Sugar vs. Fat

I’ve put on a few pounds lately. Have to watch that. I don’t want to be fat again. I know some people are happy with it but it doesn’t suit me.

It’s unlikely to be a problem. Boss is on holiday for two weeks so my next day off will be August 10th. That should keep me trim. Better yet, I have morning shift so I can work on the anthology in the afternoons.

Since there isn’t much to do on morning shift, I’ll get some work on it in the mornings too πŸ˜‰

I heard there is soon to be another visit by the head honchos of the Secret Ninja Cleaners. I’ve never met them. Every time they visit there’s a sudden shift change and I always have that day off. This time, Boss is on holiday so there won’t be any shift changes. I’m sure it’ll be a very interesting day.

Anyway, the work will burn off some burgers and a few visits to the chip shop and pizza shop along the street. Calories in less than calories out and the weight just falls away.

It really is that simple, you know. You don’t need to target specific food groups. I eat whatever the hell I like and always have. I just try not to eat more than I use.

You’re burning calories all the time. Even when asleep. You have to, in order to maintain your body temperature, keep your heart pumping and all your internal organs working. I’m burning more calories just sitting here typing than if I was sitting here reading. Not much more, it’s true, but a bit more. Every little helps.

I have met fat vegetarians. I don’t mean just a little bit chubby either. They didn’t get that way on chips and burgers. They did it on Quorn and tofu and that bizarre vegetarian bacon stuff. I still can’t get my head round the fact that that stuff even exists.

Oh sure I eat fruit and veg, but if I wanted to catch up on five-a-day I’d have to eat several medium sized orchards in under a week. I don’t count calories, I don’t care about portion sizes, I don’t care how much sugar and salt and fat is in the food, I just eat things I like to eat.

Yes, a lot of them are deep fried. I live in Scotland. I’ve had deep fried pies and deep fried pizza. Deep fried haggis in batter. A quarter of a chicken deep fried in batter. That’s fantastic by the way. It’s available in every UK chip shop, not just Scotland.

I ignore all medical nannying. I like whisky and cigarettes. I will eat fruit but there has to be meat involved, especially bacon. Bacon soothes the soul and calms the spirit. I wear 34-inch waist trousers and need a belt to keep them up.

The NHS can’t find anything wrong with me. I went to an optician last year with glasses that were actually rusting because I hadn’t been for so long. My prescription hadn’t changed at all. I recently visited a dentist and the dentist said I was in remarkably good shape for someone who hadn’t been near the Chair of Pain for over 20 years. One has to come out, one needs a filling and there’s a bit of root left from a botched home extraction about 15 years ago. Otherwise, I’m good.

All this and not one tad of Medical Missionary Zeal has touched me. There are those at work telling me I’m living all wrong and should pay attention to the medics… and they are all fatter than me and get out of breath walking up a few steps. If they are really listening to medical advice, it’s killing them.

Look, people, the five-a-day veggies and the alcohol units stuff is all made up. It’s been publicly admitted as a total lie. People still believe it. People never think to wonder that if those cornerstones of health mantras are lies, how much of the rest of it is lies?

It’s also been admitted that doctors like to tell you that whatever medication they give you will react badly with alcohol so you can’t have any. It’s true of some medications but certainly not all of them. It’s just a useful way for the doc to make you stop drinking.

I went drinking with medical students in my university days. I saw exactly what they were like and vowed then not to trust those pissed wasters with my health. Almost got beaten to a pulp by a medical student called Concorde. It wasn’t his real name. It was what I called him because he had the nose for it.

Nowadays medical research focuses on single issues. Salt, sugar, fat… these are irrelevancies. By the way, did you know that if you don’t have enough sodium in your diet your body takes it from your bones, making them brittle? The zero salt diet will make you die like a washed up jellyfish. Something modern medicine seems to want to happen.

None of it matters. Burn more calories than you eat, you lose weight. Eat more calories than you burn, you gain weight. It’s really no more complicated than that.

I guess there’s no research money in the obvious answer.

24 thoughts on “Sugar vs. Fat

  1. Homeostasis.

    Eat more calories than you burn, and the body should “dump” what it doesn’t need.
    It will store some as fat first, in case of famine. This is a good idea, arguably.
    (Eat less than you want to burn, and find yourself lacking energy.)

    How much fat to store? In a healthy population we all have a different set-point.
    If famine comes along, those who stored a lot will survive.
    If a plague of fast predators comes along, those who don’t carry much weight will escape.

    Polar bears carry a lot of fat. Birds don’t.

    In modern times, we have eliminated predators more successfully than we have eliminated famine. But in the west, most of us survive anyway, so the selection pressure is off either way.

    But, to get to my point – we should just eat more than we burn, and rely on homeostasis.
    What has gone wrong with homeostasis?
    I consider it likely that it’s low-fat food, lean meat, vegetable oils etc. I believe there’s been a lot written about it recently, but I can’t be bothered to find it.
    I just wanted to quibble with (in my opinion) your over-simplification.

    Like you, I eat whatever I want, whenever I want it. I’ve had a 32″ waist all my adult life, (and I’m older than you).
    I’m just genetically lucky, it’s not an achievement. But in the next famine, you and I will be in trouble! πŸ™‚

    Zaphod (Mick Walker)

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    • There you hit on another factor. Modern medicine treats us like clones. One size fits all. It doesn’t – some people are fat or thin through genetics and the genes throw up every variant in between. The effect of a set number of calories is different for everyone. Genes, activity, all sorts of things come into it and every one of us is different.

      I can get fat. It doesn’t take much effort not to but I could put on weight (I did once ;)). I’m lucky that it doesn’t take much effort on my part to lose it again.

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  2. I love your blog because you don’t pull any punches and take this utter rubbish by the throat and expose it. I had a rant about units with a practice nurse a few years ago re they being made up and the US one being nearly twice the UK one. She didn’t pursue it. Now you are correctly citing thermodynamics re being fat or thin. That’s the issue. It’s what is metabolised and what is stored. I always said 5 a day was nonsense. Eat a balanced diet. A bit of that a bit of something else and not a lot of anything really. I add salt if it needs it. Not a lot just enough for my taste. Don’t want any nerve conduction problems.

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  3. Just read an article in the press about alcohol causing cancer. No real science to it, just their usual fearmongering and doommongering and quotes from so called ‘experts’. I guess they are alarmed about the Brits love of binge drinking and pub culture, which I agree is costly to police and downright annoying if all you want is a quiet drink. I avoid going downtown on Friday and Saturday night these days, too many young people getting pissed up, too many fights, too many alcohol related accidents. But instead of putting out an article stating this, they put out articles fearmongering and doommongering about health. If you don’t stop drinking, you will die…They don’t seem to mind that they’re actually lying. Seems to be a popular tactic these days.


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  4. “Bacon soothes the soul and calms the spirit.”

    This is one of the great Zen truths of the Universe, straight from the sayings of Confucius. What is not as widely known is the next sentence which reads: “And if I don’t get any this morning there are going to be a lot more Eunuchs around here. Chop-chop.”

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  5. “None of it matters. Burn more calories than you eat, you lose weight. Eat more calories than you burn, you gain weight. It’s really no more complicated than that.”

    Same for alcoholics. Forget AA meetings and rehab, none of it matters, it’s just a problem of balance. Consume more alcohol than you piss out, you become an alcoholic. It’s no more complicated that that.

    Come on, Leggy, this is really lazy thinking. You’ve fallen for the drone mentality here hook, line, sinker. Fat people are just lazy, aren’t they? They must be ridiculed. It’s SO easy to understand, it’s just calories in calories out, how stupid are they, they have no willpower etc. etc. (yawn)

    No, don’t fall into the trap. This is a lie perpetuated by the ruling class to set fat people up as an approved group for public ridicule and state bullying. What is damn sure is that if being fat was “just” a question of energy balance then there would be hardly any fat people. The argument doesn’t even make sense on this most basic level.

    An an ex-fat person, I know first hand that modern nutritional ‘science’ is bollocks. I struggled for years and I did everything the experts told me: it didn’t work. I only lost the weight when I did the exact opposite of what I was supposed to. I stopped eating cereal for breakfast and started eating bacon, sausages and eggs fried in lard. I stopped eating rice and starches, I started eating steaks topped with blue cheese and butter with lots of leafy green vegetables. I went from 24 stone to 15 stone in little over a year.

    So for me the problem was sugar. Sugar triggers an insulin release which causes fat to be stored. Now that really is simple. Now I’m not saying that everybody is the same, but I am sure that a lot of fat people out there have the same genetic resistance to insulin as I do, and they are being royally fucked by the establishment which gives them bullshit advice and then teases them for the inevitable failure and says its all their fault.

    Fuck anybody who peddles this ‘energy balance is the problem’ bollocks. Did you know that they even tell diabetics to eat starch and carbohydrate rich diets? They are literally killing people with this shit.


    • They also put anyone admitted to hospital with hyponatremia on a low salt diet and a saline drip.

      The modern medical trend is ‘one size fits all’. Everyone is a clone in their eyes. Sugar doesn’t affect me the way it affects you. I eat a lot of salt, some people couldn’t cope with my salt intake. Okay, basically, calories in/out is maybe simplistic but it’s the core answer – but a qualified answer. People are different. The rhetoric-driven modern NHS will not see that.

      I weigh currently just under 13 stone and the pounds I recently gained are already gone. I know that doesn’t work for everyone. Some find it difficult to gain weight, some find it difficult to lose weight. Genetics plays a big part. Everyone – except perfectly identical twins – has a different genome. Everyone is different. Yet the medics insist on using the Haynes manual for the British Standard Human as if we all rolled off a production line.

      Perhaps they are practicing for the future.


  6. In 1974 I joined a Colonial Police Force (and it WAS a Force). I weighed 175lbs when I joined.
    I’m long since retired (aged 68) and I’m now 180lbs. I smoke, I drink and I eat just what the fuck I like. After my last medical MOT, the Doc had only one thing to say. “Give up smoking, it MAY shorten your life.”
    Fuck him and all who have the same nannying “medical” qualifications.

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