Racial superiority

It doesn’t exist.

It’s a meme. An ancient one, started by one tribe in the Middle East – not Islam, not even Judaism. Way before them.

It’s a meme that caused a change from the old Pagan religions to new, highly organised religious structures. It wasn’t created by those religions. It created them.

Some years back I wrote a little thing about the origins of government and control of the people. Where one becomes leader, then a group takes control, and they consider themselves superior to the other members of the tribe. That’s still going on.

For some time, Roobeedoo has been trying to get me to watch a series of YouTube videos by John Lamb Lash. Interesting theories but the videos are very long and frankly, he has the most soporific lecturing voice in the world. However, something he said in one of the recent, less tortuous videos struck a chord.

Basically, his ideas extended the idea I had put forward in ‘Fear the Witch’ to where one tribe becomes convinced they are the Chosen Ones of an all-powerful God and are therefore superior to every other tribe. That’s where the real shit happens. When everyone else is less than human the whole tribe has no problem with going on a killing spree.

John Lamb Lash is a Gnostic. His belief (as I understand it) is that we are the subject of a cosmic experiment and that the experiment has become corrupted by this idea that some are better than others. I’m not getting into that, I haven’t watched anywhere near enough of his stuff to comment. I don’t think you need to invoke anything alien or supernatural to arrive at the ‘we are better humans’ idea.

It’s the best way to get your population to go to war with another tribe/country/ ideology. It’s been used a hell of a lot over the millennia. Dehumanise the enemy and your soldiers won’t balk at killing them. They aren’t really people. They are inferior beings.

It gets even worse when more than one tribe believes they are the Chosen Ones. Then the enemy isn’t only subhuman, they are actually heretics who contaminate the world, the rightful property of the One True Religion.

Mr. Lash takes it further.

His theory – and it’s well researched – is that it can all be traced back to a cult called the Tzadiki. A cult which, he says, still exists behind the scenes of the major religions. The everyday adherents to those religions don’t know about it, they are just doing what they are told their God wants them to do.

What God wants them to do is to have a miserable time on Earth with the promise of a great time in Heaven. Deny themselves earthly pleasures and concentrate on killing other people because they believe something different. This template, this meme, fits with all the major religions who all regard themselves superior to all other religions – even to the extent that they will kill anyone who believes a slightly different version of their own religion!

Sunni, Shia, other versions of Islam. Protestants and Catholic Christian (they don’t kill each other so much now but the IRA stoked up quite a bit on that score and a Celtic vs. rangers football match in Glasgow is best avoided). Different variants of Judaism hate each other too.

Yet they all started with Abraham. One religion. Fragmented into three – it wasn’t hard to do, each of the two fragments were broken from the mainstream by a single individual. Now those three are fragmenting further and further until they have to kill the guy next door who believes prayer time is five minutes later than you believe.

There’s a new religion too. All these new laws on what you can and cannot say, how you eat, drink, no smoking, no alcohol, self-denial… it’s the same as the religions. Yet this new one is not Abrahamic even though it seems to be modelled on them. And why not? As control systems they’ve worked very well indeed. Why would a new control system not model itself on the successful previous ones? It doesn’t have a name yet, it calls itself many different names so far, but that’s the best way to sneak it in. Oh and it doesn’t have a God. It has people running it openly for once.

So what about the Tzadiki? Mr. Lash believes they are a death cult, who hate all life on Earth. They want to kill everyone. Absolutely everyone, not just the other tribes. Their own tribe too, and then themselves.

Then comes the connection to AI and robotics. Upload your mind into a machine and you don;t need live humans any more. Just a few robot humans so if you break down another robot human can fix you. Rather like Dr. Who’s Cybermen. Far-fetched? Well, there has been progress in creating the robot bodies at least, and giving them speech and some semblance of intelligence.

No luck with putting a human mind into the machine yet but, well, the computer chips aren’t complex enough to hold it all.


If there is anything to any of this, consider… the Tzadiki almost achieved their aim of obliterating all life with nuclear war. They’ve stopped trying that now. Why?

What if – just, what if – they see this new AI/mind in machine thing as the answer they’ve been waiting for? They could load themselves into machines whereupon they need no food, water or air. They can then obliterate all life on Earth and watch it happen. They can watch the last bacterium die.

They also don’t need to kill themselves because they will no longer be alive.

Now there is the basis for one hell of a story!

Is there any truth in this? Who knows? It does, however, seem based in what the world has seen since the birth of organised religion and big-government control systems. Mass deaths in wars, mass deaths due to ideology whether that ideology worships a god or denies the existence of any gods. The template is the same. Live as we instruct, think what you are told to think or we have to kill you. We are superior. Our way is the only true way. If you are not like us then you are not human and we will remove you contaminants from our world.

Yes, Socialism, I am looking at you too.

There are, according to Mr. Lash, only a few of these Tzadiki. There don’t need to be many. The whole of Christianity was started by one man. Islam was started by one man. Heck, the whole shebang was started by a man called Abraham! In fact, most of the religions, possibly all of them, were started by a single individual. Even Communism wasn’t thought up by a committee.

It does not take many people to change the world, if those people are very convincing.

Naturally they don’t tell their followers that mass death leading to the elimination of all life is what they want. They wouldn’t have many followers if they did that. No, they promise glory and love and peace and deliver misery and hate and war and they are so good at this that their followers never notice.

Because, you see, the inferior races are in the way of all the glory and love and peace. They have to be eradicated first. Sure, some of you will die trying but your reward will be a bright future for humanity.

You see it now. ‘Kill the white race’ is the most recent manifestation of exactly the same template. So is the anti-Brexit and anti-Trump fury. These two things threaten the progress of the agenda so the followers must be mobilised to eradicate this threat.

And all this crap about inviting the rest of the world into Europe for a free ride can have only one outcome. One hell of a war. In which, once again, millions will die. That’s what the Tzadiki want.

I don’t know if the Tzadiki and Illuminati are the same, I don’t know if Bilderberg is something separate or part of the whole, so don’t ask. If anyone knows I’d be interested in hearing about it.

But I am certain that the ordinary everyday Jew knows nothing of this and is not involved. I am also certain that Islam is being set up for eradication. They want your oil, guys. They don’t want you. They want you to be as belligerent and violent as you can be so they will have popular support when they decide to wipe you out. I’ve been telling you for years but you don’t want to hear it.

Because you believe you are superior. You believe you follow the One True God and everyone else is infidel, inferior to you.

They couldn’t do this with Christians or Jews because those two religions have calmed down. Islam is the one that fits the bill for a massive clearout of humanity.

Make no mistake, this talk of ‘reducing the human population to five million worldwide’ is not real. They intend to reduce it to zero. And the way to do that is to tell every tribe that they are the only true humans and the rest are just contaminants. Then sit back and wait while we all wipe each other out.

It’s not a new idea. It’s thousands of years old. Its been used countless times.

Still works though.

8 thoughts on “Racial superiority

  1. ‘Yet this new one is not Abrahamic even though it seems to be modelled on them.’

    Would this religion greatly resemble a ‘settled science’, Leggy? Or based on claims that ‘the science is settled’, because Issac was Abraham’s son 😉


  2. As I write this, I’ve not finished reading your article. But I’m not gonna let that stop me from commenting. Why? Welp…when we as individuals do something, “the standards” don’t always apply. Hell…the standard(s) may never apply to us as individuals.

    When we take a breath, we take in what we need.
    If I can’t inhale, according to some set standard, I can’t inhale.
    If I inhale too much, according to some set standard, I inhale too much.

    When we eat, we take what we need.
    If I can’t eat, for whatever reason, I can’t eat.
    If I need seconds, for whatever reason, I need seconds.

    Tzadik – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tzadik

    Hmmmm….someone recently mentioned something to me about The Kablahblah. Which, if I understand correctly, is the “mystical” side of Jewish religion. I’ve thought a lot about that since learning that it appears that Jewish tradition dictates that someone must be at a certain age before being introduced to The Kabbalah and/or Kabbalah and/or WhateverInTheFuckItIs.


    But here’s something else I want to relate, and it pertains to an experiment, a smoker, an observer/monitor, and an elementary-aged girl who was given the task of performing this experiment on the 40+ year old “smoker”.

    Smoker = My Dad
    Initiate = My Younger Sister
    Experiment = Outside Influence(s), Exerting That/Those Influence(s) In Cleverly Devised Ways

    The elementary school that we attended was having it’s annual week-long “Stop Smoking” campaign. The medical interests had devised a test to send home with all of the children who had a smoking parent. This test involved…
    1. filling a 1 gallon jug with water
    2. inserting a rubber tube into the top of the milk jug
    3. submersing the jug of water upside-down in a sink full of water
    4. having “the smoker” attempt to blow as much water out of the jug as they could on a single breath
    5. this test will show the marked depreciation of lung volume/lung capacity of a smoker’s lungs

    There was no time limit. The only limitation was blowing as much water out of the jug on a single breath. My job, was to watch my father to ensure that he did not cheat.

    I stood with my little sister and watched as my father hunkered over the sink blowing into this tube. She had her pencil and little clipboard that contained the sheet with the pre-formed criteria/results, and she stood anxiously watching as my father continued to blow…and blow…and blow. I watched her repeatedly looking down at the paper, then looking back up at my father…he continued to blow. The longer he blew, the more contorted her facial features turned. As if she was checking items sequentially on the sheet, but that these pre-formed benchmarks and milestones were not shaping up with what she was seeing.

    As “the test” wore on, I began to smile. The further we went, what was happening, and why, began to become clear to me. Granted, there was a level of concern within me for my father. I couldn’t have been more than 11 or 12 years old, and the thought of my father somehow dying because of his participating in this experiment crossed my mind a time or two.

    My father continued to blow until the jug was completely empty. As he reached the end, my sister shrugged in frustration, and my father raised his head and began to smile. I was flabbergasted but still amazed, even tho I had a wildcard to play.

    My sister had no clue what to do. The test had obviously left no room, nor made any accommodation for a smoker who had successfully completed this test, nor contemplated providing remedy for the one conducting the experiment as to how to proceed. It became clear, that this test was designed with failure in mind, and how to quantify this failure according to predetermined criteria. Is it any surprise that the test itself, failed?

    Pop was a U.S. Marine. They run. It’s what they do. It’s all they fucking do. And when they aren’t running, they’re marching. It’s what they do. It’s all they fucking do. And when they aren’t running or marching? They’re shooting. It’s what they do. It’s all they fucking do. And when they aren’t running, marching or shooting? They’re quite possibly drinking…a lot. Hard chargers.

    Put that in your Pi Pieces and smoke it. 🙂

    ^Ministry – SO WHAT^

    Sorry for the massive comment(s), but I feel that the story is pertinent. The connections are pertinent. There’s all kinds of ways to spin results, and there are always embedded natures to who is spinning what where, and why. “Hiding” something is like hanging a beacon on it. To the right observer it is anyway. But that’s just my opinion.

    I watched a new documentary on Fukushima the other day. Lots of hiding going on there. Lots of hiding behind LOADS of swelling(s) and growth(s). Not to mention that colossus they’ve now built over the top of Chernobyl.

    Q: Does ground-penetrating radar have an effect on…erm…the ground it is penetrating?
    A: Minimal? Negligible?
    How negligible is the straw that breaks the camel’s back? To whom, and when?
    How negligible is the eye of the needle? To whom, and when?
    If you are performing lengthy missions over the Antarctic, and blasting it relentlessly with energies that it is not yet acclimated to absorbing, I wonder what the effects of that are? Every iceberg is birthed of a single crack methinks.

    So yeah…beacons. Pulsars. Strobes.
    Musta been some flood or something.

    ^Deadmau5 – Strobe^

    Too much pie is too much pie.
    Too much Pi is too much Pi?

    My dad died of “lung cancer”. He had cancer. It was in his lung. He lived. He smoked. He died.
    I’ve got a wildcard there too. 😉
    My Hypocrisy = Noted.
    Guilty as charged.

    ^Right Stuff – selection testing clip^

    “Yours is superior.” – Joachim
    Movie = Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

    Thanks for the read. ❤

    ^April Wine – Enough Is Enough (Official Music Video)^

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    • They’re trying to hide smoking. Have hidden smoking with the advertising ban and then to add insult to injury, launched an acid attack over the packaging…

      I read a very interesting translation of a myth this morning…


      ‘To Americans, ‘corn’ means only maize which, while sweetcorn is maize, is mostly used as an ingredient in other foods. When you see ‘corn’ in the list of ingredients, that’s maize.

      ‘In Britain , corn is wheat or barley or perhaps oats; it’s a general term,and a field of corn could be any of those. When a farmer talks of a cornfield he means a field where any of those are grown, since the same field may not always have the same grain crop grown in it. Collins Dictionary says ‘corn’ was applied to the predominant crop in an area; well,once maybe, but there is no predominant crop in most fertile places in the UK. We grow wheat or barley in East Anglia, for example, and some oats are grown( mostly for local horses!)’


      I’m sorry about your dad but gorgeous story. Thanks for sharing it ❤

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