risk every day. If there is no risk, it’s not life. It’s just existing.

The ‘flatten the curve’ idea behind lockdown led many to believe that this would save lives. It will and it won’t. The area under the two curves is the same. Same number of infections from this virus, same number of deaths. Flattening the curve means the medical side won’t get overwhelmed over a short period so they can cope. That means we avoid excess deaths due to an overstretched health service and won’t have to ignore all other diseases while the virus runs its course. Something the NHS has only just started to realise.

There has been much criticism of the Nightingale hospitals having few to no patients. If we had not had the lockdown they would likely be overflowing. This is not touted as a ‘success of lockdown’ but as a ‘failure of government’.

China hid away the virus for so long they had to quickly make emergency hospitals out of stacked portakabins. Italy had no time to prepare so they were overwhelmed. The UK saw it coming and prepared Nightingale hospitals before they were needed (they still might be) and the USA has made the mistake of dismantling some of their temporary hospitals before this is over.

Lockdown, in my view, was done at the right time. Boris didn’t want to do it at all and many people, even those who don’t want to admit it, wish he hadn’t.

If he had done it sooner, as hysterical toddlers like Piers Morgan say, people would have looked around and said ‘Fuck all is happening, this is silly’ and it would have failed in a week. Now he is being villified for doing it too late by people who are already going stir crazy and claiming the lack of mass graves proves they are right.

The lack of mass graves proves Boris was right. This lockdown hits the poorest hardest, those who only get paid when they show up for work. I am astounded that many places are laying off cleaners in a time when cleanliness is vital but then people, especially managers, aren’t too bright. That’s why Boris didn’t want to do it. He was railroaded into it by those who are now complaining about it.

Lockdown cannot be sustained for much longer. I give it another week at most. Boris knew this. The Brits will not be contained for long. The Americans, even less so. However, it has achieved its aim – to slow the spread so there is no massive peak as in China and Italy. When lockdown is relaxed the virus will spread but we now have all those emergency spare hospitals to deal with it. We have had time to stock up on PPE. They have, you know. The Panorama thing was bollocks. It was, like most things on the BBC, a Leftie hate-fest. It’s not even the government’s job to source PPE, it’s the job of the thousands of idiots paid to be NHS procurement managers. Most of whom are lefties too.

People are dying not because of Boris and the Tories (could be a good band name) but because of the lefties who care nothing for lives lost as long as they can make a point. Who would you trust with your life in this situation? Happy to become a statistic so the Lefties can bring down the government?

Then we have nicotine. You know, it’s a good thing ASH and their ilk weren’t around long ago or you would not now have niacin in bread and most of you would be suffering pellagra. I have delighted in telling people that niacin is nicotinic acid and that it’s in bread and other foods to get them addicted. Doing my bit to raise the average IQ of the planet.

It looks like nicotine, an ACE2 blocker, reduces your chances of catching the virus and makes it less bad if you do. It needs research but who would dare? Any research suggesting a positive effect of nicotine and the Puritans will end your career.

We need to know if this is true, we need to know how long nicotine blocks those receptors, do we have to take it hourly or daily? Should we all be vaping or using Snus? Which is best, does it work at all?

I have a feeling we will never know because the Puritans would rather we died than admit they are wrong.

22 thoughts on “The Fall of the House of Covid

  1. Thank you Leggy. I trust your posts more than just about any other pontifications. Not because of your honest trustworthy face, or the string of letters after your name (which for all I know, both you may well have) but because you have no political, financial or do-gooding axe to grind. And all your past output. Thanks.

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    • Actually, according to local children, I have a terrifying face ๐Ÿ˜‰ Just three letters after my name, which are superfluous if I put the Dr. in front anyway.
      No, I have no axe to grind and no way to make any money out of this so I just tell what I find. With this virus, that’s changing all the time because it’s new. Seems it’s not all that dangerous really, but it has a long incubation period which means it can spread very widely and then hit hospitals with a hell of a lot of cases all at once. 80% of cases don’t need to go to hospital, but if there are thousands of cases at once, the 20% who do need hospital becomes a very big number.


  2. That’s very useful, thank you.
    I don’t smoke, don’t want to start and was wondering how to get enough nicotine into my body. Seems all I have to do is eat lots of bread.
    Doctor: Do you smoke?
    Me: No but I eat two loaves of bread a day. Does that do me just as much good?

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  3. Vegetable Nicotine in ng/g g per 1ยตg nicotine
    Cauliflower 16.8 59.5
    Eggplant (Aubergine)100.0 10
    Potatoes 7.1 140
    Green tomatoes 42.8 23.4
    Ripe tomatoes 4.3 233.0
    Pureed tomatoes 52.0 19.2

    The Nicotine Content of Common Vegetables

    The antiviral gas in cigarette smoke and made by your own body for many other useful things.
    Nitric oxide

    “A gas commonly found in smog and cigarette smoke actually helps premature babies by opening blood vessels in their underdeveloped lungs, causing blood oxygen levels to rise, University of Florida researchers report.”

    Can Inhaling Nitric Oxide Treat โ€” Or Prevent โ€” COVID-19? MGH Wants To Find Out

    “Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) are studying whether inhaling a gas called nitric oxide can help treat patients with COVID-19, or even prevent people from getting the disease.

    Although nitric oxide is widely used to treat patients with respiratory failure, MGH is the only hospital in the United States, and one of the few in the world, studying it for the treatment of COVID-19, according to the CDC”

    It comes in huge tanks and costs a fortune in a medical setting and it would be impossible to guess the dose.
    Smokers measure it by the cigarette though they have no idea they are doing it.

    This seems a possibility though.

    ‘Beeting’ high altitude symptoms with beet juice
    October 12, 2015

    “The human body isn’t made to operate at high altitude, but drinking beet juice may help the body acclimatize”

    “Previous research has shown that blood vessels tend to contract at high altitude, so researchers decided to see if they could improve blood vessel function at high altitude simply by having test subjects drink beet juice. They measured blood vessel function with a standard test of arterial endothelial function, a flow-mediated dilatation test (FMD) that uses ultrasound.

    In a study recently published in Nitric Oxide: Biology and Chemistry, the researchers showed that consumption of organic nitrate-rich beet juice restored reduced blood vessel function at high altitude.”
    https: //

    I don’t know if it works at sea level but boiled beetroots are nice anyway.

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  4. Might be nicotine. Might be NOx or CO. Might be something else that tickles your ACE thingies. Big pHARMa (as per Linda Farley nickname for it I believe?) of course is wetting its pants for nicotine as they’re all set for it.

    Re this: “there are going to be a lot of your smashed cells, and virus bits, strewn across the battlefield of your airways.”
    Anyone unfamiliar with the WONDERFUL sci-fi-weird volume Dangerous Visions from the 1970s should get a copy. Meanwhile, check out this particular story from it, “Carcinoma Angels” — beautifully done and right on the money with Leggy’s observation! See:

    The book as a whole has about 15-20ish tales of similar quality.

    – MJM


  5. Good piece, as ever. Apropos ventilator damage . . . I came across this video by an American nurse describing some of what’s happening in a NYC hospital. I wonder how long before Google censors it & takes it down?

    Some of her tips would be useful here, too.

    It seems that New York City has about 3% of the US population, but more than 50% of COVID deaths.


    • It’s horrible, but as she says in the video, New York hospitals already have a reputation for being crap.

      Many young and fit people are terrified of this virus due to media hype. It’s no more than a bad dose of flu for almost all of them.


  6. Excellent piece of writing. Clear, concise and absolutely correct. Send a copy to BoJo and Hancock. Might make them both feel a bit happier.


  7. Persevere please with your path oh and a question : the Italians post m ortems say it’s thrombosis blood coagulation and inflamation not respiratory a AND Ventilators are not required ?


    • There seems to be a growing opinion that ventilators might make things worse. I’m not a medic so can’t say, but it does look like this starts as a respiratory infection, then develops into a whole body infection, including messing up the red blood cells so they lose efficiency and clot. If that is the case, the respirator can force in air all it wants, there aren’t enough red cells to transport oxygen to the tissues.

      So far it hits men harder than women, hits blood group A harder than group O, seems to affect smokers less (I still have no information on vapers but Sweden’s result suggests snus might also be effective). People complain that the goalposts keep moving but that is as it should be. We find out new things about this virus every day and have to adapt control measures to suit.

      So far we know that vitamins A, C and D are important, zinc supplements help the oldies like me, nicotine might be preventative (doesn’t have to be smoking, there are other ways), blood thinners help prevent clots… an old smoker with a daily whisky intake here, my until-recently horrifying health lifestyle might turn out to be available on prescription soon ๐Ÿ™‚

      Tomorrow we might know something else that will change the rules again. Trouble is, are we at the point where prevention is even worse than cure?


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