Food Righteous take a stand.

We have to start categorising these various forms of Righteous. They’re all the same, really, they use the same techniques, they just have different bandwagons to ride.

Yesterday, the EcoRighteous made a tentative grab for SmokeRighteous territory by claiming that autism was caused by pollution, and that breathing in pollution was really bad for you. They stopped short of claiming lung diseases as part of their empire – this time.

Today it’s the FoodRighteous who are taking the blow. I think it’s still safe to trust research from Cambridge, certainly more than from some of the backwater agenda-driven propaganda centres that used to merit the description of ‘university’.

Well, it turns out that sticking to butter and rejecting the plastic alternatives was the right thing to do all along. No wonder the medics see me no more than roughly once a decade. I’ve been ignoring all their advice.

This line must have puckered the anuses of every Righteous who saw it:

‘Poor diet (even in normal weight people) is responsible for more disease than physical inactivity, alcohol and smoking combined.

And this one, the Pharmers, the processed food lot and the supplement sellers. The sewers will be running dry and Righteous bowels bulging.

‘Furthermore nutritional supplements have no proven benefit for the vast majority of people when it’s better for the body to gain essential nutrients from just eating real food.’

Haaahahaha! The foodies claim precedence over the FatRighteous, the BoozeRighteous and the SmokeRighteous in one fell swoop.

The research was not, naturally, conducted by the FoodRighteous but by actual scientists – which is why there is this Righteous response from the British Heart Foundation:

‘Alongside taking any necessary medication, the best way to stay heart healthy is to stop smoking, stay active, and ensure our whole diet is healthy – and this means considering not only the fats in our diet but also our intake of salt, sugar and fruit and vegetables.’

You can smell the panic, can’t you? Everything is in there. Keep taking the pills, keep doing exactly what we tell you and living as we instruct. Obey! Obey! OBEY!

I… O…bey. In my own way. They say we can have two drinks of red wine a night. I currently have eleven bottles of red in the rack, enough for five and a half days. Best stock up. I wouldn’t want to fall behind the guidelines.

Which reminds me – must get a few bottles of whisky in too, before the price rockets in the budget. They put those prices up the moment they are announced. The Righteous make little mention of whisky so I assume that’s ad lib then.

It’s nice to see real science leaking out from behind the veil of lunacy once in a while. It tries again in an article on ancient cancer. Yet the contradiction is in there and the obvious is ignored. Not quite, guys, but good to see you trying.

They found the bones of a youngish (30-ish) man who was riddled with cancer. The trouble was, he died 3200 years ago, long before Marlboro Man was born. It seems cancer is a rare thing to find in such old bones. Which is not hard to explain.

1) It can kill you without getting into the bones if it starts in the right place.

2) Living in those times, being debilitated by anything could mean starving to death long before any disease finished you.

3) Cancer is mostly an old-age issue and old age, 3200 years ago, would have averaged about forty. It would have been rare because young-people cancers are rare, and the old people were almost all dead.

4) We know what it is now. We can diagnose it (as long as you say you smoke, otherwise they won’t bother looking). 3200 years ago, you just had ‘the lumps’ or whatever they called it and they treated you by sticking leeches onto you or cutting a hole in your skull or just beating you to death as a devil-created aberration.

So really, the rarity of cancer in ancient bones is not a surprise.

They can’t blame this one on Benson and Hedges so what have they come up with as a possible explanation for this dismantled young man and his holey bones?

The researchers could only speculate on the cause of the cancer, with theories being carcinogens such as smoke from wood fires, genetic factors or from an infectious disease caused by parasites.

Whoops. The SmokeRighteous don’t want to hear about genetic predisposition or cancer caused by infectious disease (an increasing number of viruses have been found to do it, you know). That would mean it’s not all caused by smoking and that would never do. It would also confuse much of the medical profession.

But smoke from wood fires? There’s the contradiction. These ancient cancer finds are extremely rare but in the timescale spanning the dawn of humanity to about 1970, everyone heated their homes with… fire. Up until roughly 1700 or maybe later, most houses didn’t have chimneys (the posh ones did but the plebs didn’t). The fire was in the middle and the smoke filtered out through the thatched roof. Inside, it reeked of bonfire all the time.

So if burning wood caused cancer, then cancer in old bones should be extremely common, not extremely rare. Pandering to the SmokeRighteous damages research. As does pandering to any of their idiot relatives.

Nice to see some real science being spoken aloud again. Especially since it must mean that these real scientists are starting to feel secure enough to speak out. Until now, such things were career-enders but if enough of them hit the cracks with hammers, they will break the Righteous wall. A few are speaking out and that is all it takes – the Righteous have nothing on their side but illusion and control of the gullible. A few start shouting them down and all those previously scared for their careers will join in.

I suppose it had to start with Cambridge or Oxford. It really needed the big guns to fire first. A missive from a polytechnic would have been wiped away like a bug on a Righteous windscreen.

It won’t change overnight. If it did I’d go back to science but I am six years from pension now and it might take longer. All the same, it has started. The junk science is being tested and shown to be junk, and those in the know aren’t keeping it quiet.

I wonder which Righteous group will be hit tomorrow? There are so many to choose from.

11 thoughts on “Food Righteous take a stand.

  1. I came across a copy of the Daily Mirror yesterday (Monday) – yes I know. But anyway, there was an article in there about – 3rd-hand smoke! Now then, I bet you didn’t know that 3rd-hand smoke (but no mention of 1st and 2nd hand) has a predisposition to …….cling to furniture and furnishing …. and even childrens’ toys? From that position, lurking malevolently, it is able to leap onto nearby people (targets mainly children I spose) and ……. give them cancer.

    Now how do you combat this, apart from never allowing smoke in your house (only 3rd hand of course)? Answer might be to …… get rid of all your furniture and replace it with untainted new versions. Also, regular cleaning of your carpets, curtains, cushions, etc is a good idea. In case you didn’t now. Well that’s what the article said anyway.

    So there you go.


    • Someone fairly recently commented on Frank’s blog that in parts of California (I don’t remember the details, but probably SF and LA) it has become mandatory when selling a house to disclose if the property has ever had any smokers staying there. The reason being, of course, the aforesaid deadly third-hand smoke residues, which doubtless devalue the property considerably (probably necessitating a specialist company in full radiation hazard suits to come and decontaminate the place).

      As I responded at the time, that would undoubtedly encompass the entire housing stock built before about 1990 and much of it built after, and not only that, but even new stock could well have had members of the construction team who smoked in there during the build. Oh, the horror!

      Only in California for now, but watch this space. They have a habit of exporting their lunacy.


    • The drones I’ve met are fully conversant with this issue now 😉

      They also now ‘know’ that all grey dust is the result of four hundred years of accumulated tobacco ash (which never decays, thanks to their ASH indoctrination) and that their pets and shoes drag it into their houses every time they come inside.

      There can be no hiding place, as long as they believe in the junk spouted by those willing to lie to them. Including me.


  2. Have you been to St Fagans Leggy? I’m sure you have, and the rest of you should too. It’s the Welsh Museum of Folk Culture or whatever it calls itself now, and is basically a museum of buildings that have been saved and transported brick by brick, timber and beam, whattle and daub to this huge park area just outside Cardiff (admission free, just a fiver for parking) and re-assembled. There’s about 50 0f them from all ages from the 1500’s to the recent past.

    Like Leggy says most of them have no chimneys, but to give the exhibits authenticity they light fires where fires aught to be. They also have a bi-lingual curator (Welsh and English) in situ to explain what you are in and looking at. Well I’m afraid that the museum must be closed down and the curators examined for cancers at the earliest possibility. If bar staff were at risk because of second hand ciggy smoke, then the bi-lingual curators are now unensurable because of carcenogenic woodsmoke 8 hours a day!

    There is even a reconstruction of a bronze age settlement with the Asterix the Gaul huts. Last time I was there I crawled in the door to find the curator cross-legged next to the fire reading the News Of the World and puffing on a ciggie. I choked just putting my head in. 🙂


    • I’ve visited St. Fagan’s many times. Definitely worth a visit if anyone’s in the Cardiff area.

      Antismokers had probably best stay away. It’ll damage their entrenched notions and they don’t like enjoyment anyway.


    • Smoked and salted, I presume?

      It’s possible to microwave bacon (from raw). Lay the strips around the inside of a casserole dish, put the lid on and zap for a little while, depending on the zapperation rating of your incinerator box. Take it out, pour away the watery fat in the bottom and re-zap.

      Not as good as grilling or frying but quick and with less washing up.


  3. One thing you do see in ancient accounts, especially Roman ones and also later accounts of holy wells is a large amount of reference to eye diseases. Not short-sightedness or things like that, but hurting, infected, irritated eyes. Apparently way back when being an itinerant eye doctor was quite a good living; if you could actually cure eye diseases then even better (telling the afflicted to go wash in holy, fresh spring waters was a good wheeze).

    It would therefore seem that being continually in smokey environments isn’t all that good for you, though you have to realise that for most of human history we were outdoor people. Houses were to shelter in, eat in and sleep in; apart from that most activity took place outside in the fresh air (which had high levels of bacteria-killing ions). Modern indoor life is a historical abherration; we’ve had to get good at smoke control quickly simply because we spend so much time indoors.


    • Also, until fairly recently, houses were not hermetically sealed boxes. Drafts were common and chimneys acted as air-pumps dragging fresh air in when the fire was lit.

      There will be far more allergens, dust and beasties in the indoor air now than there used to be!

      Oh, and unless you open a window or two, a lot more smoke hanging around too.


  4. As one of the Fuckrighteous I claim all “their” territory.

    You are obviously a cantankerous, curmudgeonly, drunken, smoking, fatty food eating old cunt.

    I salute you sir!


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