The Future is Lean

Bad news first. Last week we heard of a death in the family – sudden and very unexpected – so we will be attending a funeral again soon. This means the blog, and Leg Iron Books, is going to be quiet for a little while during that time. If you submit a story for the next Underdog Anthology and don’t hear anything, it’s because I won’t be accessing email for a few days.

It’s also author payment month. This might be a few days late this time. Sorry about that.

I’d love to be able to say ‘now the good news’ but there isn’t any.

Food shortages have begun. They aren’t universal yet, some places still have plenty but that will change. We’re fairly insulated here because Local Shop sources pretty much everything locally. It’s a small shop so doesn’t carry a huge stock but it’s also not dependent on massive trucks for most of its fresh produce. Also, we live on a farm – it grows wheat and barley mostly but we can grow quite a lot in the garden here.

The shortages aren’t because there isn’t enough food (yet). It’s because fuel prices are making it far too expensive to move it around. Also, farms growing out of season things in heated greenhouses are shutting them down because the cost of heating them wipes out any income they make from the crops. If you have any garden space or even windowsill space this year, you might want to plant some edible things.

Oh I know, it’s tinfoil time again. “Our governments won’t let us starve.” Even though the Church of Climatology are saying we have to go back to WWII rationing to save the planet, all livestock must be eliminated and we have to eat insects and lab grown meat to stop the climate change storms. Even with all that, even with Dutch farmers being forced to shut down, even with American farmlands being contaminated with all sorts of toxins (the top two food exporters in the world, incidentally), even so, it’s all just conspiracy theory.

I tried telling you about the vaccines a long time ago. I tried telling you about how the Pharmers think and work long before that. There are still those who twirl their fingers beside their heads and laugh. They’ll still be laughing when they’re trying to cook next door’s dog on a solar powered radiator, I’m sure. Well this time you’re on your own. I’m going to be very busy digging and planting this year and eyeing up the local pheasant, partridge and rabbit populations. You just sit back, relax and laugh.

Until the sun goes down and the wind doesn’t blow and all those highly profitable fake meat factories running on ‘renewable’ energy no longer function. What will happen then? Well, for me, nothing. I won’t be dependent on them and I will not touch their products just as I have never touched their fake vaccines and ridiculous tests. I have worked with PCR and with the lateral flow tests. I am well aware of what they were intended for (it wasn’t this) and well aware of where their application fails. I will not be falling for the insanity of the Maskies and if you want to call me derogatory names, I don’t mind at all. Carry on. Fund your own demise. It’s your choice. It always was.

The evils of wood burning stoves have long been shouted. I have one and I’m installing another one. I’m told I’m ‘killing trees’ by those who applaud the killing of millions upon millions of trees to make way for solar panels and windmills. I have never cut down a live tree. I have never demanded another country destroy their forests and turn their trees into wood chips for my power station. The Greens have done exactly that.

We are now told that gas stoves are deadly. Why? Well, when the electricity dies you can light a gas stove with a match, so you are not completely controlled. It’s the same game as the wood stoves. You have a shred of independence and that is not allowed. Did you notice that houses are built without chimneys and have been for decades? And that the latest generations seem terrified of fire, the thing that brought the human race to where it is today (or maybe where it was two generations ago)?

Yes, I know, I know, tinfoil, conspiracy, all the rest of it. Well you carry on laughing. Enjoy your 15 minute cities and your insect burgers and lab grown steaks and your ration of three potatoes and a carrot every month. I’m not going to stop you or interfere in your choices in any way. Carry on, ignore me and the others who tried to tell you what was coming. Ignore the WEF who have been quite open about their plans for your future. Ignore it all. Laugh at it all.

But when you realise it wasn’t a conspiracy theory, don’t come to me for food.

If you do, don’t waste money on a return ticket.

20 thoughts on “The Future is Lean

  1. Followed your blogs for years. Just a small correction. Modern gas cookers need an electrictity supply (flame failure detection) else they don’t work. Luckily a small UPS will do the job.

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  2. HoHoHo you have just brightened my morning . . .
    As an aside I notice that the lizard bones and virgins’ piss have been shuffled at the money pit which masquerades as the Met Office and they’ve prophesied that snow will fall a month later than scheduled in their previous fantasy, which was a month later than the fantasy before that, which was a month later than . . . . etc etc

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  3. In the EU wood burning stoves are OK as they are deemed COยฒ neutral if they are cut from a sustainable forest. I have a little copse of Sweet Chestnut trees. Cut a live one down and 3 or 4 will regrow around the periphery and can be harvested in 15 – 20 years when they are about 9″ in diameter. Cut them down and 3 or 4 will regrow around the periphery, etc, etc.

    I can understand that in big cities wood burning would be a problem with smoke, smell and dust pollution. If you choose to live in such a place then “Tant Pis” to you as we say in France. (Tant pis = Too bad).

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    • In that case I have nothing to worry about. There are still fallen trees waiting to be cleared after the massive storm in November 2021. So there are huge piles of wood lying around already and more to come. There’s no need to cut any living wood here – and even if the storm hadn’t flattened large areas of forest there are so many dead trees and large fallen branches after every windy day that I’ve never needed to take an axe to any living wood ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  4. I’ll add a layer of tinfoil here. How do they get rid of billions of people without lining them up and shooting them? I hear that the Dutch government are to close up to half of the farms there, due to crazed EU rules about emissions. Trees will no doubt replace crops elsewhere. Agricultural land being used as biofuel. Fertiliser shortages. I can see that the depopulation plan may be to starve the world. It’ll make Mr Lysenko seem almost like a humanitarian.

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    • More likely windmills rather than trees. I read about a scheme for a massive tri-state city across France, Netherlands and Belgium. I doubt they’ll ever get past the planning stage but I think that’s what they plan for the land.

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      • I remember calculating that a tower block the size of Yorkshire could accommodate everyone on Earth, with sufficiently-sized rooms, if I remember correctly.


  5. What I truly can’t get my head round (probably due to age and being brought up in a society that was still largely rational) is the totality of the disconnect many of these “greens” have from reality.

    It’s orders of magnitude beyond a mere cognitive dissonance. It’s not simply believing two totally conflicting things, it’s living in the same world as everybody else and believing that you can reduce that world to pre-industrial penury while maintaining your parasitic and wasteful lifestyle.

    And these people support this sort of thing because they despise, with an absolute passion, those who will simply not “do as they are told”.

    Well there is one obvious source of protein if the four legged variety is removed.

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    • The one issue with all those calling for a return to the Middle Ages is that they don’t think it will apply to them. They think they’ll still have supermarkets, home deliveries, they’ll still be able to get paid for prancing around on Instagram etc.

      They will never believe that supermarkets only started appearing in the 70s (Carrefour was the first I remember and it was a bizarre experience, having grown up with high street shops selling one kind of food each).

      They don’t know how to grow things, or how to catch fish or rabbits or anything else and they wouldn’t know what to do with those things if they got them.

      As for me, I’ve been teaching myself to use a scythe for the last few years. Takes quite some time to get the hang of it. Fortunately I grew up with hand tools so having no power tools will be an inconvenience but it won’t stop me ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Reminds me – I have to stock up on fishing hooks. They are one of the few things I don’t know how to make.


      • Great (or possibly just vaguely awake, in my case) minds think alike.

        I have two scythes from (the only people to make them big enough I don’t spend a day bent double) and a nifty weed-wacker from Chillington tools (to go with my complete set of digging hoes from them).

        They’re all ‘reserves’ (although used regularly) for the ‘modern’ versions, for ‘if’.

        My 4 acres of (not too bad) hill land and two large green-houses will just about (in a good year) feed … me (alone) for the year (calorie wise) and the amount of work involved is 24/7/365 back-breaking (without the modern tools, and that’s after a few years of preparation, set-up and practice). ‘They’ have no idea, literally not a clue.


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