Some time back, Farcebok decided to drop the auto-link from WordPress that automatically linked blog posts to your Farcebok account. So I put them up manually. A minor inconvenience.

It seems they really, really don’t want to link to WordPress because today, every single one of those blog posts has been marked ‘against community standards’ and nobody can see them. No warning, no explanation and no recourse to appeal as far as I can see. I could contact them but I just don’t care enough about their site to bother.

Well, it’s only Farcebok. I won’t bother putting these posts on there any more. It doesn’t matter if they change their minds, I won’t change mine. I have also put a contingency plan in place in case the entire account vanishes, so I don’t lose access to the Leg Iron Books page.

Just to make it a bit more interesting, an email then arrived from Farcebok asking for money to ‘boost’ a post on the Leg Iron Books page. Very poor business skills there. Their censorship department really should let the marketing department know who they’re currently hitting. There’s no point in boosting a post when that post could be made invisible at the drop of a hat, with no warning nor explanation.

I will persist with the Leg Iron Books page on Farcebok but my own page won’t link to here any more. I will also have to be very careful about what I link to from legironbooks.co.uk since that’s a WordPress-based site too. Farcebok clearly don’t like that.

Or maybe they just don’t like me. Either way, asking me for money at this point is not their smartest move.

UPDATE: I have removed the ‘share on Farcebok’ button from the bottom of posts. This is not some petty revenge. If someone tried to share one of my posts on their Farcebok account now they might get the same swivel-eyed censors swivelling their deranged eyes their way.

I’m not dragging anyone down with me.

I’m a Twit.

I caved in and joined Twatter. No idea why, unless it’s because I hit my head when I fell off the kitchen. It’s Misanthrope Girl’s fault for directing me to a Twitter page while I am still dazed from all the drugs the doctors pumped into me.

‘Underdog’ was already taken. Thought it would be. There are a great many underdogs out there now. I was surprised ‘Legiron’ was taken but there you go. If you see @legiron, it’s not me.

I’m @underdogsbiteup because that’s all the characters allowed. I’m still ‘Legiron’ in the header though.

Now I have to figure out what, if anything, I’m going to do with it.