The End is the Beginning is the End

Or the beginning is the end is the beginning. There are various iterations of the song, all from the same band. Versions appeared in one of the Batman films and also in Watchmen, but it’s just a song. I like the Watchmen version, it’s slow enough to follow what’s being said but then the words are different from the other versions.

Every civilisation has an end. The Romans did very well. The Ottoman empire spread very far. The European empires (it wasn’t just the British) took over large chunks of the world. They are all gone now. They all fell. The Incas, Aztecs, Zapotecs, gone. All the early Hindu and the various American Indian tribes, mere shadows of their former selves. Why would we expect our current Western civilisation to be somehow immune?

Russia and surrounding countries became the USSR under Stalin. It fell apart. China, the ultimate in Communism, has billionaires. It’s going to break too. It’ll take some time since they have imposed stringent controls on their people but it will happen.

There were earlier civilisations. There was a very successful Greek civilisation. The great city of Ur. The ruins of Gobleki Tepe. Now that’s an interesting one. It’s a huge complex of carved standing stones that should have taken hundreds of years to complete using stone age tools, and yet all around it are signs only of early attempts at farming. We are to believe that those farmers suddenly decided to build a huge temple by chipping away at rocks with flint tools, then, after hundreds of years of construction, deliberately buried it.

Or, did they have a greater civilisation that they deliberately abandoned to go back to subsistence farming? Is that possible?

Isn’t that what we are heading for now? I did try to point out how this could happen. It was just a bit of fun but Moros doesn’t have to be a mythical being. Just someone rich and dementerd enough to believe it should happen.

We now have men dressed as women using girls’ bathrooms. Say a word against it and you are the bad guy. We have ‘hate speech’ which is anything those in power don’t want to hear. We have Israel, of all places, instituting the new ‘green passport’ version of yellow badges. We have Greens telling us that massively polluting ‘green energy’ will save us from massive pollution. We ban plastic straws while we bury many tonnes of dead windmills in landfill. We cannot have the oil products the windmills depend on.

So many contradictions. So much doublethink. So many have fallen for it. It cannot be sustained.

Western civilisation had a good run, but it’s over now. Start burying your temples, the ones you haven’t already watched burn down. Burn your history so the next civilisation will not see it. Destroy your monuments, as they did before. Leave nothing of yourself for the future beyond hints and vague memories.

And when it has all ended, it can begin again.

19 thoughts on “The End is the Beginning is the End

  1. It is hard to be optomistic.
    We are ruled by people voted in (if we are lucky) by people who are lied to and misled by all conventional providers of information.
    Everything we depend on, and being coerced into becoming increasingly dependent on, from energy and communication which can disappear in minutes to the food supplies which are delivered “just-in-time from far off places has no resilience. No storage, no backup.
    The financial system depends on suspension of logic and collective faith in imaginary money, and everyone can and does borrow, from whom?, as much as they want.
    An increasing proportion of our population is employed in non jobs. This present crisis
    and forced non working has shown how few are actually needed. And they are not the best rewarded.
    As for evidence of or society persisting – the clay tablets and papyri will be more readable than all our googolplexes of data when the last wind turbine collapses.

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    • Just one solar flare and all the digital data is gone. I sometimes wonder if archaeologists have unearthed storage devices, imagining them to be decorative items, while the machinery to read them has long since rusted away. In the future they might consider our DVDs were some kind of decoration, or perhaps a primitive plate armour.

      Satellite imagery has revealed structures in the Amazon that have never been seen from the ground. Nobody remembered they were there and Nature has long since overgrown them. How far back does it go? No idea – it’s probably more important to wonder how much further we can get.

      There are two points in the distant past – Y-chromosome Adam and X-chromosome Eve (separated by thousands of years) that suggest humanity was reduced to a very small number at least twice. Science considers it most likely to have been disease – but did we already bomb ourselves back into the Stone Age twice? So comprehensively that we left almost no trace?

      I wonder if Gobekli Tepe was deliberately buried to hide it from the statue-smashers of the time. Those who wanted to erase history. I mean, look at what ISIS have done to historical monuments, and the current culture of removing statues and street names with links to the past.

      It’s not entirely hopeless. If humanity survived this chaos twice before, we can do it again. Maybe we’ll get it right… eventually.

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  2. Betjemen’s “Come friendly bombs and fall on Slough, it isn’t fit for humans now” seems rather appropriate these end-days. Why leave our mess for future generations to clear up? Let’s nuke all remaining pockets of covid, thus destroying the entire world and making the universe a better place for a better species.
    Or we could just grow up and stop being frightened of a nasty flu bug.

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  3. Thank you for such an uplifting post! ( Is this sarcasm? Or is it irony, I never have grasped the difference.) Your post is vast in historical perspective, which I like, but depressing in conclusion which I believe is spot on!

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  4. The attempted ruin of White Western Anglosphere Civilisation is not an objective, I think, shared or admired widely among its normal-people. Normal-people are still an extremely large majority of the whole. The problem is internal Quislings and the now-largely-captured and corrupted Quisling Media.

    And the Telescreens.

    As Enoch Powell told me and a couple of conservative friends over tea, a few years before he died:-

    “Be of good cheer, gentlemen! The rot has inideed set in, but it wiil take quite some time.”

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    • Normal people were a large part of Nazi Germany, the USSR and China. They didn’t want what came their way, but they didn’t do anything to stop it. Many of them relished the chance to squeal on a neighbour for non-compliance. That hasn’t changed.

      I have a feeling the rot is accelerating…

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  5. This seems to have a sickening ring of truth. Can someone have a watch and tell me, please, that I’ve fallen into some paranoid hell and the world wouldn’t do this? Oh, who am I kidding, this is exactly what they’d try to do. Hopefully it’d be so big that it’d be bound to fail. Glenn’s not a conspiracy theorist, and I generally like him.

    It’s fairly long, just so you know.

    The health service rang this morning before I woke up asking if I wanted to have a vaccine at home. I politely declined.

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    • I’m over 60 and have heard nothing about vaccines so far. Although given how much NHS correspondence I ignore and the looks on their faces the rare times they’ve seen me (I tell the truth about the whisky and baccy and they can’t find anything wrong with me) they might have decided to skip me 😉

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      • Here they’re doing over 60s with serious comorbidities. Sadly, that’s me. I’ve also had some rather severe reactions to normal vaccines. And these vaccines aren’t normal. No thanks, I’ll take my vitamins, quercetin and zinc, have a stash of ivermectin thanks to a foreign connection (it’s barely available in Canada, no profit for it in such a small country), and will hope for the best.

        Speaking of, Dr John Campbell is doing a lot on ivermectin on his youtube channel – even interviewed Tess Lawrie, who sent a report on ivermectin to Matt Hancock. On 4 January. Crickets so far….

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    • The video makes perfect sense. He’s right – but what they are doing will result in the collapse of fiat currency. The few will have all the money, but what will they buy? None of us will be making anything. There’s no point in starting a business that’s just going to be crushed. We’ll be back to swapping deer hides for wagon repairs.
      The out of touch rich will have billions of fake dollars each, and nothing to spend it on. Their money will be digital and the population can’t afford electricity, never mind the computers to access any money. You can’t buy my wheat crop with a plastic card that means nothing to me. And no, I am not going to build you a chair in exchange for some mysterious ethereal dollars I have no means to access.

      They haven’t thought about where this leads. Again.

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