Wrong Flag

The breakthrough results from trials of Oxford University’s coronavirus vaccine are based on ‘shaky science’, an expert has warned.

Okay, it’s the Daily Mail so you wouldn’t expect them to question this. They are journalists, not scientists.

So, someone who actually knows what they’re talking about has raised a flag over the Oxford vaccine. Her complaint is quite correct, the trial they did was really badly done. However, the article goes on to tell you what the three vaccines do and what they cost. The Oxford one is the only one even approaching a traditional vaccine and it’s by far the cheapest.

Basically, they have inserted spike protein RNA from Covid into an adenovirus, one of the wide range of viruses that cause the common cold. It’s low risk because even if a live one got through it would only give you a cold.

Then they grow that remodelled virus in animal cell culture and they have a common cold virus with a spike protein from Covid on its surface. The immune system will attack the virus and make antibodies against the spike protein (as well as the rest of the virus), so it’s ready for Covid if it appears.

It doesn’t need to be frozen because the virus doesn’t need to be viable. It only needs to be intact enough for the immune system to find it. This is the one that’s stored in the fridge. It doesn’t matter if that virus is incapable of infecting, in fact it’s better if it’s not. The immune system will attack it anyway.

Our flag waver raised no concerns about the other two vaccines. These are both mRNA vaccines, purely experimental, never been tried in humans before. They trick your cells into producing Covid spike protein themselves in the belief that that will be benign, your immune system will only attack the spike protein and you’ll be immune. In the short term that will work since you will indeed produce antibodies against any foreign protein that gets into your body. Trials have shown that it does indeed work in the short term.


For this to work, the mRNA has to get into your body cells. There doesn’t seem to be much information on how they plan to do that. There is a way, it’s been tried several times before and it can work.

You load your mRNA into a virus. The virus enters the cell and delivers its payload, which you hope is only that specific mRNA strand. But you have to load it in a viral coat. Just the spike protein code isn’t going to be enough, you need to produce a lot of this virus and if it’s only producing spike protein you can’t grow it. So you also need the genes to make the rest of the viral coat in there too. Basically, you now have a virus. If you want to keep it active you have to freeze it.

Hopefully it can only get into the first cell it meets and can’t replicate further. This is unlikely. You’re going to be injected with millions, odds are good that a few fully-armed live ones will get in there. Again, if you’re lucky, the few live ones won’t get very far before the immune system hammers them. But it gets worse.

If your own body cells are producing spike protein and that ends up in the cell membrane – remember it’s biochemically designed to sit in a fat layer around the virus so it can do that just as well in your own cells’ fatty membranes – then the immune system will not just attack the spike protein. It will attack the cell carrying it.

The mRNA vaccines have the potential to set up an autoimmune disease, where your immune system attacks your own body cells. Once that starts it can never be cured. There is no going back. You will be taking medication for the rest of your life and the Pharmers will be shovelling money into the bank. Oh, don’t imagine they do any of this for your benefit. They are doing it for the money. It’s business, pure and simple.

So the Oxford vaccine hasn’t been properly trialled. If I absolutely had to have a vaccine I’d still go for that one. I do not want to be a test subject for the long term effects of an experimental (and frankly quite mad) new type of vaccine.

A note on the reported ‘side effects’ so far – If your immune system is set off by an invading protein, it’s quite normal to feel sore at the site of entry, and to maybe get a headache or feel tired as your immune system is all fired up. That’s nothing to worry about. Your immune system is responding to an infection. It doesn’t know it’s just a vaccine.

The problem is in the long term effects. From what I can see of the Oxford vaccine, I wouldn’t expect any. Well, there are always going to be a few who react badly to it, that’s true of any vaccine or indeed any kind of medical treatment, but I would expect those to be few. Unless there’s something else in there that I don’t know about.

The mRNA vaccine is another story. You won’t see autoimmune effects within days. They could take months or years to get to the point where diagnosis is absolute and then it would be a brave doctor indeed who would attribute that to a vaccine far in the past. There might not even be an absolutely certain way to do it. The original mRNA will be gone by then.

The mRNA will not insert itself into your DNA unless an enzyme called reverse transcriptase is present. That enzyme is only found in retroviruses like HIV – which does insert itself into your DNA. Coronaviruses don’t have it. So the mRNA will gradually break down and stop working. Does that mean your immune system will stop killing you? Maybe.

Immune system cells are single cells. One cell, no brain or nervous system, they react purely biochemically. They cannot reason. Once they identify a cell as ‘foreign’ they will produce antibodies to kill it. Not just against the spike protein that’s been inserted. That cell is now ‘enemy’ and all its surface proteins are potential targets.

So even after the Covid spike protein is no longer produced, the other, previously ‘normal’, proteins on the cell surfaces are marked as targets. When the immune system decides normal cels are targets you get arthritis, multiple sclerosis, any autoimmune disease… roll the dice, see what comes up. Since it’s injected into muscle the most likely bad outcome is a muscle wasting disease. You’ll get weak. Easily controlled. Unable to put up any resistance to any show of force.

Now consider: what is it that the globalists have been quite open about wanting for a long time now?

Oh, and it will be mandatory. Not in name but if you ever want to ride a bus again you’ll need to prove vaccination. Once that foot is in the door, the sky’s the limit. Matt the Needle has already said he wants to apply the same approach to seasonal flu. Flu vaccine will be the next one you can’t function without. And then, any other vaccine that takes his fancy.

If you absolutely have to have it, if you have no choice, take the Oxford one. It’s the least risky by far.

That’s probably why they want to get rid of it.

14 thoughts on “Wrong Flag

  1. I suppose one good thing is that our idiot overlords have ordered hundreds of millions of shots of the Oxford one, and presumably thats the one they’ll want to roll out to the masses, on the grounds of sunk cost if nothing else.

    The conspiracy theorist in me is beginning to wonder if the plan all along was to create a cheap vaccine that it doesn’t really matter whether it works or not, because all thats needed is an excuse to get out of the lockdown spiral. Tell the scientists ‘Look we need a ‘vaccine’ to get out of this mess. Just make something quick and cheap, doesn’t matter if it works, we can fiddle the data to ‘prove’ it does, then tell the masses its the silver bullet we’ve been waiting for, jab the lot of them, job done, get the economy back to normal. We don’t need a working vaccine, just a placebo to convince the terrified public they are being ‘protected’ by the government’.

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    • I llike that argument, but for one reason only.

      Only, that it implies an originally cretinous response to an annual mild flu, rather than a pre-planned/ready-to-go-trigger for 2The Great Reset2, that many many dozens of now-uniquely-malevolent-rulers had been gasping to get hold of fo some time now.

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      • I’ve always subscribed to the cock up theory of history over the conspiracy one. I’d suggest the initial responses to the virus were little more than mad panic by the politicians. That being said once the whole lockdown and control system was in place I’m sure a million little lightbulbs were going off in all manner of heads ‘Hey I wonder if we can engineer this situation to our advantage’ Hence those previously promulgating Great Resets, Green Revolutions, the End of Capitalism etc etc have grabbed it with both hands as a way of furthering their agendas. The Left never want to let a good crisis go to waste, and there’s plenty of Leftists in positions of power in the apparatus of government, if not the titular politicians.

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    • Thanks, Leggy, for explaining these vaccines. Yes, I do think it will become compulsory except for complete hermits. And as the virus mutates, will updated vaccines follow? It is very worrying.
      Re this virus generally, I have a question: How does anyone tell the difference between an Asymptomatic Case and a False Positive test result? So far, I haven’t seen this explained anywhere.

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  2. Dear Mr Legiron

    What’s the potential for the mRNA to become a transmissible infection?

    With tens of millions or even billions of people being vaccinated and nature having a way of being a bit random, is there a chance of mutation into an autoimmune pandemic?

    Just asking, for a friend.


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  3. I’ve decided to wait at least 6 months before I even consider taking any of the vaccines. I don’t count tens of thousands of healthy volunteers a valid sample to gauge any side effects. Let’s see what happens when it starts being pumped into the wider population for a few months and then I’ll judge my response.
    But from what others are saying, if you have to have a vaccine for whatever reason, then the choice is pick the one that is stored in a fridge, don’t accept one from a super-chilled flask.

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  4. Thank you once again. Sometimes your explanations make my brain hurt but I’m happy that they aren’t the out and out bullshit and fantasy being peddled by the MSM and swallowed wholesale by those I see every time I leave the house.

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  5. Thanks Leggy.
    Useful to know which one to get if we are forced to get one.
    I suspect that the English government and probably Welsh assembly won’t try to make it compulsory to have one. Or the resulting outcry would change their minds. Scotland on the other hand… *Worried face*

    Plenty of other countries around the world might make it a condition of entry though, so if my missus’ home country decide to, is handy knowing which one to have that isn’t going to give me AIDS or HIV or death in a syringe.

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