Freedom is Slavery

We haven’t yet had ‘War is Peace’ but it is clear than many already believe ‘Ignorance is Strength’.

So, yesterday was ‘Freedom Day’ but it really wasn’t was it? Kim Jong Boris has declared that the Covid passports he repeatedly stated would never happen are now about to happen. Initially to get into nightclubs and other undefined ‘crowded places’ but we all know he intends to make them universal.

Some say this is his ‘poll tax’ moment. I think it might well go a lot further than that. He has stoked the flames of rage in this country for a year and a half and he has now thrown a bucket of petrol on the smouldering fire. I will not be at all surprised to see a barrel of tar and a bag of feathers in his future – or worse – and I have to admit I will do nothing at all to stop that happening. Might even chip in for the materials.

His latest measure is just more coercion to get young people to take the experimental potion masquerading as a vaccine. There is now ample data to show that the potion does nothing at all to protect against any virus, and the side effects far outweigh any benefits that might be spun out of the numbers, especially in the young. This thing should be dead in the water but governments all over the West are still pushing it as if it’s some magical cure.

It cures nothing. I have taken pretty much every vaccine going, because before I retired I dealt with heavily contaminated samples. Oh sure, I knew which pathogen I was looking for but I had no way of knowing what else might be in there. Norovirus, hepatitis, anything could have been in those samples from sick animals and people.

Those vaccines I took protected me from catching any of those random beasties that might have been in the samples. Not always perfectly, I’m sure, but I didn’t catch any and that’s good enough for me. I don’t regret a single vaccine and never experienced a bad reaction to any of them. Maybe I was just lucky but I never once had to go to a doctor with strange symptoms and never once heard ‘oh but that shows it’s working’. No, if you get sick from a vaccine that really doesn’t show it’s working. It only shows the vaccine made you sick.

I’ve never had a flu vaccine. No need, flu isn’t a big deal for me. I had flu once, thirty years ago and it wasn’t fun but it didn’t kill me. If I had an existing respiratory illness or was very old I might consider it, but not now. I’m retired so I don’t handle the horrible samples any more. Seems they now plan to stick flu vaccines into everyone, including children. You think you won’t need to show proof of flu vaccination in the future, don’t you? You never have before – but you didn’t have vaccine passports before. You’ll soon be horrified at how many pages that passport will contain.

Too late then. It’s in place. If you let it happen, you will need to prove a whole range of vaccinations just to buy a loaf of bread. Keep them up to date with boosters you don’t need or you’re a pariah.

I know, there are still those thinking ‘tinfoil hat’ just as they did when those like me warned of vaccine passports last year. Some will never see it, even as each stage unfolds. Ignorance is strength.

I have never heard anyone say they took the experimental jab to protect themselves from covid. It’s always ‘so I can go on holiday’ or ‘so I can go to this or that place’ when absolutely the only reason to ever get any vaccine is to protect YOURSELF. I am vaccinated against tuberculosis. That protects me. It does absolutely nothing to stop you getting it. Vaccines only protect the person they are injected into. If I was the only one vaccinated against TB I could just stand around watching the rest of you cough your lungs out. My vaccination does not protect you.

The Melted Face Man, the one running Pimlico Plumbers, I forget his name, has stated that he will not employ anyone who has not been vaccinated. So you’ll get a job if you are vaccinated? Well it depends…

This will soon apply to drivers and anyone who works in any risky situation where you passing out on the job could spell disaster. It won’t apply to MPs because if they all passed out it would actually lead to an improvement in all our lives. Soon you will find that the ‘vaccinated’ are the ones nobody will insure so they’ll be the ones who can’t get most jobs. Also, a few passing out while driving their cars will massively ramp up the insurance costs to drive. Remember, the New World Order doesn’t want you to have a car so this is a feature, not a bug.

It is an experimental procedure. You are told it is safe but that has not been determined. Safety trials are happening now – you’re it – and by any measure it’s already failed. Insurance companies assess risk, they do not want to pay out so if the risk is too high they will not cover it. They will not cover side effects of these ‘vaccines’, which is something you really should be listening to.

The ‘vaccinated’ can still catch and spread the virus and if you’re wondering how dangerous that could be, look up Marek’s disease. The ‘vaccinated’ are not wanted on high altitude long haul flights because they have an elevated risk of blood clots. The ‘vaccinated’ cannot get health insurance to cover any side effects. The ‘vaccinated’ are not able to get insurance for any high risk jobs. These vaccine passports mean nothing, they tell me only that I should stay well away from anyone who has one. Which is fine, since the propaganda already tells these lab rats to stay away from me.

As for places requiring them, somebody streaming covid from their nose can enter because they have the passport, so why would I even want to go there? They will become hotbeds of infection and that will be blamed on the unvaccinated who weren’t allowed to enter.

Hey, I’m a microbiologist. An entire career in nasty infectious diseases. If you want to blame me for spreading a deadly disease, I’m perfectly capable of making it happen. It won’t be covid, of course, but since the NHS isn’t looking for anything else I think it could prove very effective indeed. Before they ship me off to the covid camps, I should get an insurance bundle together. Something I’m already vaccinated against, naturally.

If you want the vaccine, take it. It should be a matter of personal choice. I have no issue with anyone who wants to be part of the experiment, you go ahead and take the risk if you want to. Whether you bother to assess the risk first is entirely up to you. I have, and decided to pass. You make your own choices.

What I have issue with is forced vaccination, which Boris has not ruled out. This is the man who absolutely ruled out vaccine passports, remember? Well he’s not ruling out forced vaccinations. Give that a little brain time and see what you come up with.

Consider the future. They don’t want personal transport. So they will ramp up fuel prices and taxes (already happening) and the third point of that triangle is insurance. Insurance companies will not cover any side effects of vaccination so even if you can afford the fuel and the taxes, you might not be able to get insurance at all if you are vaccinated. You better get used to walking everywhere.

Oh and if you want to be a delivery driver, forget it. No company will risk you passing out at the wheel and leaving them liable for the latest motorway pileup. Because their insurance won’t touch it.

So, aside from the heart attacks and blood clots and strokes and neurological issues, even if you get past all of that, you are doomed to a desk job and a life of sedentary misery after taking that vaccine. You dare not risk getting your blood pressure up for any reason.

But, as I said, the choice is yours. Maybe all you want is a desk job and a life of comfortable compliant conformity and if that is what you want, well good luck to you. Work, home, TV, bed, work… a lot of people seem to be happy with that. Or at least content.

I have bigger plans.

60 thoughts on “Freedom is Slavery

  1. What?
    “There is now ample data to show that the potion does nothing at all to protect against any virus”?

    That’s a hell of a statement!
    I assume by default, that they exaggerate its effectiveness and play down the risk.
    But, “…does nothing at all to protect…”?

    You’ve got a lot of credibility with me, and the authorities have very little.
    But can you give me a bit more to back that up?

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    • Israel.
      No difference between the percentage vaccinated and the percentage vaccinated in hospital with severe covid.

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      • Vallance addressed that point in the press conference yesterday by saying that you expect more hospitalised cases to be of the vaccinated because a greater percentage of the population is vaccinated. Perhaps he meant that they may be hospitalised but at least they haven’t died which would have been the outcome were it not for the vaccination….
        Doesn’t seem quite the triumph they were expecting, and hasn’t really dealt with the possibility of the NHS being overwhelmed which is the only thing they seem to care about in the short term.

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          • This is normal with any disease. It’s already ripped through the vulnerable and unfortunately killed most of them, the less vulnerable won’t die from it. It will also mutate into a faster spreading but far less lethal version over time through natural selection. The less vicious version won’t debilitate or hospitalise many so it spreads faster than the vicious one, and if you get the milder one you’re immune to the deadly one.

            Vaccines can make this happen faster (if they work) but this process happens anyway. Many viruses that now cause a cold were once deadly killers.

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        • But you don’t expect the vaccinated to be hospitalised at all, if the vaccines actually work. They shouldn’t even be catching the disease.

          Maybe I’m just extraordinarily lucky but I’ve never caught a single disease I’ve been vaccinated against. All those vaccines worked.

          This one clearly doesn’t.

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  2. I’m watching the mess. Yesterday was Classic Boris. You can go to the nightclubs but from the end of September you can’t unless you’ve been vaccinated. Facepalm. I knew there had to be a catch and by six pm there it was
    Frankly I’m seriously thinking about leaving the country. But where could I go?

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  3. “If you let it happen, you will need to prove a whole range of vaccinations just to buy a loaf of bread.”

    And if you want to buy butter and jam with that to make a jam buttie your passport will show your BMI status. Too fat: bread and water for you, matey.

    Give me time and I’ll probably be able to think up more “useful” applications for the passport. After all, we wouldn’t want to waste all the time and money that’s gone into the investment, would we.

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  4. Actually I believe we have already had Our own “War is peace” moment in the smoking wars:

    “Secondhand smoke is worse than firsthand smoke” (and the less frequently seen, “Third and smoke is worse than secondhand smoke”.)

    (fifthhand smoke is so deadly that merely hearing the term would kill millions)!

    – MJM

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  5. I’m not sure about this. There are a couple of unofficial pieces here, one from June with pilots complaining about quarantines for vaccinated passengers dated in June:

    And another saying that pilots are amongst some of the earliest to be vaccinated in February:

    We usually tend to go with the US, and the FAA there says that pilots are grounded for 48 hours after the covid vaccine, no restrictions on actually being vaccinated.

    But if what you’ve got is true, this is terrifying.

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    • There have been hints of this from other countries too. The good thing about being retired is I have time to rummage deep into the links. Not all can be trusted, of course, the internet has always been well over 90% garbage (well, the bit that’s left when you discount the porn) but when you get to government websites, and negotiate the pages that were written by a fan of labyrinths, you do start to see some numbers.

      Of course, the governments are among the biggest liars out there so if they tell you numbers that enforce their narrative, they have inevitably exaggerated them. If they tell you numbers that go against their narrative, you can at least double them.

      Picking the truth out of that lot isn’t something anyone with a full time job could ever be expected to do.

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      • I can tell you that the reason our side effects and deaths are so low are twofold: First, we don’t have a yellow card, VAERS, or other system. If you have a side effect, you have to go to a doctor or chemist and tell them about it. If they feel it’s worth reporting, they’ll report it – you can’t do that yourself. And if someone died from the vaccine, again, it has to be reported by a medical professional. Also, while they probably track sickness and death amongst the vaccinated, those numbers aren’t released to the public because they might cause vaccine hesitancy.

        What we don’t know can’t hurt us, eh?

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    • Life insurance pays out depending on how much you paid in, I believe. I could be wrong.

      Health insurance companies have made clear repeatedly that if you fall ill, you’re covered – but if it’s shown that you fell ill as a result of taking an experimental medication, your cover will stop.

      Driver insurance has not yet taken a stand, but if someone crashes because they passed out at the wheel after being jabbed, watch how fast the insurers cover their arses.

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      • Life insurance payout depends on your policy.
        Usually there are a couple of types of policy. Fixed payout and decreasing payout.
        A fixed payout one will give you, drum roll, a set amount at any time in the cover – from day one to twenty years from now (usually with a period at the start where suicide isn’t covered, length of which depends on the insurer).

        A decreasing payout one is also self explanatory. Die on day one and get £x. Die later and get £x/y.

        I’m not an expert in life insurance, but these are the two types that were most common when we were getting life insurance last year for the mortgage.

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  6. It’s too good an opportunity for them to drop the ball now, or to lose on penalties. What’s weird about here in Scotland is that with positive tests going through the roof, although falling, all areas are now at Level 0. Makes me wonder what they have planned for us next. Imagine the SNP, of all people, turning down the golden chance for more control. That seems to be what has happened, but, while welcomed at the moment, is it not likely that this is for some nefarious purpose?

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  7. “You never have before – but you didn’t have vaccine passports before. You’ll soon be horrified at how many pages that passport will contain.”

    And the next step will be…implant! To save the trees, of course.

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      • Give a scroll thru Chris Snowdon’s blog. I believe he and Brad Rodu were doing rapid responses to some daft article about how we’re allegedly more likely to get covid (whether it involved a variant, I’m not sure).

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      • I’m not about to answer your question, Michael, but I heard on non-Beeb news today that smoking has increased during the pandemic. Cue ASH all over the airwaves in the next few days ‘advising’ that smoking doesn’t help with stress.

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