The Hollow Bunnies are coming

The eBook versions are now available. The Kindle book had some typos so there’s an updated version in the works. It’s uploaded and should be available soon. The one on Smashwords is the up to date version, and the print book had all the corrections in place before submission. I can fix errors in eBooks just by uploading a new interior but once it’s printed, it’s fixed. So the print book was the one that had to be right first time.

The print version has to be reviewed before release. That’s simply to check it will print correctly. Hopefully it will be done by tomorrow. It’s a little shorter (and therefore a little cheaper) than the first one.

Okay, I think I can take a couple of days off now and then go for some easy ones – as in, ones I don’t have to write anything for.

Now it’s time for a rest. And a drink…

9 thoughts on “The Hollow Bunnies are coming

  1. You prolly need a rest and a drink. If I were you, I’d have a rest and a drink. But you aren’t me, so…enjoy the rest of your drink and rest or something. 😉

    ^Butthole Surfers – Goofy’s concern^

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    • Have to love the ‘could have been’. That way they can blame smokers with no evidence at all.

      The photos show an area of dead fern litter – the burned area will soon be greener than the unburned area!

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