So Boris is to tell us how lockdown ends on Sunday, and it starts Monday. I hope he starts with letting the car dealerships out because my car has been an ornament for three weeks and the part I need to fix it is a dealer-only part. Dealerships are closed to the public. So are scrap yards.

There are already shrieks from the usual suspects. ‘Why doesn’t he tell us now?’ Because he knows that if he tells us now we’ll apply it now and not wait for Monday. Many have given up waiting already and if the transmission rate is to be kept at its current low level, we need an orderly exit. Of course, Caviar Woman and the rest of the Spiteful Nannying Party are already planning to fuck it up, but hey, fucking things up is their area of expertise. I’m sure Labour-run Wales will do the same. Neither of them care about the virus nor the people, they just want the political points.

Anyway, I need opinions on something far more important. All but one of the authors in Tales from Loch Doon : Underdog Anthology 11 have responded to the last chance saloon PDF for final changes. It’s almost ready to go. So… the cover.

This is the base photo I plan to use. It’s Loch Ness, taken last summer.

It’s a wraparound cover, left side is the back, right side is the front. With 155 pages there will be a defined spine down the middle. I wanted to make it a bit more foreboding so I did this –

I don’t want to make it too surreal and I have to keep in mind that the print process usually turns out darker than the images I submit. I might have to boost the overall brightness a bit.

Which is better? The original or the meddled with one? Or do you have another suggestion?

Remember you’ll only see the right half on the front cover and on the eBook versions.

22 thoughts on “Opinions

  1. Repair workshops have never been required to close, although many franchised dealers did decide to shut completely. In fact my local one is reopening on Monday, and rang me up to invite me to reschedule an existing booking for some necessary but non-urgent warranty work.

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  2. Sorry, the fake one looks fake. Sort of smokey. Irritatingly so, rather than sinister.

    The original is a nice photo that you could bring on a post card.

    Just a really superficial look and clouds rolling in on Loch Ness is good. This one’s taken from too high a vantage point, but it does convey a slightly more threatening feel.


    Now this is the sort of definition and composure that gets punters to pull the book off the shelf and take a closer look.


    And the Trossachs is brilliant when the mist comes in from the Atlantic, but bloody awful on a scooter when it starts to pelt down.

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  3. The first is a “nicer” picture.
    The second has more impact – but it’s too muddy to appeal on a shelf.
    Is a compromise available?

    The interesting bright spot, top centre, pic 2; will be lost on the spine.

    I was doing some DIY.
    I went to the library and asked if they had any books on shelves.
    She said, “Yes, they all are.”
    Boom boom!

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    • A hint of scales – or tentacles, perhaps – would certainly give a nice Lovecraftian touch to contrast with the cheery sunlight. Alternatively, how about a hovering bird of prey?

      My mother lives in red kite central (they released the birds there expecting them to spread out over the rest of the country; the kites had other ideas) and says that they have a less-than-tactful habit of circling overhead in large numbers whenever she sits down for a rest in her garden; the effect, under current circumstances, is more than a little unsettling.


  4. The original one, 2nd photo looks blurry to me.

    But coming from someone who scored 2nd lowest score ever recorded in an art exam at his school and told not to take it as an option (old enough to remember them?) as I’d bring the school’s average exam score down too much I wouldn’t take my word for it..

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  5. Definitely. My car was due to be serviced on 25th March. You can understand what happened. Boy was I pissed off.
    Ditching the economy is going to have much more serious effects than the virus which apparently has been here since December. Keyworkers only they said. Reminds me of the time I got my petrol letter in 2000 when they barricaded the refineries.

    The worst hasn’t happened yet. People are so far in denial that when the lockdown finally is lifted there’ll be so much more social disease and mental health problems that the poor NHS hasn’t been able to cope with prior to this. How the blazes will it cope with all the misery fallout?

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  6. Apologies to all.

    Off topic I know but if Rolf Norfolk is out and about and reading the latest post, with reference to his post on Wave After Wave I managed to find a video of Bill Gates stating that the final solution vaccine must have immunity from prosecution:

    Bill Gates requesting immunity from prosecution starts about minute 16:00

    I know there are others out there but becoming hard to track down due to ongoing censorship to protect the scam.

    Apologies once again for interrupting the comments on this post but didn’t know how else to let him know I’ve posted date link.

    One thing I’m confused about, the argument for the vaccine all falls down as the “experts” keep saying that people who have recovered from covid-19 do not develop an immunity how will a vaccine give us immunity?

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    • The Gates vaccine is based on a very risky idea. He wants to insert RNA into our body cells so our own cells produce virus antigen. The idea is that the immune system sees the antigen and produces antibodies against it. What he doesn’t get – or maybe he does – is that this will set up an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks your own body cells. No virus required – your own immune system will turn against you.

      No wonder he wants immunity from prosecution.

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      • Thanks for the explanation, makes sense.

        Knowing his history I think he does know what problems the vaccine will cause. I don’t think the phrase he used “final solution” was a slip of the tongue.

        Basically it is the same as what I read somewhere about where all the modern allergies come from – milk, eggs, soy, peanuts etc and the autoimmune response problems due to squalene in the vaccines – these ingredients are in the vaccine and when injected with the “illness” your body’s autoimmune response tags them along with the illness as a problem and tries to fight them off. Add in they mercury, aborted baby cells etc and they are a real terrifying mix.


    • Thank you.

      Who had a happy 75th VE Day commemoration yesterday?

      I did not like that, in my road, a few houses down from me, there was an informal folk concert going on. Irksome.

      Meanwhile, the official government message was — and is (until Boris speaks on Sunday at 7 p.m.) — ‘STAY AT HOME. SAVE LIVES’.

      Here’s the link to the article by Alistair Haimes:


      Conclusion (from Haimes):

      ‘There are really only two particularly unusual things about the Covid-19 epidemic: the timing of its arrival and the lockdown some countries declared. And if we ask “Covid, where is thy sting?”, it is lockdown that will sting: in the UK, the death-toll of people not turning up to hospital with cardiac issues (admissions are down 50% across the country) is now unmissable in the weekly non-Covid excess death figures published by the ONS, now running over 3,000 per week just for England and Wales. The downstream toll from missed cancer diagnoses (referrals are down 67%, as stressed by Professor Sikora) is heartbreak yet to come.

      ‘This is to say nothing of the toll on education, liberty and the economy. We’ve given up everything we should hold dear for a virus that just turned up three months later than similar viruses normally do.’

      Bile is building up for Boris, someone whom I respected.

      Isn’t this supposed to be the ‘People’s Government’?


  7. Like the first one better. Thinking of it, this delay
    As others have said, playing about with contrast ,colour saturation, etc. might help.
    How about a single little bright , yellow or scarlet thing in the foreground? Maybe a hint for one of the stories.


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