Ramping up wars

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Anyway. War. Russia has apparently invaded Ukraine. I say ‘apparently’ because it’s one hell of a mess of reporting. It does seem clear that Russia is blowing up stuff in Ukraine but it’s not at all clear why.

The official story is that Russia feels threatened by the advance of NATO and wants it to stop before they fill up Ukraine with anti-Russian missiles. I can see the logic in that. But there’s more to it.

The map showing intense bombing just happens to coincide with the map showing US biolabs based in Ukraine. There are at least 15 of them and some are right on the border with Russia. Considering that it’s now clear that Covid escaped from a biolab in China, could there be an element of Russia not wanting that kind of research so close to them?

I don’t know what kind of research is happening in those US/Ukraine biolabs. I only found out they existed today. It seems to me that if you want to keep your bioresearch secret, you’d hide it away in your own country rather than trust someone else to keep quiet about it. But then, if it’s really dangerous, putting it half a planet away might make sense.

So, is Putin taking out US bioweapons labs?

It’s a strange way to run a war too. The Ukraine power grid is undamaged. I’ve seen people gloating that it means the Russians don’t know what they’re doing. Of course they do. If they wanted that power grid down it would be down. They are not attacking it.

Putin’s demands are that Ukraine becomes a neutral country and has no military installations from either side. Basically he wants it to be a buffer zone. He does not want Ukraine. He just doesn’t want NATO to have it. He might want Crimea, and he might ‘allow’ bargaining whereby he gets that and leaves the rest alone, but he definitely won’t stop until NATO is out.

So it looks like Russia isn’t going to take over Ukraine (perhaps Crimea) but they will not let it be a tool of the West.

Is it all theatre, as some claim? Is old Vlad just another WEF puppet? I don’t know, but Putin is KGB. It’s just as likely that he infiltrated them as the idea that they indoctrinated him. And if he was supposed to be following orders, he’s been a very naughty boy and called out for it.

It seems clear that Putin does not want the New World Order being pushed by idiots like Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates. Is that what he’s really fighting?

There is a lot of stuff in Ukraine, many of the stories would make David Icke raise his eyebrows. We don’t need to go that deep.

Joe Biden’s son has been making a lot of money there, so has Nancy Pelosi’s son and John Kerry’s too. John Kerry is the multiple private jet guy tasked with returning the rest of us to the 13th century in the name of climate change. I wouldn’t mind, it was a lot warmer then. This same John Kerry has been bemoaning the emissions from Russian military and worrying that the war in Ukraine will distract from the thing he is being well paid to push.

They are not the only ones. There are a lot of Western politicans involved in a major scam with money laundered through Ukraine. Some extremely dodgy transactions, and if Putin gets the evidence he can use it in future negotiations with the West. Oh he will, he’s KGB, remember.

You might say ‘ex-KGB’ but that kind of organisation, like CIA and every other country’s sneaky spook gang, has only one way to truly leave it. In a box. They are like government sponsored mafia. You join, you are in for life.

The most comical part of it all is the surge of West ‘leaders’ claiming to decry Russian action. Especially Trudy, the farce of Canada, whining about Russia arresting peaceful protestors. Hello Trudy, remember last week? Or do you have the short term memory of a single celled organism? As for Boris complaining about totalitarianism… look in the mirror, haystack head. Not one of your drones said a damn thing when Trudy did the same thing in Canada. In Russia these things are expected. In the West they were not.

So what is the West going to do about it? Short version – not a damn thing. The West’s military are crippled with ‘vaccines’ and they have booted out anyone who isn’t willing to take the jab and who has the wrong pronouns. There is nothing useful left.

There was talk of booting Russia out of the banking system so they can’t trade any more. Well… the US and Canada are heavily reliant on Russian oil and if they can’t pay for it, it stops coming. Russia produces around 80% of ammonium nitrate, needed for fertilisers and with Ukraine, most of the world’s supply of wheat.

What about Europe? Germany gets 50% of its coal, 35% of its oil and 55% of its gas from Russia. Putin doesn’t need to fight the EU. He can just switch them off.

Not all European countries are so reliant, of course, but Germany is a big gun in the EU so Germany will block any attempt to bite the hand that feeds them.

Basically the West has put Russia in a position where it can do as it damn well pleases and we can’t do anything about it. It’s not Russia’s fault. It’s Western governments’ fault. The same thing will apply when China invades Taiwan next week. What are we going to do about it? Send in diversity co-ordinators in battery powered tanks? Troops of dancing men/girl/things in pink uniforms?

The whole thing just smells wrong. There was a report that Russian troops had taken an airport in Kiev, and were happy to let the American news outlet CNN film it. Which is already odd. Then reports that Ukrainian soldiers had retaken it but no mention of any sabotage on the way out. Now, I’m no General Patton but if I had taken an enemy airport and it looked like I was losing it, I’d take out the control tower and leave some big holes in the runways before leaving. Russia, it seems, didn’t do that.

Of course there’s the usual ‘it’s all Trump’s fault’ crowd. He’s going to be America’s Margaret Thatcher. Everything will be his fault even after he’s long dead. Hint, dems: Trump isn’t in charge of anything now and hasn’t been for over a year. But don’t let that stop you, over here in the UK we have people blaming Thatcher for things even though she ceased to be in charge of anything long before they were born. Most of them don’t know what she looked like.

The West is pretty much done. We’re tearing down our own history and denying even basic biology now. Insisting that one degree of temperature rise will turn the world into a fiery Hell and terrified of catching a cold. One virus to rule them all – no other diseases matter any more.

Well I don’t know how to save you and if I did, I wouldn’t. You’re not worth saving unless you are capable of saving yourself. Revel in your purple hair and 57 varieties of gender and idiotic made up pronouns. I really don’t think Russia is going to invade Europe because why would they? What could they possibly want with dancing nurses and political correctness and terror induced by a cold? They don’t need to invade. They just have to wait while we destroy ourselves.


(you might notice where that story was set)

8 thoughts on “Ramping up wars

  1. Putin is a trained lawyer; law is his background. This is a really interesting discussion about Putin and the Ukraine situation from some lawyers that I listened to a week ago…


  2. This that follows is a comment I made on a posting on fb by Sean Gabb, whose opinion is that we should not concern ourselves with whatever Russia does in the Ukraine or eslewhere. You must all understand that Sean, who I have known for 40 years and who is a great friend, is an Objectivist Libertarian, and also a classical conservative. Here I go:-

    “For 350 years approx, the British way of making war was designed to pursue a certain objective, which is to say; preventing any continental hegemonic power from dominating all or any poart of the continent or any of the continental coastline.

    The correct way to do this – indeed from the Spanish Armada onwards – was…
    (1) NO conscription.
    (2) NO deployment of any British mass army (that is in itself an oxymoron) against main enemy in main battlefield area.
    (2a) Britain is an Island Kingdom and a World Maritime Empire – it does not NEED a mass army on the continental pattern…
    (3) Use Royal Navy (plus later air power) to support main enemy’s ENEMIES in at least one other battle zone at one time.
    (4) Support main enemy’s ENEMIES with weapons/money/food (as appropriate for scenario) – let others do the actual hard fighting.

    Examples are:
    (a) Making trouble in the 1580s for Spain in Holland and Belgium.
    (b) Making trouble for France in Quebec.
    (c) The Peninsular War early 1800s. (d) Gallipoli – if it had gone early enough so that London politicos couldn’t f**k it up and give it away. There’s others but I’ll have to read them up before tomorrow.

    The gravest and most costly departure from this excellent and relatively cost-free war strategy was WW1 in which we found ourselves in a cleft stick with the French and ended up deploying the vastest British Armies that had ever been… into France as her junior partner in a vast war against a vastly powerful enemy.

    Then half-time was declared in 1918/19, everyone went away to suck slices of an orange, and the dreadful game was resumed in 1939. The one saving grace was about those things, had we not done that, Imperial Germany would comprise the entire continent.

    I don’t entirely share Sean’s hatred of America and Churchill. I suspect perhaps he has been subliminally dragged this way, through conception of the interesting plot of his successful novel “The Churchill Memorandum”. (It is very clever and good and everyone should read it.)

    A problem unconnected with this historical exposition is What Ukraine contains, mines, grows, makes, produces and sells, and where it is situated. Add in your current revanchist Russian Emperor, now frequently on the television, plus his own economy’s oligarcho-looted basket case, and what he thinks it needs now, and you have a war.

    The final problem, and actually the worst, is that Donald Trump was falsely ejected from The White House by the same people that are gaily undermining and destroying Classical Western Civilization from within. Were he in office, neither this nor the Afghanistan disaster would have taken place.

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  3. Dear Mr Legiron

    Re Pandora’s Lost Luggage and the containers of compressed carbon dioxide; I recently watched an old episode of QI with Prof Brian Cox as a guest panellist. He mentioned it was prohibited to carry liquid nitrogen in an enclosed lift in places where they habitually carry liquid nitrogen around. He said that if the liquid nitrogen was spilled it would gassify and the cold nitrogen gas, being heavier than ambient temperature air would push the air upwards and all occupants would suffocate.

    They could all immediately take a deep breath and hope they can hold out until the lift doors opened.

    And hope there isn’t a power cut.



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