It’s the same game

On Easter Monday, the man we think is in charge of the country will announce his plans for ‘covid passports’. Yes, this is the same man who very clearly stated, mere weeks ago, that his government would never countenance the idea of covid passports. Multiple government ministers made the same statement. They all lied. The contracts to produce the passports were already in place.

We shouldn’t really be surprised at this. This is, after all, the government who wanted us to stay locked down for three weeks to flatten the curve and protect the NHS. The same NHS which is now little more than an experimental-vaccine delivery service. This is the government who told us their emergency covid laws would only be for six months. Anyone still believing a word they say is, frankly, nuts.

Boris’s announcement is already pointless. It has, as is the normal procedure with government now, already been leaked in full. His threat to make everyone show a covid passport to enter a pub has been ‘abandoned’ and there is much relief. Cries of ‘we beat that one’.

No you haven’t. This is the same game they played when they threw all the smokers out of all pubs and clubs, starting in 2006. Don’t you remember? Look at the list of ‘exemptions’ –

Remember when the smoking ban came in? It was originally not going to apply to private clubs or to pubs that didn’t serve meals. They were to be allowed to choose whether to ban or allow smoking. Do you remember what (entirely predictably) happened?

The pubs that were facing a compulsory ban demanded a ‘level playing field’ so their smoking customers would not simply move to another venue. The government ‘caved in’ to this demand because it was what they were planning all along anyway. Incidentally, the smokers largely moved to ‘shed pubs’ in each others’ gardens, or to the kind of ‘smoky-drinky’ gatherings I was involved in – because nobody was allowed to have a smokers-only club that would exclude all nonsmokers for the sake of their imagined health.

So, expect to see cries from theatres and nightclubs of ‘not fair!’ and ‘level playing field’ and ‘why do we have a restricted customer base when pubs don’t?’ And then the government will ‘cave in to demand’ and do exactly what they had always planned to do. Then, just watch those green lines turn red one by one. Restaurants and hotels next, then I think trains. Not that many people can afford to travel by train these days. We once looked at the cost of taking the train from Aberdeen to Wales, and it was cheaper to book a week’s holiday in Greece.

If Boris gets so much as a fingernail-hold on this vaccine passport it will expand rapidly and it will not end. What’s that? He said it was only for a year? Well, of course it is. Then you have to renew it by getting another vaccine. A year later you have to renew it again. Soon there will be an ‘administrative charge’ and then VAT on top. You want freedom? No problem, we can sell you a licence to be free. It lasts a whole year, then we can sell you a new one. You just have to roll up your sleeve.

It’s not a ‘covid passport’. It’s a ‘vaccine passport’ now. Who believes it will only apply to Covid once it’s in place? Flu will be immediately added (incidentally, I’m pleased I didn’t accept a flu vaccine this year, since flu has apparently been eradicated). More will follow. There will be a whole mass of experimental ones that, like the current Covid vaccines, only have emergency approval. They cannot be used if the emergency ends. Therefore the emergency can never be allowed to end.

The vaccine makers are loving this. No need for expensive trials, they simply get emergency approval and the rollout is the trial. You have to accept it if you want a normal life, and don’t worry if it kills a few, there are still plenty of customers left. Oh, and ignore those doctors who say there are cheap and effective treatments available, we’re just going to fire them all. Who needs doctors anyway, when you can be vaccinated against anything now. One more thing… you can’t sue the vaccine makers. They are above the law now.

Yeah, I know, it’s too far-fetched to be true. Like the machine-gun-carrying drones, the medichip and the brain chip I wrote into Panoptica. I didn’t expect those to appear in real life quite so fast. Way too far-fetched. A few months back, so were vaccine passports. A few months before that, lockdowns were sure to end soon. In March 2020, it was just three weeks to flatten the curve. What do you think you’ll be accepting as ‘normal’ a year from now? Internment camps for the unvaccinated? Hell, there are many who would accept that right now.

The vaccinated believe that the unvaccinated are a danger to them. Which can only mean that the vaccines actually increase your risk of infection. No other vaccine has been stuck with this kind of propaganda, and in normal times, at least a few of these people would have questioned this. These are not normal times. People have been scared into believing that anyone unvaccinated is infected. Despite the WHO proving, in a massive trial, that asymptomatic spread simply isn’t a thing. Yet the UK government keep up this ‘one in three people are asymptomatic spreaders’.

And… the vaccines don’t stop you catching or spreading it, they just reduce symptoms. So if there is now any asymptomatic spread it’s in the vaccinated, not the unvaccinated. There is a much bigger problem with a vaccine that reduces symptoms but doesn’t stop spread, but I’ve already written that into a short story. It’ll be on the blog when the next anthology is published, in a week or so.

I find that if I put all these concerns for the future into short stories, nobody accuses me of being the New Icke. It’s just fiction, right 😉

What a pity it keeps coming true.

22 thoughts on “It’s the same game

  1. Same architecture but a different target audience. It’s amusing to see this audience’s confusion – some of them, at least. It’s almost as though smoking gives smokers second sight. I don’t care since I’ve been in exile for decades now. But it’s going to be tough for the newly exiled.

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    • Rhyming Deja Vu.

      The main difference between then and now being so many similar things happening in different areas at the same time. How this resolves itself is unclear.

      As you say, it is interesting to witness the audience’s confusion. Last time many jumped on the ns bandwagon as they rationalised “It doesn’t affect *me*”. This time even they have a problem, since they joined up, the rules have changed many times and now they seem even more confused.

      Confusion is a very powerful tool and once you move from belief to identity impacts, as seems to be happening, many seriously disturbing factors come into play.

      BPS (Felix Rex) has some interesting thoughts as does J Peterson.

      be well, be cheery…..

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  2. LI.

    Yup, QR-codes, as used in China, now they are even required to enter district to district, in a taxi, on a bus, on a train, to work, return from work, all linked to the Chinese police database, if I am not so terribly incorrect? Xi Jinping “requested” all the worlds leaders to follow China’s lead on QR- codes “vaccine passports” in his 2020 World Economic Forum speech. It appears they are doing exactly as requested, no government are going to allow a good crisis go to waste.

    Xi Jinping could not have made it any clearer what was coming our way.

    Mass human surveillance, QR-codes, all under the guise of “vaccine passports”

    No microchip required, not a 5G mast in sight, Nano-bots? Pah, who needs them, no tin-foil hat, or flat-earth required either, they actually found a way of track & tracing every human being without any need to go to all that bother of triangulation between Mobile signal masts, credit cards, etc, they will know where we are, who we are with, how long we were there, and why we were there, plod will no longer have to enquire “Where have you been, how long were you there, and who were you with” they will already know.

    And all it took was countless millions of dupes.

    You know the ones, “Vaccine passports, it’s only a little bit of card” – Yellow Fever Certificate- blah, blah, blah.

    What the dupes simply could not grasp, no one has ever required a Yellow Fever certificate to buy a pint of milk at Tesco’s, get on a bus, or go to work.

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  3. I got to the next stage yesterday. I’ve only had one challenge over no mask – Mr Shouty at Lidl in Rossington. Yesterday in the local Aldi a woman in the same aisle as me noticed my lack of mask – but apparently not my “exempt” label – lowered her head, looked the other way and scurried past. Maybe we lepers should help the pure people and carry a handbell . . . .

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    • That’s a coincidence I’ve had one challenge and that was at ATS in Doncaster for a tyre , he told me there were no exemptions in business premises ,so I asked if he wanted my business , which he said he did but couldn’t have me in the waiting room without wearing a mask. I just walked out , went somewhere local ,no requests to wear masks , in fact they didn’t seem bothered by any of the restrictions, shop local seems to be the answer

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  4. There’s just one ray of hope in all this – the fact that ethnic minorities are refusing to have the vaccine in large numbers. If vaccine passports create a sort of apartheid society whereby white people (who largely are taking the vaccine) can travel and do all manner of social activities and non-whites can’t, that is not going to look good. I can’t see any government being able to stand up to the woke anti-racism brigade over this.

    I foresee that they will try to introduce this, and it will collapse into a mess, rather like the track and trace did, because people just refused to co-operate.

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    • Vaccine squads will go door-to-door to offer Covid-19 jabs to ethnic-minority families in large households amid low uptake after pilot inoculated hundreds
      Ministers plan to roll out the scheme to increase covid vaccination uptake
      A successful pilot targeting multi-generation homes in Luton and Bradford has resulted in hundreds of adults being vaccinated in the past fortnight
      Sites will offer night-time jabs throughout the Islamic holy month of Ramadan

      I have had my first shot of vaccine approximately 6 weeks ago, under much duress mind, a) my wife is a theatre Nurse, it was the vaccine, or earache, and b) at some point I need to return to work (Labs) no jab, no job, and like most others, I need to go to the local supermarket to stock up on food now and then.

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    • I would like to hope you are right. A year ago I thought lockdown might last a couple of weeks before breaking down; no I didn’t expect the gov to apologise for creating panic, just slink away with an unconvincing blather about saving the blasted NHS.

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  6. Sabotage is defiant but when the populous is being injected with unknown chems, where is the harm in the mains water being accidently enhanced with a super duper Gates dose of LSD. 💦👍

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  7. “The vaccinated believe that the unvaccinated are a danger to them.” Which just shows how crazy things have become. Surely if you’re vaccinated, that should give some level of protection, that’s the whole point. Otherwise, why bother?

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  8. Dear Mr Legiron

    The indecent haste of the roll-out of the vaccine was necessitated by the normal path of all epidemics. It is debatable whether the government’s claims that deaths are going down ‘because of vaccination’ can be upheld. They would certainly be on shaky ground if they tried to claim cases were down ‘because of vaccination’ since, according to Worldometer, those peaked on 10 January and declined rapidly; deaths peaked later around 22 January. On Tuesday 30 March, the Daily Wail reported that deaths in the over-70s were down 97% over 10 weeks ‘because of vaccination’, while conveniently overlooking the shape of the mortality graph in April/June last year when there were no vaccinations: they are virtually identical.

    “With covid” deaths are reported daily, while all-cause deaths are aggregated and reported weekly, eleven days after the relevant week ending. Thus deaths in the week ending Friday 26 March will be released today, Tuesday 6 April, except they won’t because of Easter, so they will come out on Thursday 8th. When all-cause deaths become available they are stale news, and the livestock are having their cages rattled with today’s scare du jour.

    No mainstream media outlets call out the government; instead we have uncritical reportage of a university study with no comparison of deaths from the first wave last spring – that is ancient history. The BBC were breathlessly reporting “the highest daily covid deaths evah” on 20 January this year, without mentioning that daily deaths were much higher in spring last year, but most of them weren’t ‘covid deaths’ because the victims hadn’t been tested.

    And 2 days later: Coronavirus: UK variant ‘may be more deadly’.

    Perhaps the government’s biggest gain, apart from compliance, is a small army of people prepared to dob in their neighbours for whatever pretended legislation the government has excreted. The German Democratic Peoples’ Republic had one third of the populace spying on the other two thirds. With modern technology the British Peoples’ United Popular Democratic Kingdom will probably manage with far fewer, especially as many can be relied upon to obey orders, self-police and confess whenever called upon to do so, with only the minimum of torture required to keep the torturers’ practice certificates up to date.


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