Dangerous Labels

This is my favourite. The safety mob once insisted I put it on the door of my lab, after they found out what I was doing in there. I didn’t think it was all that dangerous, it was only things like Salmonella, Campylobacter and so on, and I never got sick from working alone, often well into the night. But hey, they said I needed a sign so I got a sign. If anyone ever asks what ‘my sign’ is, this is it.

But it’s not the label I’m talking about here. I’m talking about the casual use of quite serious allegations to the point where nobody takes them seriously any more. Racist. Nazi. Bigot. Fascist… and lately Far Right.

I have no idea what far right is even supposed to mean. The others have defined meanings, now diluted away to almost no meaning by their constant use in trying to shut down arguments the shouty ones have already lost.

Lately we have seen the protests in Liverpool and all over Ireland (if you haven’t seen them on the news, I’m not surprised, has the news even noticed the Gilet Jaunes yet?) labelled ‘far right’.

These protests are about the massive influx of illegal immigrants and their subsequent attempts to seduce and rape underage girls. Yes, they really are doing that and yes, they are illegal. They arrive here without any regard for border checks, with no documentation and expect to live the high life for free. These are the people Keir Starmer thinks are the future of the economy? Really? When his WEF-controlled band of idiots, along with the mob on the other side of the House, have wiped out the taxpaying workers, what does he think his imported mob will do next? Knuckle down and say ‘Yes Massah’? Oh those days are long past and they are not coming back. If the WEF use them to wipe out white people until only the white people in the WEF are left, well, I think the next stage is really not that hard to guess.

So the people of Ireland are protesting, the people of Liverpool took it a little further as you’d expect, and soon it will kick off in Glasgow if it hasn’t already. The news will never tell us if it does. I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want… I want the government to load up a hotel in Milwall. Then we’ll have a real excuse to get the popcorn out.

Does anyone really believe the people of Liverpool could ever be fairly described as ‘far right’? Heck, Liverpool considers Starmer as ‘far right’. Stalin would be considered ‘middle of the road’ in that town. Yet all those people who are really objecting to the sexual abuse of their daughters are labelled ‘far right’ by the propaganda arm of the WEF. That’s the thing we used to call ‘the news’ back when we were all enamoured of the idiot lantern.

The Irish government are, similarly, labelling those who object to the harassment of their daughters as ‘far right’. It’s the New Racist. They wore that one out so they’ve come up with a new one, one that is so much better because nobody actually knows what it means. You can say “I’m not racist” but how can you say “I’m not far right” when being far right means you care about the safety of your family?

In fact, why would you? Why would you say “I’m not far right” when being far right means you care about the safety of your family? Why would you deny that?

The danger of all these labels is that one day, and very likely soon, a real ‘far right fascist’ party will rise and people will vote for them. A real, nasty, authoritarian Hitler clone will come along and the shouty ones will cry “You can’t vote for them. They are far right!”

The people will shrug and say “So? You’ve told me that’s what I am too.”

Hitler was voted in. Mussolini was voted in. Many other evil bastards were voted into power. How?

The people were desensitised to the threat by being accused of being that threat by the shouty ones. So when the real threat appeared, they didn’t see it. It was just another one who was accused of the same things they’d been accused of all along. It wasn’t true for them, why would they think it was true of the actually evil ones?

And then it’s too late.

14 thoughts on “Dangerous Labels

  1. You can vote your way in, but your children will have to fight their way out. It was said about communism but it applies just as well to Nazism and Fascism and lots of other isms.

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  2. The trouble is, stable civillisations like Britain and our Empire have had “democracy” for so long that we now confuse the scenario of “free elections” (in which we think that we vote out fellas that displease us) with the purely mechanical process of appointing and dismissing a pile of bureaucrats.

    China (the PRC), the DPRK, Venezuela, shootinpootin187’s Russia and (latterly) the USA are “full democracies”. They follow the “process” to the letter. There are others I didn’t mention.

    The UK is going the same way.

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    • Bingo!

      I’ve long known that who we (are allowed to) ‘vote’ for is … irrelevant. All the real power lies with those faceless mandarins and legions of unelected bureaucrats.

      Even the wants, wishes and aims of those (corrupt, narcissistic, mercenary) puppets foisted on us as figureheads count for nothing when, not just whether or not, those policies are enforced, but ‘how’ they are enforced is entirely the purview of the legions.

      We have had a stable(ish) (mostly) free and (nearly, if you squint a bit) prosperous country and culture for so long now that the majority actually ‘know’ (not even believe) that such is merely ‘the natural order of things’, and it isn’t, it ‘really’ isn’t!

      The sad fact is to even approach a return to real freedom in this country you would need to ‘remove’ every bureaucrat (from .gov all the way through councils and down to schools and even neighbourhood associations) and then rescind every law, statute, regulation and recommendation enacted in the last … probably century (and return to the last time The Common Law, Magna Carta and The Bill of Rights was the basis for life and law in Britain).

      I fear, that is what we will eventually be faced with, because the alternative involves boots and faces forever.

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  3. Let’s be honest here. ‘Right wing’ was originally a term used by, and remains only a pejorative to, communists. (A way of ‘suddenly’ distancing themselves from their former fascist best friends who stabbed them in the back before they got the chance to do it to them. As such right-wing has remained a constant, it merely means anyone who disagrees, or gets in the way of, the long march of communism).

    [As you’ll know on the real political spectrum from left:communism/fascism, the far right would be … anarchy]

    I’ve often disagreed with allowing ‘them’ to define assumptions, terms and language surrounding topics, but … I was being too sensitive. How they define and use them is rarely, if ever, how your average man/woman in the street does (locally ‘diverse’ is a curse word and right-wing a complement. I’m proud to acknowledge being accused of every ist and ism they have in their arsenal). Just like we all know what isn’t being said when they describe someone as “Asian” (or fail to mention race, creed or colour of a criminal), what they ‘think’ we read … isn’t. ‘only’ they use and understand these terms as they want, nobody else.

    ‘Our’ problem has always been that ‘they’ own and run ‘all’ the power and media structures, and the (majority) ‘undecideds’ only knowledge and understanding (to date) has come from that. ‘Their’ problem is that more and more undecideds have started to believe their “lying eyes” over the media (and once that trust and reliance has gone, they aren’t getting it back) and … they’re really, really pissed.

    The wheels are coming off the bus and all they ‘can’ do is double-down, motivate their base, and try to get away with as much as they can before it all comes crashing down, which is what we’re seeing now.

    I don’t fear the rise of some dictator, because what they have done (for all time) is to reveal just how ‘all’ politicians are venal, corrupt monsters. I do fear we may have seen the last of high-trust society though, without which civilisation will be … difficult.

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  4. Why is ‘right wing’ that bad? From what I can see, the ‘far left’, when it comes to racism and genocide, leave them in the dust.

    We could talk about the Russian Holodomor, Leninist pogroms, Katyn forest, the Crimean Tartars.. China and the Uighurs (To name but one) Cambodia’s ‘killing fields’, The body count of the far left dwarfs even the evil of the Holocaust and Armenian genocides.

    One is drawn to the inescapable conclusion that the whole totalitarian ethos of the far left demands human sacrifice on a massive scale.

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