Competition winners

There can be only one… but there are two. Both confessed to looking it up so maybe my pristine vinyl copy of Bowie’s ‘Diamond Dogs’ is worth something. I can’t guarantee the books ever will be but you never know.

The answer was, of course, ‘We are the Dead’ from the ‘1984’ section of that album. Here you go.

I had five copies printed of the final draft of ‘Norman’s House’. There are some differences between this draft and the final copy, some of them significant These last draft copies represent the final stage of editing, where the writer reaches the point where you’re reading what you thought you wrote, not what you actually wrote, and can no longer see the typos and plot holes. At that point you need an outside editor and it’s much easier if it’s in print.

One copy went to Roo B Doo and one to CStM for editing. I have set one aside as a memento. That leaves two copies.

One will go to Mick Walker and the other to Sagalout (do I really have to post it to China?)

So, get in touch, folks. A bit of writer’s angst will be coming through the post :

And don’t forget, the eighth Underdog Anthology is open for submissions.

3 thoughts on “Competition winners

  1. “…do I really have to post it to China?”
    Only if you really want to. I’ll be back in the UK at the end of March. I’ve sent my UK address by email.

    Thank you. đŸ™‚

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