Rabbits and cane toads

Australia knows what happens when you mix different kinds of animal in unnatural habitats. Rabbits were introduced there as an easy source of meat, but Australia didn’t have anything that preyed on rabbits so the rabbits soon became a bloody nuisance. Now, I am told (but don’t know for sure), some Australian cities are so undermined by rabbit warrens that they could sink into the ground at a moment’s notice.

They should have gone for kangaroo meat. It’s good, I had the chance to try it once and there’s a damn sight more meat on a kangaroo than a rabbit. You would need a bigger snare though.

Then Australia brought in cane toads to get rid of pests infesting crops. Once again, bereft of predators, they soon became a bloody nuisance too.

Now Australia, like most of us idiot white nations, imports Muslims by the illegal truckload. They have no predators either. They are protected by law from even verbal offense. The Muslim’s only serious predator is other Muslims. They do enjoy killing each other.

But hey, the SJWs will be quick to mention the Catholic oppression by the Protestants in ages past. We were once like that so it’s okay for Islam to be like that. They could talk about the Spanish Inquisition, a Catholic mob that suppressed both Protestants and Muslims – but they never do. Oh that’s right, all history was made by black people so none of the white stuff ever happened except slavery.

Incidentally, slavery is now rife in Libya but the SJWs pretend it isn’t happening because it’s black people enslaving black people and that simply cannot be true. Only white people do bad things – oh wait, they mean other white people because SJWs are only white on the outside and are male feminists because that’s the only way they can molest women and get away with it. Heh. That one isn’t doing so well now, eh?

By now, any SJW stumbling across this will be in the final stages of Outrage and will be damning me to the deepest levels of Hell. And you know what? I don’t care.

These are words. They are not violence. They don’t call for violence, they don’t even hint at violence. They do not incite violence. They don’t even directly insult anyone (except SJWs, but they are insulted by their own existence anyway so that hardly matters). And yet these words are all it takes now to send even the top levels of government into apoplexy.

Rape gangs, bombs, anti-white overt racism including calls for ethnic cleansing, none of that troubles a hair on a politician’s head. Say the wrong words and they are crying into their pumpkin soy lattes at the terror and injustice of a few sentences on a screen.

People have been shamed into resigning over allegations. No need for evidence, proof, trial. The allegation is enough. Their biggest fear is to be called racist, Nazi, sex offender… but when the people they were voted in to serve see their daughters systematically raped, they look the other way.

At a fundamental level, the politicians do not care about you. Not at all. They care only for themselves. Their public image is all that matters to them and if that is broken, so are they.

And yet… it is not what the public think of them that matters to them. It is what their own social group thinks that is important. Out here in real life we all think they are total fucking idiots but their circle of equally dim inbred friends pat them on the back for being ‘inclusive’ and ‘diverse’ and whatever buzzword of the day they think up next.

In that situation, the only thing they truly fear is the loss of their shallow friends. Being branded ‘racist’ or ‘far right’ will get them shunned harder than a Jehovah’s Witness caught reading one of my books in a graveyard.

They think this applies to all of their circle. When Donald Trump retweeted some videos showing Muslims throwing a gay man off a roof, stoning a woman, and more horrors (I haven’t seen the specific videos but I’ve seen enough of Islam’s prolific output of snuff movies to get the idea) he was roundly condemned as a racist.

Not for the videos. For the retweets. You see, the videos were first posted by Britain First, branded a ‘dangerous far right group’ because they drive vans into civilians and set off bombs and rape children and march through the streets calling for beheadings and the killing of anyone who insults them… oh wait no, they don’t do any of that. If they did they’d be fine. All that stuff is perfectly acceptable to our politicians as long as the ‘approved’ people are doing it.

Anyway, Donnie retweeted the videos and the sad, feeble politicians went into meltdown. There were even calls for him to be arrested for a hate crime. Yes, our MPs want to arrest the President of the United States for retweeting some videos that show the true face of Islam… because he retweeted them from a non-approved source. I would say they have a tenuous grasp on reality, but as far as reality is concerned they let go a long time ago and are now far out of sight in the void of absurdity.

As a result of the whining pussy-whipped girlie men in Parliament, the permanently outraged feminist harpies, the half man half woman Frankenstein creations of the trendy left and not forgetting our hatchet faced Prime Monster who can bring herself to condemn Trump over tweets but cannot stand up to the thugs of the EU, Donnie Trumpton has cancelled his visit to the UK.

Oh I am sure the SJWs hail this as a great victory. ‘Trump has caved in. We have won’. They believe this because they are fucking morons.

Trump has just sent a very clear message to the rest of the world and it is not ‘I am scared of the Lefties’.

It is this.

‘I am not wasting my time with the United Kingdom. It is a silly place’. Let’s face it, he’s right, isn’t he?

Our own version of Australia’s rabbits and toads is not the Muslims. Nor is it immigrants of any kind. Okay, they are a bloody nuisance sometimes but they are not the ones wreaking utter destruction on this country.

That is being done by our own Parliament.



The Christmas Anthology

I don’t have a title for it yet. I might just call it ‘Humbug’. Anyone have anything better?

I’ve also fallen behind on the book listings in the menu – mainly due to putting out five books this month. Although, two just needed reformatting and new covers and another one was a new version of an existing Leg Iron Book, but even so… pretty busy month.

The new version of Cultish has resulted in a reduction in the print book price from £8.90 to £6.39 (variable, it’s tied to the US dollar price) which I hope will boost sales. You can click to look inside – if you dare! This is not one for the faint of heart.

Jessica’s Trap and Samuel’s Girl are the two novels I had previously ‘properly’ published with another publisher. Their five year contracts ran out so I decided to bring them into the Leg Iron Books fold. They are now considerably cheaper in paperback than before, not least because I don’t have to split the profits so I can cut a pretty thin profit margin on these. Both are available on Kindle although the listings for Samuel’s Girl haven’t merged on Amazon yet. It normally only takes a few days. As with all the books, they are available in pretty much any ebook format on Smashwords and most will appear on a very wide range of eBook sites.

The two new publications for November were Sinistré by Mark Ellott and Es-Tu là, Allah? by Dirk Vleugels. Both authors provided their own cover art which really helped to speed things up.

Five books in one month. I’m not going to promise to ever do that again!

Anyway, back to the anthology. The closing date for stories is midnight on December 1st, so it’s nearly here. There are enough stories in already to make it a definite ‘go’ but there is still time to add a couple more.

I’m thinking about making it three sections – Past, Present and Yet to Come, if there are enough stories for each section. This means the ‘About the Author’ pages will be collected at the back of the book becasue some authors will be in more than one section. We have some new authors again – the gang is getting bigger 🙂

Right. One last Big Push to get the anthology done and then I can relax over Christmas. In the New Year I have a novel by Lee Bidgood to do, and I really need to finish the next Romulus Crowe story too.

Better get back to work…


Dumbing down

We have a really crap selection to vote for in the UK and there’s a reason for it.

If you want to dumb everything down, slap down capitalism, destroy the nation state, then what you have to do is get rid of the whole ‘best person for the job’ idea. How? Oh it was so easy!

You now have to elect/employ a woman because women are underrepresented in politics/business. You have to elect/employ someone based on diversity quotas or disability quotas.

You can’t discriminate against anyone, not even the one legged agoraphobic black ex-convict drug addict lesbian transgender single parent who identifies as a pansexual male seal and likes to rape penguins in his/her/its spare time. Not even if the job is ‘steeplejack’. If you don’t have one of those on your books, you have to employ him/her/it. This is especially true if the other candidate is a lithe and athletic professional climber nicknamed ‘Spiderman’ but who happens to be straight, white and male.

‘Best candidate for the job’ is no longer an issue. Have you filled your quotas? It’s about now I can be thankful I operate as a sole trader. I don’t employ anyone and never will. It’s just too much bother.

Although I might one day employ a woman. I like women. They have all those curvy bits and that aversion to taking wild risks that seems missing from… me, at least. Since the publishing game doesn’t really need muscle, the male/female thing is not an issue. Neither is skin colour nor the ability to leap tall buildings at a single bound. Bullet-dodging could come in handy though.

Political correctness had one aim. To destroy the social order. Pure Marxist theory – and everything that workshy proto-hippy ever did was theory. He was, in practical terms, entirely useless and yet he has been elevated to Godlike status because he promised a Utopia that can never work. We know, because it has been tried over and over again and it always ends in disaster and a big pile of corpses. All on the deranged writings of a bearded layabout hippy straight white man from a wealthy family. Irony is fun, isn’t it?

It will end in a big pile of corpses again this time round, and it seems white genocide is the aim of the anti-racists of today. Good luck with that, peoples of the world. You can look at our snowflake SJW whiners and think that is what you are up against but you are oh so wrong. One black girl student on YouTube once said white people are demons and she passed her course for saying it. Demons? Really, look at history. Proper history, not the sanitised shit. Look at what the white race is capable of when really annoyed. Demons are scared of us.

You really want to ride this train? We make films and books about the Djinn and Pazuzu and every other demon you want to tell us about. I have used most demons in my own stories and not one has dared complain. They don’t scare us. Demons are entertainment. And you think we are scared of you?

We’ve been quiet for so long but the genes of Napoleon and Bismarck and Drake and Vortigern and all those Caesars are not extinct. Go on, BLM. Keep it up, Islam. Keep kicking the sleeping giant.

I think you were always meant to. See, when you step back, dispel the emotional arguments pushed into your brains and really take a calm look at it all, you see the ones running the show are rich white men. So which races do you think they want to destroy and which do they want to keep? They know what we white devils can do. They want us to do it again. We don’t want to but you’ve been set up to force it to happen. So no tears when it does happen, okay? It’s what you were told you wanted.

It’s been a long game, this capitalism-destruction agenda that clearly cannot work. Not when anti-capitalists record their thug actions on the latest iPhones. Run by rich white men, pretty much exclusively and mostly led and carried out by the white children of rich families so they don’t have to trouble themselves with all that ‘working for a living’ nonsense and are free to bring down capitalism for the workers.

Yeah. For the workers. The people who work for, and who are paid by, capitalism. You know, the people who actually produce stuff and who actually do things. The idle thugs of Antifa and their ilk want to put a stop to all that wage-earning nonsense. All the business owners, all the employer, are evil and must be eradicated You will live off the State who will get their money from… oh, hang on.

Yes, it is a game. A long game and it’s just been skewered by Trump. Hence the vitriol against him. He was not supposed to happen. That is why it has accelerated now.

Neither was Brexit. There was no plan for a ‘Fuck off EU’ result. That was easily dispelled by having the useless Tessie May in charge. She will fuck it up, it’s what she is there to do. It could have been so easy if only Hideous Clinton had won. She didn’t. Not because Straw Hair was great. Because he was the least bad option.

We are reduced to voting for the least bad option. We do not vote for the best because the best have been weeded out on the diversity hoe.

I’m old. I might not see the horrors future youth will face. I could just let it all slide and say ‘Your problem’.

But I have children and soon, grandchildren. So it’s my problem.

And every white father’s problem.

Time to wake up, demon scarers.

Looking for typos

I’m almost ready to republish ‘Samuel’s Girl’ under Leg Iron Books at a price way below the previous print price.

When I put up the cover for ‘Jessica’s Trap’, you guys spotted a typo and some other issues. Still gave me time to fix it, but this time I’m looking for a quick check first. Here, then, are the new front and back covers for ‘Samuel’s Girl’…

The theme is a circle drawn in blood for a reason 😉 The image is the Second Pentacle of Venus from the Key of Solomon, the pentacle that gets you your desires. There is a theme through this series of books and that’s why the covers will be similar. It won’t be obvious with these first two but will become very obvious indeed with the third.

Now for the back…

There will be an image between the Leg Iron Books logo and the space for the barcode but I haven’t decided on it yet. It’ll be something that will become clear later in the book and it will be in blue, because that’s the colour of the next book’s cover. That isn’t important right now – what matters first is whether a) there are any typos and b) whether that blurb would entice you to open the book.

I’m still on the big push for November. All this stuff has to be out of the way for December 1st so I can blitz the Christmas anthology and then take time off for Christmas.

So, anyone with stories for that anthology, December 1st is the deadline and then it’ll be done in 7-10 days and then I take a rest for a few weeks.

January 2nd, full steam ahead again. I need time off in late January too, for my father’s birthday. After that it’s full throttle.

I have five days to get Samuel’s Girl off my to-do list so any comments on those covers are welcome at this stage.

Six days from now, if you see a problem, keep it to yourself  😉


Christmas time, silliness and lies…

The Black Friday silliness is nearly over and I have spent… nothing at all. I have ignored it completely and feel much better for it. I haven’t even watched the videos of people squabbling over last year’s technology so the shops get space for Christmas stock of this year’s stuff. Which I also will not buy. It’s going to be a difficult Christmas for those who want to buy me presents because beyond whisky and tobacco, there is nothing left that I want.

I have, however, watched the day’s silliness off and on. There is a lot of it now. The BBC is horrified to find that mince pies contain traces of alcohol. That’s not the silliest part of the article though – that prize goes to Asda’s checkout staff for demanding ID for the sale of a box of mince pies. What goes through their minds? Not much…

Upping the silliness a notch (oh this is just getting started), a mother has called for ‘Sleeping Beauty’ to be age restricted so younger kids can’t read it. Why? Because the sleeping princess does not give consent to be kissed. That, apparently, is what causes men to become rapists in later life.Therefore Hansel and Gretel turns old ladies into cannibals and children into murderers while Goldilocks encourages home invasion, food theft and  bed-hopping in young girls.

The comments on the article are worth reading. In particular, the book about a God who impregnates a virgin while she sleeps – without her consent. They haven’t banned the Bible yet, but it’s coming.

Although there might not be any need. The Church of Sweden is no longer referring to the ‘Lord’ God because that assumes he is male. Well, all through the Bible, references to God refer to ‘he’ or ‘him’ and not ‘xe, xim’ or any other recently made up pronoun. The Bible also makes the gender issue very clear indeed. Man and woman. There is no Book of Genders – and you’d need a whole damn book these days, with daily updates as the loonies think up new things to call themselves.

One thing’s for sure, I’m not leaving any pet of mine alone with someone calling themselves ‘pansexual’. There is now even pressure to recognise paedos as a legitimate sexual orientation. That’s going to be a ‘no’ from me on that one.

You know, I think if God was being ‘misgendered’ (now a sacking offence in many places) all this time, xe’d have said something. I also think we might soon see some evidence for the existence of God when the Church of Sweden gets obliterated by multiple, simultaneous lightning strikes. If you believe in the existence of a deity as powerful as that, one thing you definitely avoid doing is pissing him off.

Well it’s Sweden. God could just let Islam finish destroying it. I picture him turning to Allah and saying ‘You can have that place, mate. I don’t want it any more.’ Maybe he already has

Oh, wait until the Politically Correct start insisting Allah might be transgender. That would be a day to remember.

Meanwhile Brexit continues to not happen. The EU’s latest bargaining chip is to deny the UK an entry into the European City of Culture self-congratulatory waste of time and money. If I were sat at that negotiating table, my response would have been an eyeroll, a sarcasm-drenched ‘Oh I am quaking’ and a request that they go away and find some adults we can negotiate with. Which, I suppose, is why I’ll never be called into the field of diplomacy.

I hope they eject us from the Eurovision terrible song contest too. Nobody will dare vote for us after Brexit anyway. Except maybe Poland, Hungary etc. They might give us top marks just to poke their EU dictators in the eye.

Who the hell cares about getting a City of Culture in 2023? It doesn’t mean a damn thing and there’s a good chance there’ll be no EU by then anyway. It’s falling apart like rice-paper in the rain.

It’s not the only thing that’s falling apart. The anti-vapers are on increasingly shaky ground and the Church of Climatology is on thinner ice than even they predicted. The previously robust LGBT movement has now fragmented into a thousand different groups because of the ridiculous proliferation of imaginary genders. There are gender identities that have one person in them now.

There are men pretending to be women but who want to keep their danglies. It’s as if pantomime season has escaped onto the streets. Widow Twanky wants to use the same changing rooms as teenage girls and we’re supposed to regard that as normal. These dames have even labelled actual transsexuals as ‘transcum’ because they underwent the horrors of surgery to prove they were serious, and weren’t just trying to ogle young girls in underwear.

The Pope welcomes the invasion of radical Islam even though he is number one on their list of people to behead. What the hell is in those incense burners now?

The EU is dictating to Austria about the form its new government should take. Austria looks like giving them a resounding ‘git tae fuck’ (every government needs a Glaswegian spokesman) as does Hungary etc. over the EU insistence they fill their countries with people who hate them.

There are people on Twitter shouting ‘Kill all white people’ and some of the ones shouting are white. Turkeys demanding an extra Christmas every year.  Or maybe an extra Thanksgiving, but that is now racist, as is the poppy of Remembrance Day. I bought two this year because of that and because anti-white racism is now so blatant that even Government departments can post job adverts with ‘no whites’ on them. Try posting any job ad with ‘no blacks’ on it and see what happens.

I haven’t bothered with Facebook much for a long time. It’s rapidly becoming a dictatorship and Twitter is going the same way. Some ‘endorsed’ members (the blue tick is an endorsement of their views by Twitter now, not just a verified identity, because they are taking that verification away from people they don’t agree with) preach violence and death and if they are anti-white, that’s fine.

I’ve now set up an account on gab.ai  ready for the day Twitter feels I am ‘threatening their safe space’ or some such crap. Anyone can join there, anyone at all. It’s in its infancy but it’s how Twitter used to be, with no sides taken and nobody banned just for disagreeing. If it eventually turns into another Totalitarian Twitter there will be a new one to follow it.

I still have to fill out my tax return and I really don’t want to. I’ll have to give them money this time and when I see what they do with it, I honestly don’t want to feel responsible for rte shit they produce. Tessie Maybe was a crap Home Secretary and is an appallingly weak Prime Monster. She only won because the alternative was so much worse.

I’d rather have John Major back. Yeah, she’s that bad.

Well, times are going to get interesting and somewhat violent in the near future. I heard today that in Sweden, they have set fire to nine immigrant housing places but I can’t be sure if that’s true yet. I don’t know of any completely reliable news source any more. The backlash, if it hasn’t started already, is inevitable though.

Only the politicians and the politically correct will be surprised. The rest of us will just shrug and say ‘Yeah. Told you.’

Strange times

The original versions of Jessica’s Trap and Samuel’s Girl are finally vanishing from Amazon. There are second hand copies of the print books floating around still but meh, you can’t stop the second hand market. Anyway, it’s good advertising – people pick up a book in a charity shop and if they like it, they might look for more by the same author.

The most important thing to get rid of were the Kindle versions. I wasn’t concerned about the print books. The original publisher of Jessica’s Trap had it priced way too high – the new version is less than half that price in print. Well okay, I don’t have to pay any staff and since this one is by me, I don’t have to split the profit with an author so I can take half the profit I would normally go for. The print books make pennies per book – the profit is better in the eBook market, where there are no print costs. Just the distributor/bookseller cut.

Jessica’s Trap should have gone out of print in April 2016 but it was still there until I contacted Amazon about it. I’ve no idea who was getting the profit from any sales but it wasn’t me – nor was it the publisher. This was off their lists. Naturally, Amazon at first refused to take it down (being the author doesn’t give you any rights over your own work at Amazon) and then things got a bit shouty and eventually they took it down.

The same thing just happened with Samuel’s Girl. Again, it’s only the Kindle version that concerns me. I can undercut the print book price by a very wide margin but not the eBook price. Again, contacting the publisher confirmed it wasn’t on their books (it went out of contract earlier this month) and again, things had to get shouty before Amazon took it down. The Kindle version seems to have vanished now.

I’ll put it back on after I translate it back from American to English and finish the cover. Should be out this month.

That means November’s releases so far are –

Es-Tu là, Allah? by Dirk Vleugels

Sinistré, the Morning Cloud Chronicles by Mark Ellott

Jessica’s Trap by H.K. Hillman

I have begun loading the new, shorter version of Cultish and that will start to show up in a few days. It’s quite a big change so it has to go through all the checking processes again. And, unless something horrible happens, Samuel’s Girl will appear before the end of the month. It’s all complete, just needs a cover and a check-through.

That leaves December free to finalise the anthology and get that out, then I have Lee Bidgood’s novel to work on. A day off for Christmas and then let’s see how many I can get published in January before I take a break for my father’s birthday.

If submissions fall I can get some of my own books finished – some have been idle for years!

The Christmas anthology is building into quite a big one but there’s still room for more stories. I won’t promise illustrations this time, I need it ready in early December, well before Christmas. Deadline for submissions is December 1st but I’ll start assembling it before then.

Somewhere in that lot I’ll need to find time for a good blog rant. It’s been a while…


The Big Push

It’s been a bit one track here lately. All about the books. Well, that’s because I’m having a big push to get as much out as possible this month. That will leave the end of the month and the start of December clear for the Christmas anthology, and then I can take Christmas as a proper holiday.

My father is 80 in January even though he smoked his way through the entire planet’s tobacco harvest several times over so I want some free time then too – another big push might happen in the first weeks of January to make sure that happens.

Anyway, I’ve just loaded Jessica’s Trap onto Amazon and it should show up in a day or two. I’ll load it on Smashwords tomorrow, it’s getting late here and I don’t want to mess it up. This is a republication of one of the books previously published by Eternal Press (later Caliburn Press) whose contract expired over a year ago. I can’t keep the original cover, that was the property of the cover artist, so I have a new cover. It looks like this –

The cover image is the Seal of Solomon, the seal used on the brass vessel in which Solomon trapped 72 demons and their legions of spirits. I redrew the version in Goetia, scanned it then meddled with it in Paint Shop. It’s relevant to the story, as is the chosen colour and the strange object at the bottom of the back cover. That’s enough hints – no spoilers.

I have discovered I can transfer my existing self published books on Amazon to Leg Iron Books simply by editing the book details. Nothing else changes, except they now show up on a search for Leg Iron Books. This means that any reviews are untouched. Jessica’s Trap and Samuel’s Girl will unfortunately lose their reviews because they were published by someone else. I’ll be republishing rather than just editing the details. Can’t be helped. Hopefully at the new price they’ll pick up just as good reviews in the future.

On the plus side, by cutting profits to the bone I can make the print version a hell of a lot cheaper than before. Since it’s just me I don’t have to split the royalties, don’t have to pay cover artists etc, and even though it will make mere pennies per book it’s now a much more attractive price than before.

I have heard from Hugo Stone and a new version of Cultish is imminent. This will be a trimmed version and therefore cheaper but the story has lost nothing. The storyline is intact, the filth and depravity remains unsullied by political correctness or common decency. It’ll still shock you and amuse you in equal measure. That will be another rapid output for this month even though it doesn’t really count because it’s already published.

Samuel’s Girl will be another fast finish. The book is written and edited, out of contract since early November and just needs a cover, There will be another seal, circle or pentacle on the cover and the dominant colour will be red, because of a reason. These need to match because even though these two books seem totally unrelated, they will blend together in the third, Norman’s House. That one might come out early next year too. The main action in that one is in April, so it should be out before then.

All this has to be completed and still leave time for the Christmas anthology. Deadline for that one is still December 1st but I’ll start assembling it sooner.

Despite the concentration on books recently I’m not ignoring the deposing of Bobby Mug-a-bee, nor the regime change in Saudi Arabia. I have noticed the SNP’s suicidal minimum pricing for booze and the indoctrination of preschool children using deranged drag queens who think all children should be the opposite sex. Oh I am watching the world fall apart and to be honest, rather enjoying the spectacle. Venezuela is definitely worth keeping an eye on, there’s a hell of a big bang building up over there. Socialist paradise, eh?

Brexit is going to be fun too. If only Tessie Maybe wasn’t such a weak wuss we might actually get a deal worth having but then the alternative, Jerry Cordite, would probably have gone for Red Brexit in which we would give all our money to the EU in exchange for having a major city bombed once a week.

Arctic sea ice is getting wider so the Church of Climatology now pretends it’s getting thinner. Meanwhile we are all getting fatter while starvation level poverty is increasing. All carbohydrate is now sugar – including cellulose so you veggies are eating the equivalent of a pound of sugar a day. You actually are, you know, even though you can’t digest cellulose but we must never let facts get in the way of a good scare.

Smoking is so scary that people get cancer if they see a cigarette packet and steam is now full of dangerous particulates. Watch out for that kettle, Grandma! Tea is probably safe as long as you don’t inhale.

White people are evil so it’s fine for South Africa’s government to encourage the torturing to death of the farmers it depends on for food. When they’ve wiped out Whitey, who wants to bet they’ll ask Whitey for food aid? And who wants to bet Whitey’s elected cretins will be happy to send it? Kill Whitey. Whitey will pay for it. Until there are none of us left. Then what? Go on, try that game with China.

We have long since passed the absurdity horizon. This world is now logged in every alien space chart as ‘the silly planet’. No wonder UFO reports have dropped to zero in recent years. What self respecting little green man would come within the orbit of Uranus these days?

Speaking of Uranus, I see that homophobia is a British export now because there are still countries that don’t support gay marriage. All the fault of Whitey. Of course. We do tell Iran and Saudi Arabia and all those others to throw gay men off buildings then pelt them with rocks until they are mince. Don’t we? Or perhaps it’s someone else who told them to do that?

Don’t be silly. Everyone knows Mohammed was an immigrant to Mecca from Tower Hamlets so all of Islam is a White Supremacist social construct. Just ask the BBC’s history department – the United Kingdom was really Africa in the old days until the White Walkers arrived and made albino the fashion of the day.

Don’t try to find sense in it all. There isn’t any. This is a Marxist agenda in action and all it has achieved is to show how unutterably insane Karl Marx was. The world would be a better place if we had followed the utterances of Harpo, one of his actually-employed brothers. Karl never appeared in any of the films because he was a workshy layabout who believed the world owed him a living. All his followers believe the same and none of them have any sense of humour. That’s why they don’t know about his four brothers.

Sweden has declared milk a White Supremacist symbol because it’s white. I wonder what they’d make of tripe? This whole ‘milk is white therefore…’ started as a prank (not me, I wish it had been) to see how much absurdity the idiots in charge could handle. More than this, it seems.

Next up should be white light. The light that contains all colours and is therefore the most diverse light possible. Let’s get them to ban it. I reckon it will take less than a day. Then we can all live under black light and have to paint ourselves fluorescent to be seen.

How long before the green fluorescents claim they are oppressed by the blue fluorescents? Probably a matter of minutes. Seconds later, green fluorescents will identify as yellow.

Oh don’t laugh. This is reality. This is the world you live in now. This is life. Marvin was right.

Can it be fixed? To be brutally honest, I don’t fucking care any more. I have seen newspaper articles asking if a black person’s kids can be friends with white kids. Well, any other black person’s kids can be friends with mine but yours? Screw their lives up yourself. Let them grow up with hate and racism and unemployment. You make your children what they become. All your choice but please, don’t waste their time by sending them to job interviews.

I have seen white people call for the death of the white race and not a single one has committed suicide. I have seen the Green God’s acolytes call for population reduction and they are all still alive. Courage, convictions, words of a bygone era.

Because it will never affect you, will it? It always applies to ‘other people’.

Well here it comes, here comes the bad news.

We are all ‘the other people’.