Something kinda hit me today…

I’ve been watching weird stuff on YouTube again. These days I don’t get anywhere near as drunk as I used to, so I need a new source of story ideas and the darker recesses of YouTube are a goldmine.

So I was watching a reporter trying and failing to take apart David Icke’s theories and remembered something.

I know, I know, Icke is mad, he talks about lizard people but… that’s what I remembered.

Back in the early 70s when I was still just touching my teens and still had a geeky fascination with the dinosaurs of millions of years ago, there was a thing. A scientific theory that over the millenia they had existed, an intelligent dinosaur had started to appear. Not a brachiosaur or a triceratops or a tyrannosaur, this was a smaller, roughly human sized species. Not blessed with massive teeth or claws but instead developing the intelligence to stay out of the way.

And then it was gone. No trace of that research remained.

I had to consider. Could a smart lizard have got through the extinction event that didn’t actually kill the dinosaurs? They aren’t gone, they are at your bird table and in the swamps of Florida and India and Australia now. They didn’t die, they adapted. And they adapted very well, even though the average sparrow is as smart as an unplaned plank.

So, if that intelligent or pre-intelligent dinosaur existed, where are they now?

Consider. If this exists it has had millenia to develop before the dawn of humans. Humans can hypnotise each other now, in seconds. I am not an expert hypnotist, not at all. I have personally convinced antismokers of absurdities with mere words. A good hypnotist (human) can have a two hour conversation with you and you won’t remember a word of it. Nor will you remember giving them your bank details. Yes. That happens.

Shape-shifting is not necessary. Humans are incredibly gullible creatures. You can be made to see a human face on a lizard by modern hypnotists, never mind by those who have had millenia to perfect their art.

Okay, you can call me mad now. I’ve been called worse. I am in the Icke world of ‘I don’t care’.

Remember a film called ‘They Live’? How about a TV series called ‘V’? Dr. Who’s subterranean lizard race. We keep coming back to it like we’re giving ourselves clues.

Or maybe it’s just fantasy. Maybe we are just looking for someone else to blame for our fucked up lives.

But again, it’s clear someone wants humanity reduced to a slave race. The Georgia Guidestones are clear on this and that is literally set in stone. Agenda 21 is similarly a matter of public scrutiny. It’s no conspiracy theory.

Desrtruction of the money generating base drones makes no sense if the world is run by rich people who want to get richer. Who will make all the fancy shit if we all live in mud huts and eat turnips?

What use is billions of dollars when there is nothing to buy?

The rich idiots are being suckered like the rest of us. I am wondering whether it is the lizard stuff or the rich family stuff I should discount from Icke’s theories. The lizards care nothing for our money, and neither they nor the rich boys care anything for us.

Money is not real. It’s numbers on a screen backed up by nothing. It’s illusion. As is everything else.

It does not matter what you are ‘worth’ in monetary terms because if money is not real then neither are you.

We are all the same in the end. Megarich or megapoor, makes no difference. We are all doing what we are told.


I have a print copy of the pre-edit version of Norman’s House for the first person to tell me in comments the artist, album and song that has the first line I used for this post title. Only five copies exist. One day it might be worth almost whole pound, you never know.

22 thoughts on “Something kinda hit me today…

  1. Er, confession.
    I googled it.

    I’m willing to accept that this disqualifies me from the prize.
    But you’d have to accept that you’re an old fool for not anticipating this.

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    • I quite enjoyed it. My only real issue was that when they took off the human masks, they had poky-out lizard faces that could not have fitted behind the mask.

      Also, they somehow lost the ability to speak English when they took the mask off.


  2. Hey Icke is absolutely spot-on with a lot of things that he says. He does try his best to spoil things when he goes on about lizards and the moon not being real but make no mistake that doesn’t mean he’s wrong about the rest.

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    • The Dr. Who format had the lizard people living underground. There are a lot of ‘underground cities’ on the planet, now abandoned, that seem to predate what we normally think of as human history. You never know…


  3. Not 5 minutes after reading your article, I stumbled onto this…

    Russia May Fine Citizens For Being Overweight

    If I put on the crazy hat, maybe “they” don’t want to create/build incinerators to accommodate fat fucks? Prolly all kinds of logistical nightmares surrounding the disposal of the fat ends of your wage earning streams. Your disposal locations are twice the size of what they need to be, natural gas bills are through the roof, you’ve got crematorium workers with back problems from shuffling these tubby corpses around, you’ve got Antonov transport planes flying dead bodies non-stop to the disposal centers, all kinds of crazy shit. Who needs these kinds of headaches? Get them to lose weight, THEN kill them. Good idea…right?

    I feel sorry for their regular metropolitan waste-disposal systems tho. Even if you put the cattle on a diet before you slaughter them, all that lard goes somewhere.

    ^deadmau5 – Sometimes Things Get, Whatever (HQ)^

    The main problem that I personally have with Icke is that I cannot afford him. If you want “deeper knowledge” or “more expanded findings” or whatever, you have to pay. You gotta level-up. Pyramid scheme where the pyramid’s top rung is occupied by the builder, and if they fall because you unseat them from their own personal ring at the top of the pyramid, the entire structure falls taking you and everyone else with it. I’ve stumbled across a shitload of people that follow the exact same pricing models, and those “spiritual” pricing models follow the exact same pricing models as those for sugar or gold or uranium or natural gas or tantalum or diamonds…supply and demand. So when you mention the hypnotist themselves being hypnotized, that’s kinda what I see with a lot of these gurus or shaman or witches or whatever they call themselves. THEY, got to walk the walk for free. THEY got to learn all there is to know for free. YOU, however, must pay.

    Just me, but that’s why I don’t want to walk the path that Icke or Lash or Jesus or Buddha, Hanuman or even Sagan, Krauss, Kaku, Shostak, Hawking, Feynman, etc., have walked. I don’t want to exactly retrace their steps. To me, that leaves out…me. I’m going to wind up being some fucked-up quasi-clone version of them. This is prolly why so many are eventually disappointed by all these self-help programs or spiritual systems and the like. We wind up idolizing and trying to be those we can never be. I mean, I look up to and respect some of those names, but I’ll be goddamned if I want to be them or even anything like them. I guess I’ve hypnotized myself into thinking I’m unique or something.
    /me shrugs

    ^Deadmau5 – Limit Break [FREE DOWNLOAD] || HD^

    BTW, if Japan has a law that says everyone between the ages of 40 and 75 has to have a waistline that falls into certain dimensions, what’s with the age range? Is that so that Sumo wrestling can continue unabated?

    List of Active Sumo Wrestlers –

    A quick look at that list suggests that every Sumo wrestler is under 40, with only 1 exception. Are Sumo wrestlers required to go on a crash diet upon reaching the age of 40? Or do they get an exemption because they participate in a national sport.

    Sumo –

    According to that, Sumo wrestlers live an average of 10 years less than the average Japanese male. Wait….WHAT?!?!? I though Japan had one of the highest life-expectancies in the world? Surely the average life-expectancy of a male in Japan is higher than 70-75 years.

    Japan/Life expectancy
    83.98 years (2016) – Source: Google 16 Feb 2019

    Hrm. Anyway, it seems that this Japanese law went into effect in 2008, and it appears that the Sumo world was rocked by controversy in that same year. Coincidence?

    ^E-Z Rollers – Walk This Land^

    I had no guess on the song. Didn’t ring any bells. My first guess was a Captain Beefheart song, but that’s mainly because you made me cough up a lung in laughter the other day when you suggested that “Split Vote Fiasco” sounded like a Captain Beefheart song title. πŸ™‚

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  4. “Money is not real. It’s numbers on a screen backed up by nothing. It’s illusion. As is everything else.” Mmm, yeah. Only if you believe the wilder claims of quantum theory.

    The core concept of money is agreed value. Something is only worth what people agree it is. While a sack of spuds may be worth more than gold in time of famine, a piece of paper giving title to a house may be literally worth more than it’s weight in gold. Or diamonds. Or any other form of specie. It’s the agreement that makes the value.


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