There is no going back

“[People] want to go back to the way things were, but I know the truth. There’s no going back. You’ve changed things. Forever.”

The Joker’s speech might one day be hailed as prophecy. For more than just that one line.

People are, indeed, claiming they want to get back to the ‘old normal’ but that’s not possible now. Truth is, a lot of people didn’t actually like the old normal. Their lives were empty of meaning, the drudge of the daily grind was getting them down. And I can understand that even though I didn’t really experience it.

I was one of the lucky ones most of the time. Got a degree, worked in research, got another degree, ran my own research, was eventually made redundant, set up on my own with my own research/consultancy lab… and now retired with a fledgeling publishing business. Every job I had, including my four year stint as a janitor, was my choice. I enjoyed those jobs, I learned a lot (especially from the janitor job) and while none of them was ever going to make me rich, I feel like I had a good time in life.

Even the utterly skint times (none of my qualifications ever included any lessons on managing finances) weren’t so terrible, looking back, although sometimes it would be hard to convince my past self of that. Especially the ‘gap in the CV’ that I had to gloss over often. What the hell. I survived. I’m still here, still not rich and still filling in a tax return that I am confident won’t end up with me paying the wasters any money. I earn what I need and not a penny more. And my needs these days are few.

Things have changed. There can be no return to ‘old normal’. People have lost trust in so many things now. Including things I lost trust in a long time ago – but it’s been far, far worse the last few years.

I haven’t had more than a faint trust in politicians since I started paying attention to it. That was when Monochrome Man took over from the Iron Lady as the Prime Monster. Okay, she wasn’t perfect but he was bloody useless. Then the Blair Witch project got under way and things have gone downhill fast from there, and they are still going down. I do not see any return to trust in any political party within my lifetime.

I trusted science, hell, I was in it and thought it was about chasing knowledge. As my last boss said when he retired, “When I started we were chasing knowledge. Now we are just chasing money” and he was right. Nobody in charge of any research establishment gave a shit about knowledge by the time I took that redundancy package. It was all about how much money the project would bring. There was no interest at all in whether it was actually worth doing. To get the next money, your current project had to get the result the sponsor wanted. That was not what I signed up for.

That is not how science is supposed to work but in these days of extremely expensive machinery, science does need a lot of funding. And administrators and managers who know sod all about what they are administrating or managing need the latest Audis. To hell with real research, just get the money.

The same is true in the health service. Something I trusted right up until they cancelled my uncle’s cancer treatments that led to his death on Christmas Eve 2020. He didn’t die of Covid and he didn’t get any vaccine. He died of NHS neglect.

So many have died alone and neglected, their family forbidden to visit, because of a disease that it now turns out has killed fewer people than the annual flu. Now they are pushing ‘vaccines’ that do not do what real vaccines do because they are being paid to push them. To hell with actual health or patient care.

The result? People, like me, who were happy to get their kids vaccinated against measles, mumps, rubella, and a host of other things – some of which I had to go through as a child because there weren’t vaccines yet so I made sure my kids didn’t have to suffer them – are now questioning all vaccines. Not just these experimental mRNA gene therapy jabs. They are questioning – and refusing – long established vaccines against tetanus and polio and everything else. Well done, SAGE. Well done indeed. You have done so much better than simply ‘fail’, you have earned yourself a double fail with honours. You have destroyed all trust in the standard vaccines and in the entirety of the medical profession. And you did it all for a bit of fame and money. Are you proud? Are you just itching to tell your grandchildren what you did? Did you think anyone, anywhere, would see you as the good guys/

If I wore a wooden mask and rattled a gourd at you while chanting incomprehensible gibberish, you’d likely have as much trust in the result as if you went to a GP – if you can find one. Right at the start of this scam they all buggered off into Zoom diagnoses from their villas in Portugal and some of them still won’t see you unless you have taken a stab of the potion.

Tip: If your doctor won’t see you unless you’ve been jabbed, that doctor has no fucking clue about health and is best avoided forever. They are nothing more than Pharmer salesmen.

As are so many now. They are taught not to heal, but to treat. The Pharmers don’t want to cure anything. They want lifelong customers and they have pushed the medical profession in that direction. As in science, money is a powerful motivator for the suits in admin.

Trust in the police and the entire legal system is pretty much screwed too. I witnessed a car accident three years ago and had it on the dashcam. So I took the video to the police station – I had a front row view of what happened. I am now on my fourth call to court, it will be almost four years since it happened, it’s on video and I don’t know what they expect me to say. It just keeps being pushed back. I will never, ever, do this again.

The police have enforced not sitting on a bench in a park, they have enforced not having family and friends for a party unless MPs of all parties do it. They have ignored serious crimes to spend their efforts on all this and they think they are trusted? There is no going back.

Yes, I know there are good people in science, in medicine and in the police. There might even be one good person in Parliament although I doubt it. It seems like a long shot.

If there are, they are silent. They let the shouty idiots control what is happening and in their silence they are complicit.

Oh I know they are not all evil. There are still scientists who actually practice science. There are police who don’t waste time on bench sitters. There are doctors who see through the Covid scam. There are politicians who can’t be bought… well maybe I’m going too far with that one.

You’ve seen it now. The man behind the curtain. You can’t slink back into innocence. That ‘old normal’ is gone. Forever. You now know the news is fake, you know politicians lie, you know most science is bought and the police are obeying orders you never gave them.

There is no going back. There is only going forward. What will the fuure be like? Well, there are those who have decided what it willl be like.

Whether you accept it, well that’s up to you.

30 thoughts on “There is no going back

  1. “He didn’t die of Covid and he didn’t get any vaccine. He died of NHS neglect”

    Probably more than that, he was likely sped on his way by having midazolam and morphine for breakfast. Midazolam inhibits respiration and is also used in the USA in the lethal injections of prisoners. Its nasty on its own but when mixed with opiates (morphine) its a guaranteed death.

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  2. That’s me cheered up for the morning . . .
    The trouble is that you’re right and those who can be bothered just need to look up the recommended methods of the Frankfurt School of marxists to see the plan

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  3. There is one aspect of all of this mistrust, with which I completely agree, and that is bonds of friendship between people. Suddenly we are divided between pro and anti vax. Relationships have fallen apart. Horrible things have been said. There is hurt. Some things in a relationship that has failed like that will never be healed.

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    • To add to the fractures ’caused’ by the brexit divide. I can’t understand it. My oldest friend of some 50 years standing has views which are diametrically opposed to mine. We can talk about them and then agree to differ. How have we reached a stage in the UK where people can’t tolerate different opinions?

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      • Because there are too many young socialists and “greens” (a more virulent and transmissible variant of socialism) about, now. We should blame our Anglosphere universities and schools (whose spawn entered the media, politics and the public sector – where else would have employed them?) for doing this damage while our backs were turned as we were all to busy doing work.

        For these dangerous people. there is only one allowed opinion on anything.

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  4. As Elizabeth says, bonds between friends and family have been damaged. But consider the fool who fell for the hype and allowed him/herself to be poisoned: they may have now realised their error, but the potential loss of face in admitting it keeps them repeating the official mantra.

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  5. That’s strange, I was just talking about this last night. I realized that there have two times before in my lifetime that I can remember things changing a great deal for the worse, as far as freedoms are concerned. 9/11 and the Patriot Act, and the smoking bans in the US and (slowly) worldwide. I learned from each of those that things never go back to “normal.” We are still living with restrictions from each to this day, and I know that things will never go back to what they were before after this covid madness.

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  6. Just as there are still some good policemen etc, there are still some Beeb programmes worth spending time on. I’ve just listened to a BBC Sounds podcast in seven parts, “The Coming Storm” which traces the storming of the Capitol following the US election back to its roots in 4chan and the origin, development and traction of the conspiracy theory QAnon and its effects in the real world. Reference was made in the first episode to “The Sovereign Individual: Mastering the Transition to the Information Age” .(Davidson & Rees Mogg) which predicted the ramifications of the internet when all and sundry can publish information: proliferation of fake news with the resultant difficulty in evaluating versimilitude, lack of trust and, ultimately, the collapse of democracy.

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  7. The one good thing that’s come out of this farce, i use the term farce advisedly because amusing it hasn’t been, is that millions of those that previously blindly trusted institutions like parliament the NHS the mainstream media the police etc have had their eyes forced wide open that none of them (with honourable individual exceptions) can ever be, and those awake have known this for many years already for many years, trusted again.

    No faith won’t come back, and those institutions have no one to blame but themselves, it won’t affect them as institutions but the individuals employed by may find the 30 pieces of silver and gold plated pension rewards only go so far, the country indeed the western world they’ve helped destroy they still have to live in as individuals, whilst being comfortably off might please the buyable it only goes so far, they and their offspring still have to live in the dystopian hell they helped to build.

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  8. The rot started with the Blair government and successive Conservative governments have failed to rein in the excessive intrusion into private life the Blair government started. In fact Boris’ majority government have doubled down on the intrusion.
    The sad thing is there is no alternative. There is no one party that will undo what the corporate shills have done.
    Sadly without a viable alternative, there will only be more of the same. Until the people say the government have gone too far. Unfortunately without an alternative to vote for now, I fear the eventual rebalancing will be less than peaceful.

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    • The rot basically started when the Blair government realised that the average person can only absorb so much info, and if you limit what info they do see, then they end up believing that limited amount. Blair did it by using invitation-only press conferences; publish anything that was not sanctioned by Blair and you didn’t get an invite, and that was the end of your career as a political journalist. Boris is no better, by releasing a seeming flood of info through other channels than the standard press ones, to avoid awkward questioning and to get his version over exclusively.

      One useful example would be zoonotic diseases. Tuberculosis used to be a major killer, until we slowly eliminated it from the human population and rather more rapidly from the bovine one. Selective euthanasia is not yet a permitted NHS tactic, luckily. Then when the bulk of the problem had been cleared, persistent herd re-infections were noticed and it was realised that there was a wildlife reservoir of TB, in badgers. No matter since badgers dig extensive and really obvious burrow systems and helpfully dive down into these in daytime; the principles of bucket chemistry could be applied here (where a little works well, a lot will work so much better) and the pests gassed with cyanide.

      Fast forward to everyone’s arch-villain Blair and all of a sudden badgers acquired near-saintly status, and incredible levels of legal protection. They were the same animal as always, namely a sort of big scavenging smelly weasel with truly ferocious jaws, a pugnaciously nasty attitude and a vicious temper but as almost nobody actually encountered the things, they became feted in the media. The population boomed, and boomed, and boomed.

      With this population increase came a huge increase in the levels of tuberculosis being carried and spread by these pests. Fairly soon Government compensation bills rose to millions of pounds annually to compensate farmers for losing valuable cattle, culled to stop TB.

      In the current situation the original problem, badger baiting, is still occurring at roughly the same level but hundreds, perhaps thousands of badgers die of TB every year as do similar numbers of cows culled to contain the problem. All the while the politicians gibber and burble and do little to sort out the problem.

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  9. Dear Mr Legiron

    According to Worldometers data, UK ‘cases’ peaked on 5 January; deaths should peak about 2 weeks later, so about tea-time today:

    Worldometer UK cases deaths tests 22-1-17

    Meanwhile excess all-cause mortality for England and Wales for 2022 week 1 is in negative territory for the 65-plus age groups, and looks set to be mostly negative until May as last year’s winter wave and 2020’s spring wave affect the five year averages:


    I appear to have acquired natural immunity to covid.


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