The Darkness at the End of October

The fifteenth Underdog Anthology is being assembled. All author contracts are now in, the book is being formatted and it should only be a few more days. My mother is visiting this week so it’s been slow work but it’s getting there.

Naturally, there is a closed road between here and my kids’ houses. Every damn time. The local council really hate me. I hear it’s actually open again now so the last couple of days should be easier.

This anthology is called ‘The Darkness at the End of October’ because this is the year I’ve been waiting for. I’ve had a story ready for this for years. This year, in the UK, Summer Time actually ends on October 31st. One hour back, to GMT, at 2 am on the morning of Halloween. The story is ‘The Door Ajar’ and I’ll post it when the book is out.

Right. Back to work. Lots to do… and Underdog Anthology 16 will begin in mid October!

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