Out there among the Vikings.

There was a promise of photos, so here are a few. We didn’t spend the whole week smooching and there are no photos of that anyway. Even if there were they’d be censored. I don’t want an X-rating on the blog! And don’t expect any romantic Mills and Boon stuff here. She hasn’t made me soft and she hasn’t tried to.

Everyone in Denmark is taller than me, but I’m used to that. They aren’t as tall as some of these damn Picts and at least there was a hedgehog and three dogs I could look down on. None of them barked at me which I took as a good sign. They didn’t bite me either but the dogs tasted me most thoroughly. I’m still picking dog drool out of crevices.

The hedgehog just looked at me with a ‘What the hell is that thing?’ expression on his little face. It’s a real hedgehog, I was sober and not seeing Spiny Norman this time. This is him –

igorIgor with his prototype cyclotron

He’s a curmudgeon who tolerates one person only – and it’s not me. He’ll take a long time to make friends with. Making friends with dogs is easy because dogs basically want to be friends with everyone.Β  Hedgehogs are not so readily befriended.

I didn’t take that photo. It’s one of BG’s photos. The blog is a team effort now. Yes, there are two of us now and if the world isn’t ready for that, too bad.

We went shopping a couple of times. Normally this would be hell for a loner guy but it was Denmark. Almost all the shops were new to me. There was a Segway shop I’ll visit one day when I can afford one. There was also a shop that sold fez’s. I have a fez now. It’s not a genuine one but it’s a good one and it was cheap too.

Okay, there were a few girlie shops I waited outside and there was one that didn’t feel like it was my kind of shop –

normal-but it’s just one of those low-price shops. I’d been told Denmark was expensive but it didn’t seem that expensive to me. Then again, Aberdeen prices are pretty steep. Tobacco was half UK prices and while there are smoking restrictions just like here, there were no Doors of Shame in any shops. Booze is apparently expensive in pubs but shop prices were no different to the UK. Pretty much as I remember from the last time I visited, (mumble) years ago.

Food, well there is healthy food if you want it but the Danish diet seems to be mostly based around pork, bacon and cake. The Danish pastries we get in the UK are but a pale imitation of the real thing and as for quick snacks, they really know how to do that right –

hotdogYes, there is bacon in that topping.

Surprisingly I didn’t put on any new weight at all. Must have been all the walking that burned the extra calories.

There were the usual tourist-thingy sights to see…

horseA riderless horse.

DSC01989Almost everywhere, the Danish flag flew.

DSC01979More local architecture.

fireAnd of course, the burning hotel.

It was like that when I got there. I have an alibi for that one.

I think that’s everything. The week was a sort of compatibility test – could we tolerate each other? We’re both used to living alone and doing things our own way. Turns out we both do things pretty much the same way anyway, so there was no difficult adjustment to make. Your loner Underdog is now half of a couple.

I think that’s everything. Oh yes, one last photo –

bothI still think I look a bit like Sid James in that one. I’ll have to practice the dirty laugh.


69 thoughts on “Out there among the Vikings.

  1. You have a face! Things certainly have changed.
    And you both look happy!
    Okay, for that much contentment, I can put up with all this change. πŸ™‚

    You will be greatly relieved to know that you have my blessing? πŸ™‚

    Heehee! Life is full of surprises.

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  2. So pleased for you both. You look like nice people. And she doesn’t appear to mind sharing you with us.
    Who’d a thought it when I first signed up for this Blog. Another of Life’s rich little surprises. It’s quite made my week.

    Liked by 2 people

      • I only signed up for this Blog because I though that Leggy was a bit more mad than me in my own drinky, smokey way.
        I moved to France very suddenly at the age of 55, when I could no longer cope with working nearly 24/7, and basically getting nowhere. Fuck the bloody bank. I just decided that I had had enough. I very quickly got a job in France, getting my hands dirty. And it has all been wonderful ever since.
        I still don’t speak the language very well some twenty years later, but I have never regretted for one instant.

        Certain persons who relied on my ability to earn did attempt to stop me, which I won’t actually go into But the thing is that I put my head down and did it. I got on that bloody Ferry despite suffering some very peculiar symptoms of food poisoning.
        But the point I am trying to make is that sometimes you just have to go. And you have to trust that what you are doing is going to be okay, because you will make it so.

        I am so pleased to get a reply from you. And short of getting really soppy, which I never am, we are all so pleased that Leggy now has you.

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  3. Sid James? Really? Nah, I don’t think so.

    At first I thought there was something sort of Kenneth Moreish about you and then it clicked – you’re John Gregson! (Don’t deny it the evidence is incontrovertible).

    It certainly explains your penchant for Whiskey Galore and the Titfield Thunderbolt-like trains but do you have a car a called Genevieve?

    All of that is by-the-by, what we (I) want to know is a detailed treatise on chat-up-lines, sartorial-recommendations and what aftershave you wear – hey, I need all the help I can get (and anyone who could ‘pull’ Dinah Sheridan, marry Thea Gregory and now BG has got to be an expert).

    In case you forgot,

    You and Dinah Sheridan:

    You and Thea Gregory:

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  4. Oh, that’s great Leggy! All of it.

    Surprisingly I didn’t put on any new weight at all. Must have been all the walking that burned the extra calories. Yeah, right…

    In other news, I got well enough to come to Greece for 4 whole weeks. Arrived yesterday. Wandered down to the village kiosk last night to pick up my usual Karelia 100s. Huge apologies from kiosk man as they’ve gone up in price (tax) from E3.40 to E3.50 a packet. Makes them all of Β£2.56 a packet, and they’re much much nicer to smoke than the UK equivalents – don’t seem to have that fire-retardent gubbins in, for starters.

    My bestest friend here in the village is Danish and we often end up speaking Denglish together. So I will end by sending you and Ms BG many knus.

    Lys x

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  5. Oh dear…… Give it a few months and we shall see a mellow Leggy start to emerge. See? He’s already become kind to dogs and hedgehogs! Next thing, he’ll be giving sweets to children…. Err, perhaps not.
    Good luck to you and BG.

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  6. I have whinged incessantly about your lack of photos.

    I am now sated.

    It is very seldom that I see two people as very obviously happy.

    Oh and just in case you thought we didn’t know. I quote:

    “You can’t kid a kid and you can’t kid a dog.”

    Meaning they can sense bad people in pico seconds. All 3 of them.

    Hedgehog? Must be a rescue – and by and large if they think you’re a threat they just curl up into a ball and assume you’ll go away eventually. The fact this one hasn’t means pretty much the same as the mutts.

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  7. The Segway is over-rated and easy to fall off, with possibly inconvenient consequences. Guess how I know. Everything else, however, is a brilliant idea.

    Look more forward than back. Which, coincidentally, is also good advice if you insist on finding yourself on a Segway.

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  8. Lovely pictures and really nice to put faces to the monikers it’s a lovely picture of you both. πŸ˜€
    BG that hedgehog is amazing I’d love one, but I think my dog would be a bit jealous.


  9. Blimey LI, you look human in that picture! Best wishes to you both & may the fleas of a thousand hedgehogs avoid your home!
    We rescued a hedgehog from the middle of the road one evening. Not the best way to discover they are covered in fleas.


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