Armageddon outta here

The world is accelerating into chaos at a rate popcorn manufacturers are going to find it hard to keep up with. It is logical to assume that a pure ‘anti-christ’ would be a woman, and to keep the ‘anti’ total, she would be born to a man. Impossible, right? Not any more. With all this gender reassignment crap, one person can now be both mother and later father. The scene is set.

Supernatural? Not a bit of it. Those behind the scenes might well believe it but it’s really just manipulation to get what they want. The world’s religions all expect Armageddon, a day of judgement, and whether there is to be a real one or not, there are moves afoot to make it appear to happen. I’ve said many times that it does not matter whether you or I believe in the supernatural. What matters is whether those in control believe they are doing its bidding. Or indeed, whether it merely provides a conveniently credible backdrop for achieving total control.

And so, we have madness that does indeed look like the End of Days. I can’t cover it all in a blog post nor even in a book, it would need to be updated daily and would never end.

In Pakistan, a woman caled Asia Bibi was condemned to death. Why? Because she is Christian and she drank water from the same cup as a Muslim woman. ‘Two girls, one cup’ is illegal in Pakistan. Yes, I am taking the piss and yes, they deserve it. It might well be their culture but it is unquestionably silly. Sure, they can be silly if they want. And violent, they seem to like that, but I will never go there so I don’t care all that much. There is plenty to worry about at home without concerning myself with other countries’ lunacy.

Asia Bibi was acquitted of heresy after nearly a decade in prison. The mob response? Kill her anyway. Kill the judges who acquitted her. Kill all Pakistani Christians. Yeah, we import these people by the boatload and that is a Good Thing.

We don’t seem to import many Pakistani Christians but then they tend not to do things the elite enjoy, like setting up paedo rape gangs and blowing up teenagers. I’d say we should take every Pakistani Christian to the UK and leave the mad buggers behind but I know I will be called racist for that even though they are all the same race. What the hell. We are all racists now. It really doesn’t matter any more.

Meanwhile in America, something called mid term elections is happening. In the UK we do it the sensible way and elect a bunch of idiots all at once so we don’t have to do it again for years. America elects part of its government for 4 years and then halfway through, elects the other half. Bloody rebel colonists, they just have to make it complicated.

Anyway, lunacy has been firing up over there for a while. Red vs Blue, the other way around from the UK and you can’t take the middle road because that’s Green and is dafter than either extreme. I just wish I could vote infrared or ultraviolet or microwave or something because the visible spectrum is entirely occupied by maniacs.

There is now the Blue Wave and the Red Wave over there. In the UK that would probably come out as the Red Wave and the Very Red Wave because we don’t have Conservatives any more. I don’t want to get into the merits or demerits of either side at the moment because I don’t live in America so, as with Pakistan, as far as I am concerned they are free to do what they want to each other. I wouldn’t feel comfortable in many places over there now, one wrong word and you’re classed as one side or the other even though I’d have no vote. I would quite like a MAGA hat though, because I like hats in general and because it would confuse the hell out of British voters. A Conservative message on a red (Labour) background is baffling to us. Over here, turn up to vote in that hat and they’ll have a really hard time working out where you stand.

Which would be more troubling? Lunatics like Maxine Waters (yes, Dems, yes she really is) and the Amazing Occasional Cortex (you know who I mean) getting control of part of the American Government, or Trump’s Republicans having total control of the government?

Neither is good. UK readers – imagine if Tessie Maybe had a massive majority in Parliament right now. The shit she would shovel onto us would be suffocating. DNA database of everyone. Internet controls that would make Kim Jong Jingly Jangly gasp in admiration. She wanted those things when she was Home Secretary and she still wants them now.

Yes, Jerry Cordite and his Loony Crew would do the same if they had power – but they will oppose it because the Tories suggested it. Their refusal to endorse anything the Tories suggest is what is currently saving us from the utter insanity of a Tessie Maybe Panopticon country.

Any government needs an effective opposition. Without that, there is nothing they cannot push into law and no matter how wild they get, there is nothing to stop them.

Now, I do not believe for a moment that Trump is some wild dictator. He’s a wild card, certainly, but I think that, at heart, he is genuinely trying to do his best. However, given absolute power, could he become corrupted? When he comes up with an idea that he thinks is good, and there is nobody on the other side to point out any cracks or flaws, what then?

He isn’t likely to do anything actually evil but he’s a businessman and business can be brutal. Oh, he won’t deliberately do anything evil but when you play chess, does it matter if you lose a few pawns? He does need someone Socialist (there are still some sensible ones) to point out that a country is not a business and real people are affected by government decisions.

Tessie Maybe is a different matter. She really does want total control and is doing anything she can to get it. She is far more dangerous than Trump could ever be.

Anyway, the Rebel Colonist midterm elections are only part of the lunacy surounding us all.

We now have more varieties of gender than we have of Heinz products. There are two genders. Male and female. There is also hermaphrodite, which is rare but real, but that is showing both male and female. It is not something separate.

You might be a man who prefers to sleep with men or a woman who prefers to sleep with women. That does not change your gender, it’s just your preference.You are not a separate gender.

Maybe you are transexual, maybe you feel very strongly that you were born in the wrong body. You are not a separate gender, you are either a male who wishes to be female or vice versa. Still only two genders here.

Maybe you are asexual – this is not a gender at all, it is entirely personal preference. Bisexual, goat shagging, tree humping, none of these are genders. They are how you want to live and as long as you hurt nobody in the process, I really don’t care. Unless you are spectacularly well endowed and can go at least 30 times a night, goats and sheep aren’t likely to be bothered either.

Trees operate on a timescale where a two hour shagging of a knothole feels like a mosquito bite so they really won’t mind. They might reciprocate with splinters but hey, you make your own choices and take the risks you are happy to take.

The mass of genders has only one purpose. To eradicate gender altogether. People are getting in trouble for using the wrong made-up pronouns or for calling a girl a girl when she identifies as a boy. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if gender was totally eradicated? Won’t it be so much easier if we had gender neutral identifiers so instead of being called ‘George’ or ‘Alice’ at birth, we were just assigned a number? Think nobody will accept that? Come on. They’ll be demanding it soon.

That’s followed by being neutered at birth so your kids grow up as compliant, genderless worker bees. Nobody will go for it? They are already grabbing hard on the trend of transexualism, effectively neutering their offspring. This is not fantasy, this is just the next logical step. Does it take a majority? Homophobia. Islamophobia. Transphobia. These are punishable ‘hate crimes’. Are any of them from majorities? Noisy, well funded minorities, even tiny ones, can make it happen. They have before and they will again and they have no idea of the end game they are pushing. I call them Trotskies because when they win they will be airbrushed out. Don’t try to tell them, they won’t believe you. Trotsky didn’t.

The compliance? Oh that’s well under way. I remember when my father was obliged to fit seatbelts to his car. I remember my mother berating him for not using them and his response – ‘I have to have the bloody things but I don’t have to wear them’.

Later, of course, it became compulsory to wear them. By the time I learned to drive, wearing the seat belt was just part of driving. It was normalised, far deeper than compulsory.

Now we have normalised hate. All over the place. Dems agains Republicans. Labour against Tories. People with brains against the SNP and Greens. Even within those divisions there is hate. You can be the wrong kind of Labour MP now. Or the wrong kind of Tory.

We smokers? Well, we just sit back and watch the show now. Vapers hate us so we aren’t all that bothered when their turn comes around. Welcome back to Hateland, you pompous among the vapers. Oh I know they are not all like that but the ones that are surely deserve it. We don’t do the Pastor Neimoller thing because they already came for us and nobody spoke out, so don’t look to us to speak out for you now.

And let’s be clear here, smoking bans are just the way in. Look at this, where a Scottish council wants to ban smoking on breaks.

We are not talking about banning ‘smoke breaks’ which are portrayed as ‘additional breaks’. We are talking about banning smoking on scheduled breaks. We are talking about the council effectively controlling their employees’ free time.

At the moment, many are against it. But the upcoming generation will be all for it. They will accept controls on their home lives. Why?

They have grown up with the Lunchbox Police. Schools control what they are allowed to have in their packed lunches and they will accept that their employers can do the same. They will readily accept that smoking is not allowed on breaks just as they will readily accept that their employers can dictate the food they bring for lunch. And they will not see any connection. NPC10538 will never step out of line, personal pronouns ‘it, it’s, thing’s’ and when it does it will be quietly retired.

You don’t want this world? Of course not. You have not been brought up to want it. Just as I grew up in a world where smoking was just something people did. Where I could come back from a camping trip and walk the streets of Cardiff with a rucksack and a fairly hefty camping knife on my belt and nobody cared. Where I could carry a locking pocket knife and nobody minded at all. Where I could walk around the streets with a .22 air rifle (broken open) and nobody batted an eyelid.

I didn’t want the world we have now. I could buy fireworks when I was 12 and sodium chlorate, sulphur and (the other ingredients) when I was 14. Oh, and all those ads telling you that putting a banger in a bottle will make it explode? Lies. I tried it over and over and it never worked.

Kids can’t do any of that now and the restrictions are getting tighter and tighter and children are taught that this is normal. No, you do not want the future I paint but I didn’t want the one that we have now. Those that came after me were taught to accept it and to want it.

As the next generation are being taught to accept and to want the next phase.

The Church always taught Armageddon as a quick thing. A day or two, a sudden apocalypse. They never taught it as an incremental takeover over a few generations.

That’s why we don’t notice it happening.


18 thoughts on “Armageddon outta here

  1. Yes. Alas. And the over-reaching of the totalitarian Progressive State just as likely boomerangs into the choice of an over-reaching totalitarian Reactionary State. Unless we somehow get very lucky, or very smart. A few minor tech corrections: Representatives to the House all have staggered two year terms so about half are up for election every year. Senators have staggered six year terms so about a third are up for election at the same time. And aside from opposition to a president from the other party within the congress, there’s also opposition (or approval) from the courts. In Trump’s case, the courts have almost consistently blocked his proposals. This is three-part Checks and Balances built into our constitution.

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    • It does sound complicated – but then it also gives you the chance to switch the control from one load of freeloading wasters to the other every two years. We have to wait five before we decide which bunch of freeloading wasters to let into government.

      In theory, the House of Lords is supposed to curb the excesses of the government but since each government loads it up with new Lords and we don’t get a say in that, it’s become pretty much useless.

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  2. An excellent post, Leggy. Too much for me to comment on overall.
    All I can remember at the moment is that I wanted to be a boy when I was twelve years old. I didn’t want the boy thingy, in fact I never even thought about that. I just wanted to climb trees and rope swing across rivers, which constantly got me into trouble. There was nothing girly about me. This might account for why I became a Wren Air Mechanic. The Navy didn’t care about Gender on that one. But we remained sought after in the dating stakes, Thank God.
    My parents, as ever, were horrified, so there was never any chance of them encouraging me to swap Gender, if indeed it had been possible.
    So do these confused children realise that they are effectively being sterilised?

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    • They are being more than sterilised. They are being brought up to believe they have no gender, neither male nor female. They’ll be worker drones, a subclass, and their parents are so delighted to do that to them.

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  3. Homophobia. Islamophobia. Transphobia…… Are any of them from majorities?

    ‘According to a 2010 study, Islam has 1.5 billion adherents, making up over 22% of the world population.’
    ‘According to a study in 2015, Islam has 1.8 billion adherents, making up about 24% of the world population.’
    (both from Wikipedia)

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    • Islam, like Christianity and all the major religions, is fragmented into sects, all of whom believe theirs in the One True Way. Essentially they are different religions (or sub-religions) and they fight amongst themselves as much as they fight the other main religions.

      If you break it down into groups who each believe they have the only real message, I bet there aren’t all that many in each group any more 😉

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  5. I didn’t want the world we have now.

    Me neither, but isn’t it our fault? Didn’t we really ask for it without bothering to find out what we were voting for, or is that just me?

    We didn’t have to vote in these psychopaths. I woke up to it quite a while ago, but I was probably still voting Labour 15 years ago. Then I started trying to engage with MPs and MSPs, seeing them more as adversaries. One of my first encounters with an MSP was in about 2004 with Ken Mackintosh, now Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament, about my objections to civil partnerships.

    He looked at me like I was nuts (or worse). Since then, of course, we have had ‘marriage equality’ and because the UK ‘Supreme’ Court has ruled that civil partnerships are anti-equality because they are for same-sex pairings only, this situation will have to change because some namby-pamby, bed-wetting clowns who don’t want to make a proper commitment and insist on civil partnerships between a man and a woman, which is bound to weaken family ties even further.

    The Scottish Government is holding a consultation on whether to do away with civil partnerships or open them up to opposite-sex couples. If the general trend of attacking family life continues then I expect the latter to have already been agreed upon and that the ‘consultation’ is another fraud like the same-sex marriage ‘consultation’ where nearly 2/3rds of respondents rejected it, but it went through anyway.

    Armageddon itself might be over very quickly, but there is much tribulation to come. I think things will get much, much worse than they are now before the Judgment.

    These are days of glorious freedom compared to what’s to come. Man, you can even smoke in your own home. For now.

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    • I see it as the same trick as the 57 varieties of gender. It will get so complicated and be such a minefield of political correctness that in the end, someone will suggest doing away with it altogether – in the name of ‘equality.’

      After all, having a family oppresses those who don’t have a family – so nobody should have one. Think it will be met with widespread outrage? I think the silly buggers will vote for it in droves.

      You’re right, there is Hell on earth on the way, and not very far away either.

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      • Stonewall started changing the meaning of ‘family’ years ago. This poster shows that a ‘family’ can be anything, like “dad and dad’s boyfriend”. I posted that picture in 2011 and now most? people probably believe Stonewall’s propaganda. And look at how it is targetted at children.

        “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” (Lenin)

        You’re right, there is Hell on earth on the way, and not very far away either.

        The actual Hell will be worse, though. Sometimes it sends a real chill through me. Imagine that you’re in great pain or mental turmoil and you realise that this situation is for evermore. If every grain of sand in all the deserts and on all the beaches in the World represents 70 years, you’ll still be in great discomfort after you’ve lived through every grain. Then you start again. No hope for redemption – ever. It is incomprehensibly horrendous.

        I’ll try for salvation over that.

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  6. Off-topic, (insincere apologies).

    Damn you Leggy,
    I just picked up “Samuel’s Girl”, and I can’t put it down!
    Okay, I already knew that you’re a competent wordsmith.
    But that didn’t necessarily mean that you could put together a gripping plot, with compelling characters.
    It turns out that you can.

    I’ve been avoiding reading it for ages. (It’s Smoking Hot’s copy).
    I don’t do horror (it’s not – well not really, yet) or paranormal (it is).
    I expected to be disappointed, maybe embarrassed for you.
    I’m not! I’m captivated!

    This isn’t for you, you are probably smug enough already, but any other readers who, like me, hadn’t got round to reading your fiction.
    Do it!

    I’m not easily impressed, you know? Especially by anything which is not my preferred genre.

    Respect, Dude. 🙂

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