Lunacy and Nazis

It’s been a very long time since I last made a model aeroplane. I made them as a youngster, lots of them. I made them for my son until he grew old enough to make them himself – and his interests tended more towards helicopters than aeroplanes. As for me, I always had a soft spot for the weird designs.

Oh I made Concorde when I was about eight (a disappointing kit – hardly any parts!) and I made airliners and of course Spitfires and Hurricanes and Mustangs and Kittyhawks, along with Me109 and FW-190 for them to fight with.

Then I discovered the Dornier stable. Holy crap. I couldn’t believe anyone even tried to fly some of those monstrosities. Weird planes became The Thing. And yet that phase faded away about forty years ago, apart from a brief revival when my son was little. I don’t think I’ve made a model plane in the last 20 years, probably more.

Railways, trucks, ships… those were my main staples. Ships especially. The kits are expensive but they take months to finish so you get your money’s worth. The only trouble is finding somewhere to put the damn things afterwards. They’re not as easy to give away as you’d think. The thing about models is… the fun is in making them. Apart from the motorised ones such as trains, the static model building fun is in going that extra mile. Adding brake pipes to trucks and so on. Once the model is finished it’s just in the way.

Back to somewhere near the point. One thing I had a model of in my early teens was a Messerschmidt. Well, several. In fact one is still around here somewhere – the Me262 I painted up to look like the cover of Blue Oystercult’s ‘Secret Treaties’ album. The odd one though, was the Me 163, also called ‘Komet’. I saw a kit recently, cheap, so I thought I’d see if I still have it in me as an aeromodeller.

I’ll get a better photo when it’s finished. This has a day or so to go to completion yet.

This is a particularly odd one. Second world war German interceptor/fighter with a few twists. See those wheels under it? It ditched those on takeoff. It didn’t retract them. It retracted that ski they’re sitting on when in flight. Landing, the pilot had that ski and the tail wheel and that was it. Falling over was a real issue.

The model will get a tiny silver propeller on the front end. That’s not what drove it, I think it was a speed measuring thing. What drove this was a rocket engine. Not a jet. A rocket.

Powered by hydrogen peroxide.

Oh yes. Fly this and you are sitting on a bomb. Land with any fuel in your tanks (they were meant to glide in to land) and there’s a good chance of boom. The slightest spark when fuelling, another good chance of boom. And hydrogen peroxide in rocket fuel form, well, a good chance of boom just because it feels like it.

I think, if I had been a German pilot in one of these, I’d have been glad of the brown seat if i saw any tracer flying around.

Anyway, it’s a fun little kit. I found my paint collection wasn’t really aeroplane friendly these days so, thanks to CStM, the blue underside is nail polish. Actually it works rather well but you can’t hang around – it dries fast.

Something was bothering me though, something about the decals supplied. Oh there were the Luftwaffe wing crosses and the little warning signs and so on but there were a few odd ones too. Have a look…

The ones marked ‘4’ are the ones that confused me. I knew the WWII German Wehrmacht and especially SS divisions used runes on their vehicles because I used to play wargaming using actual models as a teenager – but I couldn’t recall ever seeing them on aeroplanes  Also they don’t look like any rune I recognise. It took a while to work it out.

Decal 4 goes on the tail, as per instruction sheet…

Yes, they give British markings even though we didn’t have any and nobody paints the underside of a plane orange. Maybe we captured some when we smacked Merkel’s ancestors’ arses but I never heard of us trying to fly any of them. I suspect any British pilot would take one look and say ‘Fark arf, I’ll take a week in the brig before I sit on top of that farking firework’. That, however, is just the start of the political correctness. Look again at that tail image. See the white triangle? It was never there.

Now take a look at something I didn’t notice on the box cover until later. Look at what’s on the tail.

It’s not easy to see but what’s on the tail is a black square, corners pointing up and down. On the front of the instruction sheet is this image –

This time, the tail insignia is a scribbled-out blob.

If you ever made German warplane models as a kid, you know what the insignia on the tail is. They all had it. It’s part of history. It was real, it happened, accurate history demands accuracy.

It’s a swastika. Decal 4 is half-swastikas. All the planes had them because Germany at that time was run by real Nazis, led by the original Literally Hitler.

Yes. A symbol with unpleasant connotations – but as kids, in the 60s and 70s, our parents and grandparents had no problem with us seeing those  symbols. They told us what they meant, and how to avoid it happening again. Young kids making this model now will not know that it’s two halves of a symbol. They won’t know how to finish the model with historical accuracy.

So when the next swastika wielding yobs arise, our children and grandchildren will not recognise what they are. Is that intentional?

Or have we become so weak that we cannot accept a thing from the past because it’s just too scary? Really? Will we ban Tyrannosaurus Rex models because they’re scary even though they were dead before any of our ancestors were born? You know, I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

The Church of Climatology insist we must Save Humanity (which involves giving them money and Unquestioning Belief or the world will end, but it’s not a religion) and I say…


What the fuck use are the modern human race? They’re just going to whine themselves into extinction anyway. So the world warms up and CO2 increases. The world will have jungles again. All the forests we cleared will grow back, We just won’t be here to see it and complain about it. Let the fuckers die. If that is the future of humanity, so scared of a symbol that they can’t even face it even though it’s from almost 80 years ago, let them die out. They are only getting worse.

If the dinosaurs were wiped out by an asteroid, they went with a bang. A future Cockroach Society will remember our species as the one that went out with a whimper and a plea for more benefits.

I should mention that during one of my dinner table rants, my son said ‘If everyone died tomorrow you’d complain they died in your way’ and he was right. They would. No damn consideration, that’s the trouble with people nowadays.

Oh I expect to get some rage back for this and I fully expect it to come from the same place as ‘all white people must die’. I’m not racist. I’d kill you all if I had a button to do it. Somewhere I do have the 10 ohm 500 watt resistor to finish it, I’ll let you know when I find it. Oh wait – you’ll know.

When the human race is over, nobody won but everyone gets a prize. That is where it is headed. Can we turn it back? Can we get back to sense and reality? Well, we have 57 varieties of gender now. We have people insisting that the word ‘negro’ on Spanish (it means black) must be changed because it is racist. If I was Spain I would change it to ‘arsebasket’ or ‘jizzmonkey’ or best of all, ‘progessive-liberal-fuckwit’.

Honestly. Languages the SJWs don’t even speak have to change to fit their agenda. While they insist illegal Mexican immigrants to the USA are respected. Who speak – gasp – Spanish!

Oh dear.

California (where else?) wants to declare caffeine a carcinogen while demanding unclean water to drink.

Then they will tell you about the seven million deadly chemicals in your latte then declare caffeine an addiction. See where it goes from here? Smokers do. You shat on us and loved it. Have fun with the same shit now

You know, one thing about history is that it stops us doing the same stupid things again. Like drinking untreated water. But, who would be so stupid? Oh. Californians.

Most of California is trying to be a separate state. I have never set foot in the USA but I can see their point.

You know, all this hate, all this division, it’s been done before. Most recently under the swastika the progressives claim to hate. Now you don’t get a decal, you get a dare. Will you do it?

I will

I remember the tales of what Nazi actaully means,

Do you?



Rewriting History, with Larry Croft

There is now a female Dr. Who, there has been a female Dr. Watson (in Sherlock Holmes) and I haven’t seen it so I don’t know how they handled Dr. Watson’s wife when she found out. It probably involved smelling salts and maybe a defibrillator.

There are plans for a female, black, James Bond. That’s going to make all those bedroom scenes… interesting. What would the counterpart of Pussy Galore be, I wonder? Big Dick McNutswinger? I can barely contain my anticipation.

A black James Bond would work. He just has to be British and pompous and we have those in all colours already. After all, his counterpart in the CIA, Felix, was a master of disguise. He appeared white in one film, black in another and even as Mr. Bean in one of them. I don’t recall seeing Felix in drag but I probably haven’t seen all the films.

The ultimate, of course, was replacing the white transvestite lead role in The Rocky Horror Picture Show with a black woman. Yeah… the point was that he was a guy who dressed as a woman. A woman who dresses as a woman is… well… ordinary. The ordinary had no place in that show.

Looking at all this would lead you to reasonably conclude that women are incapable of thinking up their own fictional characters. All they can do is fan-fiction existing stories and make the male characters female. Not a single creative neuron in the female brain. It’s the only logical conclusion… but it’s not the right one.

Women are perfectly capable of writing new and original stories. The Bronte sisters. Enid Blyton, Beatrix Potter, Agatha Christie, Sydney Sheldon. Many more. Even those with brains full of progressive idiocy have managed to write things like Harry Potter. So, why do the girls want to steal our toys?

Can we reciprocate? A male version of Charlies Angels? Yeah… I don’t want that. An all male cast in Baywatch? That’s not going to do well. An adventure game starring Larry Croft? Children’s TV – Derek the Explorer? I’m struggling here. I can’t think of a single female lead character I would prefer to be male. Not one.

Imagine if Kill Bill were Kill Jill. Pretty Woman were Pretty Man. Um… no. It doesn’t work. And ladies, it doesn’t work the other way either. Take note, BBC. Margaret of Anjou was what is referred to nowadays as ‘basement gamer white’, not in the slightest bit tanned. The phrase ‘get real’ has never been so relevant.

Girls, we don’t want to change your lead roles. We don’t want to rewrite Mulan so it’s a boy who dresses as a girl and is voiced by Julian Clary. We don’t want to see Stephen Fry in tights on the new posters for Cabaret. We are not going to lobby JKR to change Hermione Grainger to Herman. We want those films and shows and games exactly as they are now. No changes. We have no demands.

So what’s the idea behind it all? It really has nothing to do with any inability of women to write well. Margo Jackson’s book ‘The Mark’ gets well received even though she is just starting out. Not one of the four Underdog Anthologies is exclusively male. You think women can’t write scary stories? Oh believe me, they can think up tortures that will make any guy’s legs cross tighter than a very tight thing. Women can write just as well as men, sometimes better because they are better at expressing emotion. There is absolutely no need for women to poach male characters in existing shows and turn them into women. It has no literary merit nor function. Well, it has function…

Its function is to belittle.

Its function is to erase.

Its function is to remove any male ‘hero’ from the minds of the next generation.

You will note there has been no attempt to replace Shakespearean characters such as Caliban (The Tempest), Shylock (The Merchant of Venice) or MacBeth (The Scottish Play) with women. These are all revolting, deplorable characters. We get to keep those.

But we don’t get to keep fictional heroes. We don’t get to keep real ones either.

If I had ever met Winston Churchill in person I’m sure I would have left with the conviction that the man was an arse. He was often drunk and rude and thoughtless and he let Coventry burn so he could keep the Enigma machine secret. He could have had patrols up to spot the Nazis before they arrived and they’d have thought it a coincidence. Nope. He let them bomb it.

However. He did play a major role in winning the war and keeping morale in the UK up while Mr. Hitler sent us wave after wave of exploding surprise gifts.

I think we should have bombed Dresden with plastic bombs that just cracked open on landing and popped up a flag with ‘Boom’ written on it. Yeah… I might be a crap War Minister but I’d be a fun one 🙂

It would also have sent a message, I think. ‘We could have flattened your city tonight but we didn’t. So, want to negotiate yet?’

Anyway, Churchill might have been a git in private, even one with the best put-downs for those who called him out on it, but he’s the one who was in charge when we had a World War to deal with. The entire country looked up to him during that time. He was, indeed, a great man. Which gives hope for all the rest of us non-PC pissheads that one day, we’ll be remembered for more than being a non-PC pisshead too.

Churchill is a major part of UK history. Progressives have been trying to erase him for a long time. They have now taken direct action.

This is the man who stood up to Hitler and the Nazis. You know, the same name they call anyone who doesn’t agree with them. You’d think he’d be their hero, the one who stood firm in the face of relentless Nazi attacks led by literally Hitler. Yet they decry him as ‘warmonger’. He didn’t start it. He didn’t want it. Hitler gave him no option – he could either go to war or watch Germany take control of Europe. So he stood up to Nazis. There is a very good reason why the Left Progressives hate him for that. In the words of the now disgraced Rolf – can you tell what it is yet?

Incidentally, if you wrap his corpse in copper wire and put a couple of magnets around it, it’s now spinning fast enough to power the entire National Grid. That’s called a ‘joke’, Progressives. I don’t expect you to get it. Try not to think too hard, you might crash your programming and have to be rebooted.

It’s the same as the statue-tipping craze in the USA. The same as the claim that Muslims invented everything from shoes to iPhones. Incidentally, it’s true that Arabs invented a lot of really important stuff, including mathematics, but that was before Islam fucked them up. Imagine how brilliant they’d be now if it wasn’t for Uncle Mo and his gang of marauding child rapists. They’d be laughing at even China’s attempts to catch up. Pity it all fell apart, eh, guys? Never mind, one day you might realise what’s happened and start putting it right. Have you looked at the architecture and art and music of your ancestors? It’s amazing. Ask yourself why you aren’t allowed it now. Ask why ISIS, who claim to be your team, has been erasing your history.

Kamal Ataturk realised it. He set up Turkey as a Muslim state but with state and religion definitely separated. Wrap his corpse in copper wire, Turkey, add a couple of magnets and your lights will never go out again.

So many times in history, someone has come along who has fixed things and then the progressives come back and hate them for it. They are reviled as being obstructions to the One True Way (*cough* Venezuela *cough*). Look at Russia now. Look at China. Doing well because they cut back on the silly communist nonsense. Yes, still very tightly controlled because, well, Socialism, but in both those places, if you stay out of politics you can do very nicely and the government doesn’t mind at all.

They are still repressive in that you dare not question authority, but you can quietly find ways around it and authority doesn’t care.

The Nazis are coming back. They are the ones who currently call themselves anti-Nazi and anti-Fascist and they won’t believe it, just like last time and every time before that. They will have the swastika symbol again within two generations, perhaps less. Want to know how I know this?

I’ll tell you in the next post. It involves plastic models, history, photographs and an Me 163.



Sugar (and books)

It’s true that eating too much sugar is bad for you. Too much of anything is bad for you. Even water (I rarely touch the stuff myself, having kept pet fish and observed what they do in it).

Yet, having no sugar is bad for you too. Okay, you can get a lot of it as sugar in fruit (in season) and your liver can make sugar out of some other foodstuffs but you have to remember that your body works on sugar. That’s its fuel. Cut out all sugar, all carbohydrate, and your metabolism will burn protein for energy and you will go into ketosis. That is definitely not healthy.

It’s worse with salt. Too much salt is bad, yes, but a little too much is no problem. Your kidneys will dump the excess. It’s what they do. Too little salt – well, your body cannot create sodium. It’s an element. If you have too little, then hyponatremia beckons and if you persist in your salt-free diet while getting sicker, you will die.

Maybe this is a population-thinning exercise. It’ll certainly wipe out the genes of people who put healthy kids on salt, sugar and gluten free vegan diets. A global experiment in Darwinism, maybe?

Lately we have the gobby kitchen staff, in the grinning shape of Jamie Oliver, demanding all breakfast cereals reduce their sugar content. Yes, he’s self-promoting again.

It is worth pointing out every time, that this flabby-tongued gobshite has never been elected to anything, has no medical background, is neither a nutritionist nor a dietitian, and makes pronouncements to get people to notice him.

He is a cook. Since when did business boardrooms and elected MPs take orders from kitchen staff?

They do though. He has one of his tantrums and they all go ‘ooo, the Dreaded Cook is coming, we have to reformulate everything so it tastes like a troupe of weasels peed over it and then nobody will buy it’.

Stupid, isn’t it? But that’s how the world works now. Gobby bastards who have never stood for any kind of election and who have no qualifications in the subject they are spouting off about are the ones being listened to by our vacuous elected representatives.

Every political party should have ‘superficial preening party’ as at least part of their name. Every one. None of them are any use any more. There are very, very few MPs with any brains at all. Load of prancing popinjays who think they have been voted in to do what the hell they please to the people who voted for them.

This is where Cromwell came in last time the government was so out of touch. They won’t know that because they have fucked up education so badly now that history students think Henry the Eighth was the spitting image of Idi Amin and they don’t remember what happened last time we had a King Charles. It was even worse the time before and we’ll soon have Charles III. Who is already bonkers so he has a head start on the first two.

It’s all coming together very unpleasantly, I think…

We’re still in January. We are expected to eat only vegan food and touch no alcohol this month. As you would expect, I have had not one meat-free or whisky-free day this month and have no plans to do so. If they move the Stoptober nonsense into January we can just rename it Miserable Puritan Month and get it all out of the way at the start of the year.

Government by gobshite. Who’d have thought it could come to this? All we have in Parliament is a bunch of mindless expenses claimants who do what they are told by charities and kitchen staff. People who claim to be experts but who are only expert in self-aggrandisement and thuggish controlling methods.

Anyway… the next book from Leg Iron Books is going to piss off these people massively. It has lots and lots of smoking and booze in it, and it’s extremely funny. A complex plot that leads to a logical conclusion – and when you get to the part with the chugger, I reckon every reader is going to have to wipe tears of laughter from their eyes. Unless you’re a chugger, in which case you might want to be a little less aggressive in the future.

It’s by Lee Bidgood, who has appeared in the last two Underdog Anthologies and it’s a really good one. Target is release by the end of the month (my visit to Wales in January has been postponed because of a reason) and it’s certainly possible.

On book promotions, I was sent a link by an early author, Justin Sanebridge, to a promoting site that sends out tweets, farcebok posts, Google+ posts (whatever they are) and more to advertise a book. They also have a free sample that sends it out once so you can try it.

The base 30-day plan costs just $14.99 (currently £10.80) to get it sent out twice a day for 30 days. At 50 cents a day that’s pretty cheap. I will send one book a month for this promotion. If I send them all at once I’ll have books competing with other books from the same publisher (me) and I want to see if it affects sales. If it makes $15 a month it’s a good one.

But hey, if anyone wants to use the free one-day thing to give their book a shot now, go for it. if you want to use the paid service yourself, tell me you did it so I’ll be able to link it to sales.

First one out is Justin Sanebridge’s ‘The Goddess of Protruding Ears’ because he found the site so that’s only fair. I have 30 days to decide whether to do the rest in order or at random. I might not add the anthologies because they are priced to the bone so they’d have trouble getting the initial stake back. They’d be bottom of the list anyway – the authors go first.

An advertising budget of $15 a month won’t break me. If it works, if it makes more than the stake, they have heavier-duty plans I could move up to. Advertising budget is tax deductible too.

Which reminds me, I have a chunky tax bill to pay this year. I don’t want to give money to people I know will use it to make my life a misery, I’d rather give it to a trembling street corner junkie who will only damage themselves, but they’ll come for me if I don’t.

First tax bill in years. I am sure I will be claiming a lot of it back next year though.



A foray into the medical world

I was at the doctor today. Nothing wrong with me, I just had to register, as did CStM, with a nearby doctor. The one I rarely met before is now too far away and the nearest is only two towns away, so it was necessary to re-register.

Anyway, today was The Day of Assessment. They don’t have my medical records, such as they are, as yet. So they weren’t forewarned.

The assessing nurse, predictably, began by speaking as if I was senile. Then told me I shouldn’t be smoking. I did say I had some Electrofags and was still trying new ones. That is a good thing in the UK medical mind. Seems we did send most of the loonies to Australia after all.

Then she asked how much I drank a week.

When she got her breath back, she told me I was way over the recommended 14 units a week. I told her that they reduced the made-up number faster than I could reduce my drinking (it has reduced from its peak, which exceeded the old weekly limits most days and would probably have made her pass out entirely). The subject changed abruptly.

I was weighed and measured and a urine sample tested. They now have dipsticks that test multiple things in under a minute. I hadn’t seen that before. There have been some advances in medicine since I last visited, it seems.

To the quite evident disappointment of the nurse, there was absolutely nothing wrong with me. I am still free of any kind of medication.

The only thing, towards the end, was that my blood pressure was a little high. A nagging session where I am treated as if I have late stage Alzheimer’s is enough to explain that, I think, so I’m not going to worry about it.

I wasn’t invited back.

I wonder if, when my slim volume of medical notes arrives, they will be in a red folder with ‘beware – awkward bastard’ written on the front?

I bet they’ll wish they’d seen those first.


The Genderless Society

One of the main sticking points in writing ‘Panoptica’ is trying to think like a drone who is content in his utterly oppressed world. I don’t mean he tolerates it, he actually sees it as the ideal way to live. Under total control.

I had also envisaged it as genderless (there are mechanics involved that have not come true yet although there are signs it is on the way) but there are no males or females. I have it set up like ant or bee society: the ones at the top do all the breeding (again, there are mechanics to this that would be spoilers) but the general plebs are neutered drones. Why keep them alive at all? Oh the answer to that is very nasty indeed. As you would expect  😉

The thing about fiction is it has to make sense. Real life doesn’t have to and rarely does, but fiction has to make sense. I had to find a way to arrive at all the restrictions on life I had placed on ‘Panoptica’ – and how do you get to the point where people accept being neutered drones? The history of this future horror had to be logical.

While writing this I have set out a few ‘on the way’ scenarios, here and here. The former story is now in ‘The Good, the Bad and Santa‘, the fourth Underdog Anthology. The latter is just a draft on the blog so far.

Panoptica’s main character is called 10538 because the idea was first inspired by the Electric Light Orchestra’s ‘10538 Overture‘. A long, long time ago. I had listened to that song for years and always thought ‘This is the overture. Where’s the rest of it?’ Eventually I decided to write the rest of it myself.

The genderless society idea now has a history. Thanks to the Militant Transency, or what an online acquaintance likes to call the Rainbow Reich, there are now more ‘genders’ than anyone can remember. You can also define yourself ‘otherkin’ and be a blue pansexual platypus if you like.There are even white people who identify as black now. You are white. Clean the damn mirror once in a while.

It’s insane and it’s perfect for the progression of history in this fictional story that’s rapidly coming true.

I had expected the first signs in California or maybe Scotland where the idiots in charge fall for any old crap and make it law. I missed something. A place where they delight in controlling and tormenting their population with idiotic legislation.

Australia. We used to send our convicts and loonies there so it’s probably historically our fault but even so…

Queensland, Australia, has decided that driver ID (the driving licence in the UK) will no longer carry discriminatory descriptions such as gender, height, hair and eye colour. The link is to a Quora answer which includes a screenshot of the report but not a direct link.

Well it’ll be cheaper to make the IDs because everyone will have the same card. Nobody will have a gender though. If you never learn to drive, no bother, borrow your wife’s licence. You might be 6 feet tall, your wife 5 feet, you might be ginger while she is blonde, doesn’t matter. The ID card fits you as well as it does her.

The important part is the loss of gender. As 81-Mohammed explains in the second story I linked to, people will delight in the removal of the 57 varieties of gender that blight reality now. They will welcome the genderless society.

Will they neuter their children? Oh please. They are lining up to have them transgendered already, even kids that have just learned to speak. It’s the ‘in thing’ now. Neutered until they are old enough to choose a gender? They will beat down the hospital doors to be the first. And those who aren’t keen to comply will be shamed with the new ‘transphobia’ nonsense.

Of course, once neutered they will never be able to reproduce, no matter what later surgery they have. They won’t have the parts any more. In one generation you have eradicated the family unit. Marx would be so proud.

Where it goes from there, well, I have it sketched out and planned it.

Just need to write it down. Preferably before it happens.


Big Bird is watching you

I don’t know where the image originated but I’d love to give it credit. I can’t stop laughing at it.

So, Twitter is, as I have long suspected, capable of and willing to read all the DMs you post and can recover deleted tweets and DMs. And if they don’t like you. it’s the oblivion button for you.

Shadow banning is real, as Twitter employees admit in the video. Shadow banning is when they press the oblivion button but don’t tell you. You keep on posting on Twitter as if nothing happened but hardly anyone is seeing the tweets.

Well it’s their site, they can ban who they like. It would be nice if they were honest about it but hey, it’s their reputation, they can do what they like with it.

There is one person banned from this site (one person on the whole planet so objectionable that even I won’t listen to him) and he likes to pretend I am affecting his right to free speech. I’m not, he can talk all he wants but not at my place. Really, being banned on a little backwater blog like this one doesn’t amount to global censorship by anyone’s standards.

Likewise, those banned on Twitter have not lost the right to free speech, in fact I’d say they are better off exercising that right in a place where people are actually listening rather than on a site that doesn’t want to hear them.

I have an account at Gab, which does not engage in shadow banning. It’s claimed to be a ‘right wing site’ but I have seen crazy progressive lefties ranting on there and none of them are banned. They have the same free speech as everyone else, they just don’t have the power to get their opponent shut down by whining at the management. It’s a bit Wild West, sure, but you stand or fall on your own merits there. No mollycoddling. No preferential treatment. It’s more like real life.

Twitter is in danger of turning itself into a Guardian-like echo chamber where only one side of the argument is allowed. The other side is simply shut out. As the Guardian and maybe Twitter might one day realise, that causes people to give up and go away. Why bang your head on a brick wall? If you are a ‘racist-Nazi-bigot’ for even daring to question their orthodoxy, why bother to question them at all? By extension, why read or listen to them any more? Leave them to their own devices and if that means funding dries up, well that’s their problem.

In other but much the same news, Virgin trains have decided not to sell the Daily Heil any more because it does not fit with their Leftie image. Okay. Don’t sell a very popular paper (I admit to buying one once to line the bottom of a guinea pig cage) that anyone can access for free on the internet while sitting on your trains. Well, they could if your train wifi worked. ‘We have wifi, it doesn’t work’. How very Soviet of you, Virgin. What a pickle eh, Branston?

Or they can buy one at the newsagents before they get on the train. I think I will if I have occasion to ride Virgin trains in the future. I won’t bother to read it, it’s bad for your blood pressure, I’ll just leave it on the table or seat when I get off.

But hey, if Virgin want to get mass-fucked over their perceived curtailing of free speech (it isn’t, if you want the Mail get one on the way to the train) it’s up to them. Not my concern.

See, I don’t care about the Daily Heil. I do care about freedom of speech. Banning speech you don’t like leads to a very dark road. It just pushes those opinions underground where you can’t see them until they explode.

It doesn’t matter what paper they chose to ban. If they had banned the Grauniad, which I see as the opposite extreme, I would feel the same way. It puts a commercial company, supported by government, in charge of what you choose to think and that is a clear definition of fascism.

The same is true of Twitter, Farcebok and all the ‘anti-fascist’ movements. Agree with us or we will silence you the fascist way, you fascists. Look, if you’re going to insult me (and I have been called ‘fascist’ for trying to reasonably work out what these people think – I came away not wondering ‘what’ but ‘whether’) at least look up a definition of what you are calling me. Read it, understand it and look in a mirror. Is it you or me?

For once try to be honest with yourself. Being honest to others is a long way down the line, just try to make a start.

I have considered getting back into share buying again now the latest round of penury has passed. I doubt it would be the last, I am shit at finances and am paying tax this year for the first (and possibly last) time in ages. I would not buy shares in Twitter, Farcebok, Google or the like, nor would I buy shares in their right wing opposites. You want to make a profit, you need to be politically neutral in your provision of services. otherwise you cut your potential customer base in half and it doesn’t matter which half you pick, you become an echo chamber that soon becomes boring. Even to those on ‘your side’.

Again, it’s Twitter’s business, they can ruin it how they like. There are no laws forcing them to service those they disagree with. It’s not like they are Christian baker shops.

Just be aware that the Thought Police run those platforms and if they don’t like you they will push you off the edge. They can access private messages and recall deleted private and public messages.

You are not obliged to Tweet anything, but anything you do Tweet can and will be used against you in court.

Just remember that last line.