NHS: wasting your money.

I have in my hand a piece of paper. It’s a letter from the local medical service, who wouldn’t recognise me if I went in there wearing a name badge. It’s staffed mainly by people who were still at school last time I visited.

Every so often they send me letters inviting me to have blood pressure checks or cholesterol checks or some other checks. I ignore them all. Firstly because I know they don’t care about me, they get paid for doing those tests. Secondly because I am fine and need no medical attention. Thirdly because no matter what symptoms I turn up with in the future, they will be caused by smoking. I already know the diagnosis so why waste time going there?

This one was different. This one was addressed to ‘Mr Legiron’ as usual, which puts them in the bad books straight away. It’s Dr. Legiron, a proper scientific doctor not a sawbones quack one. In most situations I don’t care, I don’t use ‘Dr’ at work, I’m just the janitor. I never used it much in my years in universities and colleges – no point, almost everyone was ‘Dr’. When being addressed by snooty bastard arrogant twattish pompous know-it-all arseholes however, they can bloody well get it right.

The contents of that letter were clearly the result of several meetings, a lot of expensive staff time, then poorly paid typist time and finally postage. It’s one page but I’m sure it cost a lot of money to produce, money that was not spent on patient care.

It begins thus.

Dear Foul Denormalised Filthy Freak

According to our Practice records you still appear to be smoking.

Okay. That elicits a ‘Fuck right off’ before we go any further. Also, if they are looking at their records they will have noted that I am on no medication and haven’t been since I had chicken pox when I was about seven, have not been diagnosed with any illness at all, have not visited them for a very long time (and this letter strongly encourages me to continue to stay away) and might, for all they know, be dead by now.

Their records also fail to show that I also ignore each and every one of their petty little targets on drinking, diet and everything else. The NHS was supposed to be there to heal the sick, not to dictate everyone’s lifestyle. They have failed miserably at the former – the NHS kills many more people than smoking, drinking and diet combined ever could – and they have repeatedly proved themselves utterly useless at the latter. What are we paying them for? They are no bloody use whatsoever.

The rest of the letter could be summed up as ‘Nag nag nag nag nag, yours sincerely, A Dreadful Arnott Mindless Drone’. Here is the text of it for those who like a good laugh.

Nazi letterClicking should make the full horror clear.

If any antismokers are prowling, consider this. The NHS has now officially spent more money on nagging me about smoking than it has ever spent on treating me for anything that could be even remotely considered smoking-related. Not even with their broadening of ‘smoking related’ to include dandruff, Dhobie’s itch and Dutch Elm disease. You like to complain that smokers ‘cost you money’ but you are happy to pay for crap like this while your grandma dies of thirst in a bed caked in her own faeces because the NHS is too busy nagging me to bother with them. YOU did that, antismoker. YOU wanted it to happen and YOU made it happen. I expect you will dismiss this as the ravings of an addict but as long as YOU want the NHS to continue nagging me about things that are not making me ill, while leaving the elderly to die in pain, then it will continue.

There is nothing we smokers can do about it. The British Meddling Arseholes and the self-absorbed pinheaded Monsters of Government will not listen to us. They are listening to YOU.

I don’t know how scum like Arnott and her drones can sleep at night. Wait, yes, I do. It’s because they have their heads so far up their own arses they can see the back of their teeth. As for our politicians, they are demonstrably insane and have now been forced to install their own loony-wardens to make sure they turn up for work with their coats on the right way round.

So we are to have tax-payer funded morons dressed as MPs visiting taxpayer-funded cretins dressed as doctors and paying them taxpayer’s money for every visit. It’s nothing more than a merry-go-round gravy train, isn’t it? These people think they deserve respect, you know.

They deserve prison. They deserve to share a cell with Sweaty Bob McPenetrate and and Hairy Jim McAssrape and since the cell has only two bunks, they can decide who to share with.

Respect? Really? Are we expected to respect slugs and woodlice now? They are surely more deserving of respect than the medical or political professions. At least slugs and woodlice are not parasites and they don’t try to control the lives of any other slugs or woodlice. Yes, I think it’s fair to say that slugs and woodlice are far more deserving of respect than any of those people.

They are ‘denormalising’ us? Good Beef in Gravy, they are the least normal of any of us! To have the BMA and Wastemonster and their idiot drones tell me I am not like them is the greatest compliment anyone could ever hope for.

The NHS has today surpassed itself in terms of demonstrating its own uselessness. Sending letters to people who make no use of their services to nag them about something that is costing the NHS nothing at all is the height of corporate lunacy. To have such actions endorsed by government and by the high shamen of the witchdoctor’s biggest club just proves how worthless it all is.

The NHS has had its day. Time to shut it all down.

As for Government, I wonder if Guy Fawkes has any living ancestors? We need you now.


40 thoughts on “NHS: wasting your money.

  1. To be a bit fair a lot of Drs. resent this as much as we do, mine certainly does and says he did not go into medicine to tell people how to live their lives. That said they have to do this nonsense whether they like it or not, I just told the nurse to mind her own business, I know she had to ask but I was telling her nothing. What is making me furious at the moment is this obcession with horse meat while the true horrors of Mid Staffs and others seemed to have vanished from the headlines. Why are these people not being charged? Shipman was far less dangerous than this lot, at least he gave his victims a peaceful death, more than tthe NHS did. Well past time the whole system was changed, give me the French or German system any day.


  2. This could be another example of how the global pharmaceutical industry has taken power and made the national states their business providers.

    Please note that if you for some reason decide to take the Champix pills from Pfizer, they will raise your risk of making a violent attack on somebody (which also means murder) with as much as 18 times (!) compared to any other drug:

    “Acts of violence towards others are a genuine and serious adverse drug event associated with a relatively small group of drugs. Varenicline [Champix], which increases the availability of dopamine, and antidepressants with serotonergic effects were the most strongly and consistently implicated drugs.”



  3. I thought you were joking until I clicked on the letter. That is simply incredible. I have my own issues with the local bunch of Nazis, who obey orders from the DoH and try to “manage” me accordingly. That’s the word they used. They manage us now. My issue should be fairly straightforward for them, but they need to stretch it out into some major management exercise to exert maximum control. That’s ALL it is about now, but you know that already.


    • Yes, in a total turnaround of the normal manager relationship, we now have to pay people to be our managers, instead of them paying us to do the job they want done.

      What a shame more and more of us are noticing 😉


      • And do they not like that! My latest telephone conversation last week started off a bit uncomfortable and I ended up thanking the female GP for her help and she simply put down the phone on me. I am producing a log from the past few months of professional, ethical and medical misconduct, have an MSP on board (amazingly helpful chap – Tory) and have threatened legal action, which I may go ahead with anyway as they need brought down off their high horses!


  4. “…Guy Fawkes has any living ancestors…”

    I know of one living descendent: there’s a Keith Fawkes (who claims Guy as an ancestor) who runs an antiquarian bookshop in Hampstead and who used to drive a Volvo Estate big enough to get some gunpowder barrels in, but I suspect he wouldn’t be interested (or bothered enough for that matter). If you can’t work with the baskets, it’s far easier to work around them.


  5. I had a robust discussion with my practise nurse over winter flu jabs- she told me that they don’t get paid as such for doing it, they get finec if they don’t reach targets. Perhaps it is the same with harassing snoutcasts…


    • The government have even set targets for how many children must be adopted and how many pensioners have to be put on the Liverpool Death Pathway. Arbitrary numbers mean more to them than human life.


    • The problem here is that there’s been next to no work done on how effective injecting pensioners with influenza antigens actually is; the work that has been done suggests that it isn’t effective at all. Furthermore, to attempt to kick-start the aged immune systems of these poor old souls, the injection contains a witchbrew of other chemicals which have assorted nasty effects.

      The one and only time my father tried this snake-oil, it triggered an attack of shingles, which I understand is very painful. In later life I too will probably get to experience this, since I caught chickenpox from him (shingles is chickenpox in a different form). Catching chickenpox whilst in one’s mid thirties is a rather unpleasant experience.

      Watching a Harry Potter movie whilst slightly delerious from chickenpox, raised temperature and assorted OTC drugs is also rather strange, indeed deeply surreal at times. I really do feel more research is needed on this one; the paper could be titled “Effects of hallucinogens, euphoriants and intoxicants on the perception of plot in shite mainstream fiction”, or something like that. I can at least be thankful that I didn’t try reading one of Leggie’s stories whilst thus intoxicated.


  6. In America,Doctors claim that there is no safe level of exposure to SHS and that SHS kills about 50,000 never-smokers per year.

    There are about 68 million never-smokers exposed to SHS on a regular basis and that gives a death rate of 1 per 1,360.

    In America, surgical errors will kill about 32,000 people out of the 15 million operated upon.
    That is a death rate of 1 per 469 people.

    Exposure to doctors with sharp knives is about 3 times as deadly as exposure to SHS.

    Doctors that live in glass houses should not throw stones!!!!


    • I doubt I’ll send a reply, but I’ll probably write one and put it here in case anyone else wants inspiration. I’m still hoping the medics will think I’ve died. Ideally, I’d like them to report that to the taxman too.


  7. Actually, we might be better off if we did away with modern health care and went back to ‘Shamans and Witchdoctors’.

    Which is more deadly, smoking or hospitals/doctors in hospitals/nursing homes?

    The death rate from smoking is 42/10,000 per year.
    (in America, 393,000 deaths per 94 million ever-smokers)

    The death rate caused by hospitals/doctors in hospitals/nursing homes is 160/10,000 per year.
    (in America, 584,000 deaths per 36.5 million hospital/nursing home admissions)

    Hospitals/nursing homes are about 4 times more deadly than smoking.

    It takes decades of smoking to cause death from lung cancer or COPD.

    The average hospital stay is about 4 days; but, that is enough time for death from surgical errors, drug errors, or hospital acquired infections.

    It takes a bit longer for deaths from bedsores and malnutrition; but, there are still about 223,000 of those per year.

    Bedsores and malnutrition = rotting and starving to death!

    Besides, witchdoctors were much less expensive.


  8. Our GP suits me; he talks to me, not down to me and recognises that by the time I visit i’ve done my homework and probably know as much as he does. I appreciate that his appointment system is target-led and not of his own doing, as are the flu-jab and cholesterol scams. When I unilaterally stopped taking a “cholesterol-lowering” pill because of widely-known side effects there were frowns until I argued the flawed science case and provided a low test result figure in the arbitrary number range they employ.
    The greatest irritation with the whole setup is when you walk in with, for example, an axe buried in your head and their first questions are “do you drink, do you smoke, do you take regular exercise”? No, no and yes spoils their day completely.


  9. T h e D R U G S T O R Y

    By Morris A. Bealle 1949

    “A report from England gave the Drug Trust much joy. Since Britain’s Socialist government had socialized medicine, and made pills and drug concoctions “free,” the British people had tripled and quadrupled their consumption of these unnatural products. Pill swillers — the British people are being called. When you quadruple the 10 billion dollar annual drug bill of the American people you get the figure $40,000,000,000. Take 90% of that and you get $36,000,-000,000 profits.”


    • The best way to shut the NHS up about smoking would be to tell them they cannot give away free smoking cessation treatments. With no more profit in there, the Pharmers would stop funding the nags and whiners in those departments.


  10. FDA approves Pfizer’s anti-smoking drug -2006

    “Chantix sales could help Pfizer on its comeback trail, as it tries to fill its impending, multibillion-dollar sales vacuum that will result from some of its older blockbusters losing patent protection.”
    http: //money.cnn.com/2006/05/11/news/companies/pfizer/index.htm

    Smokers urged to keep taking pills… – 2008

    “Ailsa Rutter, director of Fresh — the campaign for a Smoke Free North East — said: “We are talking about a fairly unhealthy section of the population anyway . . . one in two will die because of smoking.”

    LI, if they don’t keep pestering you, the drugs companies may raise the price of other drugs to compensate.


    • Well, I don’t take the other drugs either.

      Taking away Pfizer’s free money train by stopping the NHS giving their stuff away after paying for it with taxes would not only shut the NHS up, it would prove, once and for all, that it was never about health at all.

      I doubt there’s a single person in the Department of Health or in any of the antismoker gangs who isn’t in the pay of Big Pharmer though, so it will never even be suggested.


      • I really don’t see why the NHS bothers here; we already have several cheap and effective anti-smoking drugs. The part of smoking that causes cancer is the “setting light to tobacco and inhaling it” not the “ingesting interesting alkaloids from plant leaf” bit. In fact, nicotine is probably quite good for most people.

        Snus as used by the Swedes is harmless, or so harmless than any damage is lost in the normal noise you get in biological systems. Chewing tobacco is fairly innocuous, and electronic ciggies are also pretty harmless. Nicotine replacements of various sorts are similarly harmless in reasonable dose.

        So, why go flat out trying to flog dangerous drugs to people to get them to quit smoking (subsequently most go back to the habit) when you can instead say “Smoking isn’t very good for you, but this snus is really very nice and is quite harmless. Here’s a free tin, try some.” Do it this way and you cut the lung cancer rates a bit, you effectively also get people to stop smoking (and we don’t bother telling the bean-counters that people actually quite like nicotine) and most importantly, you don’t annoy many people.


      • LI, no, it’s very unlikely it will be suggested, trying to feed you drugs and force you to give up smoking.is part of the FCTC under article 14.


        “The WHO European Partnership Project on Tobacco Dependence is being set up with the objective of reducing tobacco related death and disease among smokers. The Partnership Project, which is open to both private, non-commercial and public sector partners, will support implementation of the key strategic goals of the World Health Organization’s Tobacco Free Initiative.

        The strength of the Partnership Project lies in the fact that it has brought together three major pharmaceutical companies, Glaxo Wellcome, Novartis Consumer Health and Pharmacia & Upjohn, all manufacturers of treatment products for tobacco dependence, to support a common goal that will have a significant impact on public health”

        March 2002

        WHO Europe evidence based recommendations on the treatment of tobacco dependence

        “This was a three year project, funded largely by three pharmaceutical companies that manufacture treatment products for tobacco dependence, but managed by WHO Europe and a steering group which included government representatives and many public sector organisations. The project focused on five areas: tracking smokers’ behaviour and intention to change; the regulation of tobacco products and tobacco dependence treatment products; smoke free places and workplace policies; the implementation of evidence based treatment; and communicating the health messages about stopping smoking.”

        “They were commissioned by the World Health Organization and have drawn on the experience of a number of European countries, including the four original target countries of the partnership project: France, Germany, Poland, and the UK. They were discussed in two European WHO meetings on evidence based treatment, in London in November 1999 and in Barcelona in October 2000, and revised in the light of feedback following those meetings”
        http: //tobaccocontrol.bmj.com/content/11/1/44.full

        17 Mar 2011

        “In an effort to reduce tobacco use, the EU and its Member States have signed up to the WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC).3 The FCTC’s Article 14, through its recently adopted guidelines, demands action to promote cessation of tobacco use and provide adequate treatment for tobacco dependence.”

        Countries who have signed up to the FCTC therefore have a legal obligation to implement the recommendations of Article 14.”
        http: //www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/219321.php

        I only get occasional letters asking if I smoke, if memory serves, I said no to the smoking question on a previous census as I never smoke while filling in a form.
        I thought it was an odd question at the time.


    • @Rose: At exactly the same time Pfizer (and Glaxo) financed “The SmokeFree Europe Conference” in Luxembourg in 2005, and this fraud report, Lifting the Smokescreen, which convinced politicians i many small European countries to initiate smoking bans:

      Prof. Molimard trashed the report in 2008:

      The pharma front group / ngo who did this report for Pfizer / Glaxo is the very same group that today lobbies for a pharma nicotine monopoly in the EU: The SmokeFree Partnership. See Snowdon article and links in comment 6:


  11. You got a letter ? Swit bloody swoo. They went cheap on me and sent two texts.

    The first of which states they are updating their records for patients aged 14 and over…yep, 14 so presumably Social Workers, Police and CPS are on standby…and requires answer to the question: Have you ever smoked ? Your answer must be NO, NEVER and EX-SMOKER. Now, they can ask a question…it’s a free country, right ?….but they don’t get to dictate my response and didn’t get one.

    The second text starts “IF you are a current smoker”, invites me to make an appointment with with a cessation adviser during surgery hours.

    Both texts were received after 7pm. Since I don’t run an Out-Of-Hours service in my home then my office was closed. 😐


    • I didn’t give them my phone number. In fact, they won’t even know I have a mobile phone.

      Sure, they can ask any question they want. Since they don’t ask for an oath first, the answer might be a lie. That’s the chance they take.


  12. Guys….
    I detect a sort of…how shall I call it? A sort of anti-American feeling?

    America is not your problem. America is full of Americans. Most of these drive bashed rusty trucks, marry their sisters, have red necks, a slab of Budweiser and and dog and a gun in the back of the pickup, and sort of drive about looking for tornados to yell about. And don’t vote “Democrat”.

    It’s the GramscoFabiaNazis that have taken America over, while your backs were all turned, and who live in places like “Bost-Tonn”, “Connectt-i-Cutt”, “The Beltway”, “The Hamptons” (wherever that might be. I think it’s a wet island somewhere windy and not pleasant, so what the f*** they are doing there beats me).

    It’s your fault as English Liberals that this has happened. You could have stopped it, if you’d listened to the Libertarian Alliance in the late 1970s and the early 1980s. We could have, by now, made it illegal for these effing socialist Nazi bastards to stand in proper Western Democratic elections” – but nobody listened.

    It’s probably too late now, as the HippyGeneratioNazis grew up in the meantime, and took over all the political structures – what we call “the bright shiny machines with levers all over them, whereby they could make stuff happen”, and which they now control. They are GramscoFabiaNazis. You all know what these are, and what needs ot be done.


    • “America is full of Americans. Most of these drive bashed rusty trucks, marry their sisters, have red necks, a slab of Budweiser and and dog and a gun in the back of the pickup, and sort of drive about looking for tornados to yell about. And don’t vote “Democrat”.

      Not true!!!

      I drink red wine, married a non-family member, and that dog is a retreiver that cost $US 2,500 to buy and train.
      BTW, what is a ‘slab’ of beer?

      The rusty truck is 4-wheel drive and will go everywhere.

      In my part of the country, people that have jobs and pay their bills do not vote for Democrats, out of self respect.


      • What, no banjo? I have one and I’ve never even been to America.

        We have slabs of beer here too. It’s a card tray of beer cans, usually 24 cans, covered in shrink-wrap to keep it all together. Makes it easier to stack them in the back of the pickup. Yee-ha!


    • I’m certainly not anti-American. I’m anti-Pharmer and although the big ones tend to be based in America, they aren’t all and their activities would disgust most Americans too.

      I’d disagree that we should make it illegal for them to stand for election, because that starts a slippery slope. Instead I’d make it a criminal offence to stand for election without full disclosure of the party’s true aims and objectives. Fraudulently obtaining public office, in other words. So they can stand for election but if they stand on a promise of an EU referendum, win the election and then decide they aren’t having a referendum, their government is void and they all go to jail. Every party member in public office is complicit. Not just the leaders, every one who won a seat won it on that party’s false promise.

      That should focus their minds somewhat.


  13. Make this the year “…you try and give up…” the tabs. ‘Try to give up’ you illiterate bastards.

    I did read the rest, but that was irritating me so much I didn’t really concentrate.


  14. As I’ve said before, I’ve worked inside the NHS as a nurse for many years. I agree the influence of Pharma is excessive and corrupting but believe the real malignancy is that caused by the Common Purpose/Socialists.

    Much as with Parliament organisations like the BMA, RCN and NHS are staffed and run by those who yearn for power (power does not corrupt, it attracts the corruptible). All those in every position of authority in those organisations are rampant socialist/eugenicist/statists without exception. The vast majority of doctors, nurses and other specialists are still caring and dedicated (from my personal experience at least) and the organisations represent their views as much as Parliament does yours (and in a similar manner are expected/forced to comply with their inane decisions).

    My experience as a patient was until recently similar to your own (childhood illnesses and nothing since, although I did experience the inside of a couple of military hospitals for extraneous metallic object removal). I’ve served my country, worked my whole life, paid my taxes (and hell of a lot on cigarettes at that). I’ve worked for years clinically, gaining experience and qualifications above and beyond what was required at my own expense. I was working worse hours, in worse conditions with an unbelievable workload and yet I was paid only a fraction of what a newly qualified nurse is given as a smoking cessation ‘nurse’ let alone as a desk-bound (read coffee shop) pilot manager (we have 8 matrons whose entire day seems to require their permanent presence in the hospital Costas).

    I damaged my leg (subluxation of my proximal tibiofibular joint and second degree hamstring tear) then was lucky enough to develop a neurological condition (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome) – the NHS response? Terminated immediately (unlike someone incompetent I received no golden handshake), a diagnosis (being lucky enough to have an competent A&E consultant, my GP still knows nothing about the condition and can’t even remember its name), an eighteen month wait for an orthopaedic appointment (as a smoker knee surgeons will not see you until you say you’ve given up, even though I don’t need surgery), treatment which I have not only had to pay for myself but have had to find out about, by contacting American and Australian centres for advice, and then demand a referral from my GP. ……..

    So you’ll not find anyone who will agree with you more regarding what has been done to the NHS. and until such time as those managers, civil ‘servants’ and politicians responsible face summary termination, banning from holding any office and criminal charges there will be no improvement. So shut it down as no longer fit for purpose. (and that was me being ‘restrained’ and ‘polite’ about what i think should be done to them! My real views include lampposts and piano wire)


  15. Oh, and being in ‘constant unrelievd pain’, fighting for access to treatment, fighting accusations of ‘addiction to painkillers’ which i haven’t taken more than once as being ineffective (and with numerous side effects), guess what the entirity of contact from the ‘caring’ NHS to me has been? Yep, a similar letter to your own FFS!


  16. Annual cost to NHS of treating smoking related diseases: £2-£5 billion.
    Annual income to the treasury from tobacco duty: £11 billion.
    Should we both factoring in the money smokers are saving the NHS by dying earlier? Probably not.

    The government does not want people to stop smoking. So why the big push? Here’s why:

    Big Tobacco sells fags to Joe Punter.
    Joe Punter is nagged into stopping smoking.
    Big Pharma sells NRT with a failure rate of over 90% to the NHS at ridiculous cost (with a little payment to big tobacco for the nicotine).
    Joe Punter stops smoking (or, if he’s using Champix, goes on a murderous rampage).
    Big Tobacco says “Never mind, he’ll be back.”
    Big Pharma says “Aye, we’ll see him next january.”
    Joe Punter falls off the wagon.
    Big Tobacco and Big Pharma do a high-five. Chancellor of the Exchequer rubs his hands together.

    No wonder the MHRA are trying their damnedest to ban harm-reduction products like e-cigs. None of their mates are getting a cut of the action!


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