Little Chairs – finished at last.

It took rather longer than expected but that was because of life – as in, I have one now.

So, taking up from the last post where I was fitting the front upholstery, here it is being glued to the top of the frame.

27_chairsAs someone pointed out in a previous post, the material is not ideal for the scale but it’s robust. Yet it has one big problem – light shows through the weave. That’s okay, I had planned for foam inserts anyway. Here they are being cut to fit.

28_chairsSo now we have soft seats for wooly rat arses to sit on. Next, the back and underside fabric.

29_chairsGlued on, not stitched. That would take forever.The pieces wrap under to cover the base too.

30_chairsAnd the new clamps save the problem of chairs glued to fingers. Which is always good.

That just leaves the sides of the seats. They looked a bit untidy so I prepared some thin strips to hide that. They are different lengths because the chairs are not absolutely identical.

31_chairsThe sticky tape served a dual purpose. Keeps the sticks in line while the glue sets and stops the drill slipping. Yes, I drilled for the gold plated pins.

32_chairsFull length pins right into the foam and secured with Araldite. The final result…

finishedOkay a bit of trimming of fluff and fray and a coat of beeswax for the wood, but I can’t do that until tomorrow when the araldite has fully set.

Yet, finally, they are done. The chairs are completed. I’m quite chuffed considering how they started  Could be better but worked out okay.

Now it’s time for the next project.


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