Top 5 films I can’t wait to watch

Today is a pretty good day. For once I actually slept through the entire night. This is a bit of a rare thing for me so I am very excited.

Now in my last post the very talented Westcoast2 left a melody. I personally think it’s really good so in case you missed it I’m putting a link so you can go check him out. Go give a brother some love. Or something… (I did ask for permission first)

Soap Shop II

on to the films

Agent 47

Now I must admit I got very giddy when seeing this trailer. I really enjoyed the first Hitman film. No, it wasn’t a master piece in anyway and the plot may have been a bit airy but come on. There’s an awesome Hitman, guns, things blowing up and a hot babe. Which as far as I can see from the trailer pretty much summons up both films.
Growing up my dad and I would watch Steven Segal films, the Die Hard films and so on together. So I love a good action film. Now I must admit I’m a bit bummed out that Timothy Olyphant isn’t Agent 47 but the new guy looks pretty decent too.

Suicide Squad

Now this trailer made my inner fan girl jump and squee in excitement. I have always been a massive Batman fan. As a kid my mum sewed me a Batsuit which was just a jogging suit with a homemade Batman logo but I loved the thing to pieces. So much so that when I grew out of it I made my mum toss it in front of me so I could be certain she wouldn’t pass it on to my younger brother.
Harley Quinn was one of my favourite characters in the series. So something with her in it is sure to excite me. And it’ll be very interesting to see what they’ll do with the Joker. Heath Ledger did an amazing job. It’ll be a tough act to follow.

Furious 7

I may in many cases be a girly girl who knows nothing about cars but I do really enjoy this series of films. I once had a boyfriend ask me to show him one of my favourite films so I showed him one of the Fast and the Furious films. He kept falling asleep so I made him rewatch it untill he stayed up the entire way through.
Now in this newest one they have combined some of the best things I like in an action film. Car chases, things blowing up and Jason Statham. Can it get any better than that?


Besides action films I grew up with Disney. My brothers and I had a vhs tape with Lion King that we saw so much the tape broke. My first film in the cinema was watching The Little Mermaid. Yes, I still watch the new Disney films. I adore Frozen. So when I heard that this was coming out I knew I had to see it. I know I’m a bit behind as it has already hit dvds I just haven’t had the chance yet to pick it up.


This one just looks very, very funny. I really liked the minions in Despicable Me so I am very much hoping that they’ll be able to hold up a film of their own. I will watch it along with Leggy as I already made him familiar with the minions.

So which films are you guys looking forward to watching?

Top 5 books I’m excited about right now

Okay minions, this has been a day of weird. Seriously, more weird than normal. First I have this weird data disc thingy show up on my laptop after some recent updates. Yes, I was the idiot who just saw windows say “important update” and went fine, click all and then after wonder “Hey where did that thing come from?” and of course my sarcastic side of the brain is going “Well where do you think it came from, Sherlock?”. So yeah, I have to figure out what the heck it is and how to get rid of it.

Then I get a mail back from tech support about an iPad game that keeps crashing. I have a feeling that tech support Michael and I will become pretty much pen pals before this game starts working again. He suggested that I should stand next to the router with my iPad, so I did. I did wonder if I should maybe do it in a headstand or twirl around 3 times thinking happy thoughts. None of it did anything but made me look like a doofus.

I can’t seem to make wordpress work anywhere either so I am typing this in a word document. My credit card also had troubles today. Either Julian Assange knows that I think he’s a bit of an arsehat and is slowly deleting my existence from the internet or it’s just one of those days.

I figured hey I’ll go see if there are some books from my extensive wish list that I want to buy so I went over to Awesomebooks since they have second hand books and a 3£ flat rate shipping. Let’s just say the 90’s called they want their search engine back. I searched for the author Jennifer L Armentrout and in my search I left out the L. The search engine got all confused and couldn’t find her. As if that wasn’t bad enough I also had to battle Apple’s autocorrect who told me “Armentrout? Oh you surely must mean Armed trout!” Deep breath!

I told Leggy about it of course. I mean Armed trout. That is kind of funny. We then had a discussion about how a trout would be armed. Leggy suggested a head mounted laser cannon. Of course me being me I suggested that they had small explosive vests, suicide bombing trout coming to a river near you, which led to the mental image of jumping salmon exploding midair.

So minions I have a request. Is there any of you pc wizards out there who can make a video of those jumping salmon exploding midair (I’m sure there’s a more fancy term for the jumping to go to lay eggs thing but I’m pulling the Johnny foreigner card. Although I’m not even sure I know the Danish term.) Maybe do it to that dramatic bit of the 1812 overture that they use in V for Vendetta. Let them explode as the canons go off. Perhaps a bear in the background looking all WTF?

I have absolutely no idea how it would be done hence me asking you guys.

Oh btw I found the mysterious noise. It was an alarm clock in a drawer.

Now lets talk books!

1 The Darkest Minds – Alexandra Bracken

This is an absolutely brilliant book. I am currently reading the second one of the trilogy and I am way excited for the 3rd one.

I must admit I haven’t read many dystopian novels. I read The Hunger Games, but it seemed like after they got really popular then everything in the dystopian genre got a big fat sticker saying “Just like the Hunger Games!” and I just found it so annoying that I read other things. But then I was recommended The Darkest Minds.

The setting is a America where a virus has wiped out a big chuck of children under 15 years. Now those who survived has somehow gained strange abilities. Some The Greens have enhanced sense of logic, The Blues have telekinesis, Yellows control electricity, Orange is mind control and Red is pyrokinesis. Now these abilities have created such a fear in many grown ups that the kids have been rounded up and put in concentration camps. It is in one of these that we meet out protagonist Ruby who is an Orange hiding as a Green. But she is about to be discovered and then action happens. I won’t spoil the book for anyone who may want to read it. But Liam Stewart. Sigh! Leather jacket and cool sunglasses. To be 16 again.


2 The Dark Artifices – Cassandra Clare

Now this one hasn’t been published yet, but I am still super excited. I have very much enjoyed Clare’s books so far. I started out reading the first 3 books of The Mortal Instrument series and I liked it very much. Then I read The Infernal Devices series and loved it. Victorian England and demon hunters. What’s not to love? And I am totally team Will. Yes, I’m a grown up woman and I don’t care. So a new series set in the same world as the other two series sounds way awesome.


3 American Gods – Neil Gaiman

This is a book that I’ve owned for a few years by now and still haven’t read. It’s one of the many books on my bookshelf of shame. I have read another one of Neil Gaiman’s books some time back and I must admit I didn’t really get it. But I have high hopes for this one. It’s about the old Gods, the Norse ones and so on, trying to survive extinction since no one believes in them anymore and there are new Gods in town, TV and Internet. And then there’s a guy and I think a roadtrip. Don’t quote me on that. But it looks really good and it’s about time I got it read.

I think I read somewhere that they might make it into a TV series.


4 All The Bright Places – Jennifer Niven

This is a book I just heard about recently and I am very excited about the concept. The synopsis says “About a girl who learns to live from a boy who intends to die.” If that didn’t hooked me in enough they compared it to John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars. I know it’s a cheap shot but I love that book. And the film. So I need to read All The Bright Things. Apparently the two main characters meet in a bell tower at the edge and form an unlikely friendship.

download (1)

5 Cinder – Marissa Meyer

There has been a boom of fairy tale retellings and I personally love it. Therefore I am very excited about Cinder and The Lunar Chronicles as a whole. It has been on my wish list for quite some time and I just haven’t gotten round to buying it yet. But as I’ve understood it it’s a retelling of Cinderella but Linh Cinder the main character is a cyborg. A cyborg! How can you not be excited over fairytale cyborgs. And there’s of course a Prince. This sounds a bit like Doctor Who meets Disney!


So those were my top 5 books I am excited about right now. What books are you guys excited about?

Top 5 male celeb crushes

Now I probably shouldn’t admit this but finding the women for my top 5 last week took me about an hours thinking. Now the male one took me a week of thinking. First I couldn’t find more than 4 and then this morning I suddenly remembered 10 who could be a possible number 5. I was suggested from several sides to put Leggy on the list but first he’s not an actor or Hollywood celeb and second having 5 points of “he’s just amazing and totally Doctor McDreamy” would probably end up a bit too sweet for anyone but Leggy to read. So without further ado this weeks top 5.

Edward Norton
Now some may be surprised that number 2 isn’t number 1. The first film I saw Edward Norton in was American History X a great but chilling film. I must admit though that I had to watch it about 5 times before the ending stuck in my memory. Later came Fight Club and me being the odd one I was all about Edward Norton whilst all the other girls were swooning over Brad Pitt. I have seen most of the films he’s been in of course.

Benedict Cumberbatch
Now being a big Sherlock Holmes fan I was introduced to the awesomeness that is Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock. Jeremy Brett was my favourite Sherlock Holmes until Sherlock happened. It didn’t harm that I could share my crush with Captain Ranty.

Bradley Cooper
I first saw Bradley Cooper years back when I was using what little fun money I had on expensive dvd boxes of Alias. It wasn’t however until The Hangover films and Silver Linings Playbook that I really saw those pretty blue eyes and that hair. *sighs* I did watch my entire way through American Hustle and he was one of the reasons I didn’t just turn it off. He is brilliant as the voice of Rocket in Guardians of the Galaxy and in American Sniper.

Liam Neeson
I saw him first back in Nell and Schindler’s List but the Liam Neeson I like best is the action hero in films like the Taken series. Come on “I don’t know who you are but I will find you and I will kill you!” that is the coolest thing ever. Put Liam Neeson on a film poster with a gun and I will most likely watch it.

David Tennant
Leggy told me I couldn’t make a top 5 list without a Doctor so being a newcomer to Doctor Who and already a big fan I knew I had to put David Tennant on the list. He made me want to have a pet Dalek and own a sonic screwdriver.

Top 5 female celeb crushes

Now as told in the Musica! post I have a strange fascination with boobs. So I of course also have a list of celeb crushes. It changes now and again so this is just how it is right now,

1. Jennifer Lawrence
I must admit I’ve seen pretty much everything I’ve been able to get my grabby hands on containing Jennifer Lawrence. Not only is she very nice to look at she is also a Hollywood star that I can relate to in some way. She can be a bit of a derp, seen when she tripped at the Oscars, but from the interviews I’ve seen of her she just seems to be a sweet and down to earth kind of a person.

2. Emma Stone
My love for Emma Stone started with Easy A. It is one of my all time favourite films. Something about her just makes me feel all giddy inside and I want to hug her. And that smile and husky voice! And the snorking laugh. Amazing.

3. Christina Hendricks
Does she need any kind of introduction? Those of you who’ve seen Mad Men already know of the lovely curves that make up Christina Hendricks.

4. Yvonne Strahovski
Now this one is a bit more of a personal like. I have a bit of a bunny teeth thing going on and seeing Yvonne Strahovski having it too and thinking “Hey she’s pretty cute!” made my younger self realise that the only thing holding me and my bunny teeth back was myself. So now I rock them with pride.

5. Kristen Bell
I first discovered Kristen Bell years ago as a sassy private detective in the TV series Veronica Mars. I’ve kept track of her career since then. Very good for those days you just need a laugh.