Double standards.

The mayor of Rotterdam, a Moroccan born immigrant and also a Muslim, has told those who don’t want to integrate to just ‘fuck off’.

Good for him. If there is to be any progress in halting Islamic terrorism, it really has to come from Muslims. Anything a non-Muslim says is going to be met with cries of ‘infidel!’ from the radicals. They will not listen to us. The only dialogue that has any hope of getting to them must be internal to Islam.

Could it be the start of Islam’s version of the Reformation? It’s small now, but growing. It’ll need to speed up though. A lot.

However, the radicals are still as mad as a box of frogs. From the story of a little newsagent in the UK stocking Charlie Hebdo as a one-off

British radical preacher Anjem Choudary said the magazine’s front-page Mohammed cartoon was a ‘blatant provocation’. Moderate Muslim voices also criticised the decision to print a depiction of their prophet knowing it would cause offence.

‘Moderate’? Your loons killed people over a cartoon, you then continue to say that cartoons should be banned, and you think that’s ‘moderate’? You’re not doing yourselves any favours here, Islam.

Labour MP Khalid Mahmood said there was ‘no justification’ and urged British broadcasters and newspapers not to carry the cartoon. ‘These cartoons are not satire, they are not in good taste – they are just offensive,’ he said.

They don’t offend me at all. Furthermore I do not believe that everything should be made to fit with someone’s idea of ‘good taste’, not even mine. There are magazines I don’t like at all and you know how I avoid being offended by them? I don’t buy them. It’s not difficult.

Note that this MP belongs to the UK equivalent of the Rotterdam Mayor’s party. What is it about Wastemonster that softens the brains of our MPs? Something in the water?

Omer El-Hamdoon, president of the Muslim Association of Britain, said he felt ‘disgust’ at the new Charlie Hebdo cartoon.

Then don’t buy the magazine. If I see one on sale I’ll buy it and I can’t even read French. Well, I have an O-level from 1976 so I might be able to get the gist of it. I’ll buy it just to annoy the idiots who think everyone should live as they direct. To quote a prominent Dutch Labour politician – ‘fuck off’.

There is a glimmer of light in all this UK-centred shite-talking. And it comes from a Muslim woman.

However, Sughra Ahmed, president of the Islamic Society of Britain, called for tensions around the pictures of Mohammed to be ‘de-escalated’.

She added: ‘We are not defending the new cartoon per se, but the “all is forgiven” sentiment is important and gracious and if many of my work colleagues were shot dead last week, I would feel defiant and want to fight back, so I understand where this is coming from.’

Some are seeing where all this radicalism is heading. It’s going to backfire on all muslims, not just the lunatic fringe. An attack on that small town newsagent in the UK, or another killing spree at a newspaper, will set off a reaction that nobody can stop. The pot is boiling over now. It’s time to turn the heat down, not up.

Where, you might ask, are the promised double standards?

The Mail hails the Mayor of Rotterdam and the newsagent as heroes standing up for free speech.

What do you think the story would have been had a UKIP councillor – or indeed any councillor of any party – said what that mayor said?

What would the story have been if the newsagent was a white man with a buzz-cut and braces?

Freedom of speech. It applies to everyone or it does not exist.

The Mail will probably never understand it. British Politics doesn’t even want to try.

31 thoughts on “Double standards.

  1. At the first trial of Geert Wilders, the judge who had insisted on the prosecution, tried to nobble a defence witness by engineering a meeting with him at a private dinner party. This became known . The bench of judges ( no jury of course) had to be dismissed and a new one appointed. They still would not allow the witness to testify in person but did admit his written evidence.

    The witness was an eminent Arabist, a Professor Jansen and boiled down to its essentials, his evidence was this. There is not and never can be any such thing as “moderate Islam” because the faith is defined for all time by its scripture and authoritative texts ( Hadith and Sunna). There are, of course, many moderate Muslims – that is, Muslims who are not always fully observant of all the commandments of the prophet – such as perpetual warfare until every last non Muslim submits. ( Islam means submission). Truces and deceits are permitted but never friendship or peace.

    The prophet himself was very touchy about being satirised. When he fled Mecca and set up the first Islamic state in Medina, the inhabitants were offered the choice between Islam, expulsion or death. ( Just like ISIS/ISIL today). His first victim was a poetess who had composed scurrilous verses about him. One of his henchmen stabbed her to death as she was nursing her youngest child. The prophet praised the killer and the rest of the family became Muslim the next day.

    This story is recorded as a godly example for future reference and emulation. The young men who murdered acted entirely within the central tradition of this religion. There will, of course, be many Muslims and Western politicians who will try to persuade you otherwise. Beware the Muslim doctrine of taqqiya ( dissimulation) which not only permits but commands the use of untruths when they serve the cause of the faith and the faithful.
    The Western politicians are simply in denial about the ideology whose followers they have imported in such large numbers.

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    • Thank you, one of the best comments I have read on this matter. It calmly tells the truth.

      However, I question what you mean by ‘in denial’. in your final sentence. This is a cliche, the use of which tends to obscure meaning.

      I think the Western politicians know the truth and they are simple lying when they talk about Islam being a ‘religion of peace’ and that the murderous acts by muslims are ‘nothing to do with Islam.’

      What I am not sure about is their motivation for lying.
      Are they motivated by fear of Islam? Do they think the problem is so difficult that they want to leave it for the next government? Do they thin k the problem is now simply intractable and we have .lost?
      Or are they playing for time and getting ready for the confrontation that is, in my opinion, essential.

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      • No. They think that they can use Moslems as their catspaws to turn Western Liberal civilisation into what they want instead which is pre-capitalist-pastoralist barbarism, and fully socialist which means “We Get The Stuff And You Don’t”.

        So the Moslems are really really going to do very well out of things for the next 10-20 years or so, while the “old enterprise” sort of shambles on and generates tax monies and stuff like that. So actually, we are going to lose, and our civilisation _will go down_ .

        Then what happens? the catspaws, the Moslems, all of them regardless of whether they had head-hacked in Syria, or even said “nothing…ever”….about Jihad….to anyone….” will have outlived their political usefulness, and will be removed. Lenin wrote about it. Read him, Moslems, please, about what he said about “useful idiots”. Do read him, and soon.


  2. You’re right about the Mail Leggy, they are completely clueless. They were even championing some crap campaign to stop internet pornography without even realising that many of their own crappy scantily clad “celeb” pics on the right hand side of their website mainpage would also be caught up in the filters. They really are as thick as shite.


  3. You’re right that the only effective change in Islam can come from within, but I have no intention of being stuck in the middle of the Islamic equivalent of the thirty years war. They can all fuck off, and not come back till they’ve grown up a bit.


  4. I’m starting to not care to be honest.

    I’ll throw my kindling on the flames as long as it is legal to do so. I think this particular area needs a lot of heat applied to sterilise it.

    As well as that I find that it is only those quislings the politicians and the media that are making out that this is a storm in a teacup and self inflicted. The rest of us are doing what we can and France in particular now has the BNP rising. Soon these quislings will find that they are in the minority and that the freedoms they have will soon be subject to jackboots.

    I’ve several pairs of boots for when our gutless society finally moves. Although at the rate we are moving I just hope they fit the grandson.


    • The quislings are a small minority and always have been. They’ve just been the ones to shout loudest.

      Fewer and fewer are listening to them, and it’s going to become very clear just how few the quislings really are.


  5. I wonder why there has been almost no publicity about the speech made to Imams in Egypt by President Sisi? He said that the Muslim faith needed a reformation before the whole world hates their faith which he feels has been hijacked by fanatics. He also attended s Coptic Christian Mass, I just hope his bravery doesn’t cost him his life. Yet I have hardly seen a word about it, only on Fox News Special Report. I don’t care what happens either and just wish all those who don’t like our society would just leave and take their vile ideas with them.


  6. Heard a Muslim in the UK this morning being interviewed and saying – with no trace of comprehension of the anomaly between his remark and the protection from offence he no doubt demands – that, although none of the bruvvers would verbalise it, most Muslims secretly agree with the one fell swoop articulating what many people suspect.

    Wish they’d all just take the advice of the Dutch mayor who’s suggested that they shut up or f*ck off, in one fell swoop articulating what many people feel.


  7. John,
    If you look at wide correspondence on this matter, you will see many, many people have bought into the myth that there is a “true” Islam which has nothing to do with violence- in spite of 13 centuries of evidence to the contrary. This is IMHO because most post Christians, believing in nothing in particular themselves and being generally unaggressive, cannot really imagine anybody who really does. To this is added post colonial,Western guilt and its accompanying self-hatred – a large motivator of the whole PC/Multicult nonsense which has been moral disarmament for the native European populations in the face of massive demographic invasion. The whole thing is now on such a massive scale that I think the leaders simply dare not face reality. Also, they will,have been expertly sweet-talked by Muslims, expert in the doctrine of taqqiya ( dissimulation): this not only permits but commands lying in the interests of the faith and the faithful . It makes the Jesuits seem positively Frank and straightforward.

    Cherie 79

    I saw that speech too and wondered when President Sisi would share the fate of Anwar Sadat at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood. The trouble is that the only Muslim States which enforce tolerance are dictatorships or at least authoritarian. There is a very small,educated ( and generally corrupt) class which sits on a volcano of fanaticism. Even so, there were intermittent massacres of Christians in Egypt before the revolution and they suffered manifold legal disabilities and second class status.


    • For sure, modern Christians are (on the whole) part of the problem. They take Romans 13:1-7 and allow the government to get away with anything. Saves them having to do anything about it.

      I never (usually) read Paul’s epistles, as I think he’s possibly a fraud.

      Add to this the fact that the churches have been infiltrated like the government and every other institution and the ‘believers’ there end up confused and neutralised.

      The people who go to the “Bible-believing” church I used to go to will raise a lot of money for charity: fake Christian charities, IMO, while ignoring the plight of the people sitting next to them in the congregation.

      They all believe they are saved already, so it doesn’t matter what they do or don’t do. They used to say to me, “When were you saved”. I said I won’t know if I’m saved until the Saviour tells me. It confused them greatly. They don’t seem to understand that “faith without works is dead” and that “ye shall know them by their fruits”.


      • Romans 13 seems to be summed up as ‘be a good drone and do as you are told’ because God sent Tiny Blur, the Brown Gorgon, the Cameroid and the Clegg…

        Seems to me they were more likely to have been sent by the other guy.


  8. John
    An afterthought.
    Google Peter Sutherland House of Lords Immigration
    There are articles on the BBC and other sites.
    Sutherland ( former EU Commissioner, former Head of WTO, Goldman Sachs panjandrum and UN migration specialist) testified to the House of Lords Immigration committee that more immigration was needed ” to break up homogenous people’s”
    I could not understand why UKIP did not make a fuss at the time


    • Breaking up the homogeneity is important to prevent any kind of united resistance. If we’re all too busy suspecting each other, we can’t band together against the idiots in charge.


  9. And one more thing: As the Israelis say, if the Islamists stop fighting the fighting will cease to be – if we stop fighting, we will cease to be.


  10. Muslims commit hate speech against Christians, Jews, atheists, and other infidels every day, with extra helpings on Fridays.

    So far as I know, neither the staff nor the shoppers at the kosher market had published any anti-Islamic cartoons. So what was their offense, besides existing?


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