Heeere’s Joey!

In the end, all those 4D chess moves came to naught. Trump is out of office, nobody’s been arrested, and Joe Biden is President. There are still those saying he has something up his sleeve but he has no authority now. He can’t release anything. I didn’t see anything in the documents he declassified that was earth shattering, he really shouldn’t have left it to the last day. Anything still in the process can now be blocked.

Now Trump is talking about setting up his own political party. Maybe he will, but I think he’ll only succeed in splitting the Conservative vote if he does that. In his place, I’d now be thinking of spending my twilight years – and my money – somewhere warm and comfortable.

So, are the Democrats happy? I really don’t think they are capable of happiness. They now want to prosecute Trump and set up a secret police force to hunt down Trump supporters. They won. If there’s anything worse than a sore loser, it’s a sore winner.

Biden’s first day in office has been spent undoing much of what Trump did. Not because Trump was wrong (well not in every case, sometimes he was) but purely because Trump did it. This kind of hate is why so many died of Covid over there. Hydroxychloroquine works. We’ve always known it works. Trump said he’s heard good things about it and bam – it’s banned everywhere. Because Trump said it’s a good idea. No other reason. Now it’s coming back, but too late for an awful lot of people.

On this first day, the Biden administration changed the Ambassador to Israel to hte Ambassador to Israel, Gaza and the West Bank. It soon changed back, presumably someone pointed out that these areas are controlled by Hamas, not Israel, and if they are going to have an ambassador it really should be a different one.

The White House website now asks for your pronouns. Biden has appointed a health boss who took her own mother out of a nursing home before sending all the Covid patients in there. He has appointed an education boss who believes all white teachers need racism re-education. All this, and more, on day one.

Perhaps America needed this sample of what the current Democrat party is really like. It’s not like in JFK’s days. This is only the begining – Joe Biden is just the warm-up act.

When Kamala Harris takes over, then the fun begins in earnest. It’s going to be an interesting four (at least) years.

I’ve never visited America. I don’t think I’ll rush to visit just yet.

Strange days

Well, Trump leaves office in four days. I don’t see anything stopping that. There are still those outlining wild plans for how he can continue but I don’t really think he can now. I mean, he had four years. Now he has four days.

Be fair to the guy, he did a lot of work bringing peace to the Middle East, he boosted the American economy, he didn’t start any wars… he actually did a lot of good things. Sure, the man’s an arse but what politician isn’t? You have to have an inflated sense of self-importance to even want the job.

Still his opponents are not satisfied with their win. They want him impeached, prosecuted, jailed. They want his supporters purged and sent to re-education camps or just killed. Really. If there’s one thing worse than a bad loser, it’s a bad winner. You won, just let it go.

So, was the election rigged? I have no idea. It does look that way but it needs proof. Trump is declassifying things left and right at the moment, so maybe we’ll see something. Maybe not. He’s already declassified documents on the Bidens’ activities in Ukraine that would be very damaging to the Biden administration but that doesn’t matter because there isn’t going to be one. Biden will be taken down by the 25th Amendment and Harris will take over. Possibly within days.

If you’ve listened to any of Joe Biden’s speeches, it’s clear he’s suffering with the early stages of dementia. He’s not going to be President for long. Which begs the question – if the Dems planned to steal the election anyway, why not go straight in with Harris as candidate?

Meanwhile, Washington DC is filling up with National Guard troops. Estimates vary between 20,000 and 30,000 troops. They are even being flown in from Puerto Rico. Why? A thousand of them would be far more than enough to deal with any angry mob, and the right-wing on Twitter are urging their side to stay away. They think it’s a trap and it probably is.

I have seen theories that the USA is a corporation and there needs to be no president on the 20th in order to dissolve the corporation and make it a country again. True? Not a clue. I’ve never heard that put forward before and have seen no references to back it up. I saw a video where a guy claimed that today, Trump will take control of all TV channels and all Internet and phones globally, and put out all the proof he has. Is that even possible? I’m sure the USA has the technical capability, but taking over all non-US communications would surely be an act of war against every country in the world simultaneously. It would be a very dangerous thing to do.

So many more. One that does have a tinge of credibility is that the democrats do not yet have control of the military. Someone asked who is sending all the troops into Washington, and it seems that the orders can only come from Trump. Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know much about the ins and outs of American political structure. So is something wild going to happen? We only have to wait a few days to find out.

Part of me would like to see a spectacular show, another part would rather it all went quiet and people stopped trying to kill each other. Which, I suppose, means I’d be happy either way.

Well, what brought down Trump is apparently Covid. It’s the same all over. Governments are getting blamed for a virus. It’s a bloody virus. You cannot stop it. Lockdowns, masks, all the bollocks we have to endure all over the world will not stop it. Slow it down, maybe, but in the end the total infections and total deaths will be the same as if we’d just let it run. It’ll just take a bit longer to happen.

Here’s someone who knows what he’s talking about. (thanks to SubRosa for the link). Many deaths are likely to be due to treatment errors rather than the virus. Hydroxychloroquine is a perfectly safe drug at 200-400 mg per day. You can take it daily for years, and many in malaria-affected areas do just that. The trial that said it was bad started with a 2.4g dose (2400mg) and continued with higher than recommended doses. At that level it causes heart problems, often severe.

Remember being told it wasn’t a respiratory virus but affected your heart? It wasn’t the virus. It was the treatment. It was based on an amoebiasis epidemic that was treated at that level… with hydroxyquinoline, not hydroxychloroquine. The video goes into details of this utter balls-up, and others.

Then there is the mRNA vaccine, which is on track to have a far better kill record than the virus. The treatment and the cure are actually far worse than the disease! That’s before we get to lockdowns and isolation and cancelled appointments and cancelled surgeries and all the rest.

The FBI and UK spies are starting to say this was all set up by China through play-acting to force the West into a shutdown. Well duh. That became clear some months ago. I suspect this will be the way Boris eventually gets out of it because he has no plan at the moment. He’ll blame China.

China won’t like it, as it doesn’t like the fact that the USA now recognises Taiwan as a separate country. This is likely to start a war that will be initiated by China. They are being provoked into it. They are belligerent and confident enough to do it.

I suspect though, that this time they have made too many enemies at once. We shall see.

Interesting times ahead. I wouldn’t dare even try to predict where it ends.

Wrap the truth in tinfoil

If you are hearing bad things about your product, backed up with photographic and video evidence, but you intend to keep selling it, what can you do? Deride and deny the stories, call them conspiracy theories, say ‘Oh come on, it’s not that bad’ and ignore video and photo evidence.

There is a better way. Put out stories about your product that are so bizarre, so unbelievable, that people will laugh at them, debunk them in an instant and then label every linked story as a tinfoil hatter’s nonsense.

This is an example.

Now, I’m not saying the one reporting this is complicit, he could have been fooled into believing it, but if you search for this mysterious disease ‘monsterism’, this is all you get. Not one single medical report or scientific paper, just this same story on multiple channels. ‘Monsterism’ does not exist.

It’s something so hard to believe that I’d be reluctant to write it into a Halloween story. People’s heads swelling to twice the size overnight, yet they made it to the emergency room on their own? People growing hair all over their body until they turn into Chewbacca overnight? A woman whose fingernails fell out, to be immediately replaced with talons which she then used to attack medical staff? This is B horror movie stuff. It’s not real. You are not going to turn into a damn werewolf. This kind of thing, if it happened, would burn out your metabolism in a few short hours and kill you.

This is nonsense. It’s easily debunked.

And once it is, all those stories of bad reactions to the Moderna vaccine are ignored because this ridiculous claim wraps all the rest in the same tinfoil.

Bell’s Palsy, tremors, fatigue, reactions bad enough to stop you working or living a normal life are happening. Not many, so far, but not many have had the second dose yet. The real rate of bad reactions is yet to be determined, and that’s what this global trial is set up to find. I won’t be taking part, thanks, since from what I hear so far the rate of bad reactions to the vaccine is a lot higher than the rate of bad reactions to the virus.

Governments all over the world are proud of what they are doing to their people with these rushed experimental vaccines. They have people clamouring to take part in the experiment. Well, that’s because they haven’t told them it’s an experiment, and I suspect most governments don’t know it is either.

This story is more than tinfoil hattery. It’s propaganda. It’s a technique that has worked before and will work on most people this time too. It has a purpose.

To wrap the truth in tinfoil.

Lies, damned lies and governments

Today I managed to get to the post office. It’s actually a corner of the counter in Local Shop but it works. Once again I had to use the battery booster to start the car (that was a damn good buy) because we’ve been iced in for almost a week. I mean properly iced in, you couldn’t stand out there, never mind drive down a steep driveway.

I still have that court case to deal with. Third summons, the first two were adjourned, and I had to send back an acceptance form within seven days again. They don’t seem to realise that outside Glasgow, roads can be impassable for days at a time. This time the case is in May. Really puts me off offering any information in the future, the crash I witnessed was a year last August and this is still going on. The poor bugger probably wishes he hadn’t survived it now. My only testimony is dashcam video which I’ve given them, I really can’t see what they expect me to add to that.

I am getting a lot of strange tales from America, some stuff about it being a corporation that can only be dissolved if there is no president and a hell of a lot of very big money links. Something else about starting a war with China but provoking China into throwing the first punch. It fits together, it’s logical, there is a coherent story, would make a pretty decent novel, yet I would have scoffed it away as pure tinhat foilery in any other year. This year, if aliens landed on my lawn expecting screams of terror, all they’d get is ‘Oh hi, would you like a cup of tea?’ So I’ll wait and see what happens. Currently, if Biden tore off his mask to reveal he was Jimmy Savile and Harris unmasked herself as Elvis, I’d barely raise an eyebrow. Well, just over a week to go to find out what’s happening over there, if anything.

The UK government is, as usual, lying through its teeth. Well, is there a government in the world that isn’t? They all talk utter bollocks, they seem to think that’s their job and if you think they give the slightest shit about you, just count how many they send into wars they start but never fight. You are an entry on a spreadsheet, nothing more. Easily deleted, easily replaced.

Mad Hancock told Parliament that vitamin D had no effect on Covid back in October. He told them he had commissioned a study that had shown this. Now it appears no such study ever existed. Hancock lied. He wasn’t mistaken. He wasn’t misled. He lied.

We are under increasing levels of lockdown. If we ever get out of it we will be whiter than Nosferatu. There won’t be any racism left because every molecule of melanin will have been drained out of absolutely everyone until we are all the Glass People, skins transparent so you can see the guts inside. Think how much the NHS will save on X-rays, they’ll just get you to stand in front of a window.

This lack of sunlight means you are going to be seriously short of vitamin D. Never mind Covid, vit D does a lot more than that. It’s involved in the immune response to all kinds of diseases, it’s involved in calcium transport (vit D deficiency causes rickets) and it has many more jobs to do.

It’s very cheap. A year’s supply costs less than a tenner even at 4000 IU. It takes a lot to overdose on it. You’d really have to try very, very hard. In combination with zinc and vitamin C and either quercetin, quinine or hydroxychloroquine, it can render you very resistant to any kind of virus and a lot of other infections too.

Here in the north of Scotland we don’t see much sun over winter, and going outside often risks more – broken bones from falling on black ice, for example. So I take vitamin D washed down with orange juice. I take zinc, carefully, it can interfere with iron absorption to the point of anaemia if you overdo it. And I have quercetin and also quinine in tonic. I’d like to get ivermectin just in case but I have heard about it for so long as an agricultural veterinary drug for parasites. I’m still coming to terms with the idea that it can be used in humans. I’ve only just heard about that. We use it on sheep here. That’s an additional squint-eye from me.

So, the vaccine is rolling out. The vaccine that does not prevent you catching or spreading Covid and therefore will make no difference to lockdowns or masks or any of the rest of it. It will make one difference. It will make those involved in the vaccine a lot richer. That’s it. That’s all it does. Because that is its purpose.

And so. we will have to show papers to prove we have been vaccinated against something that is less deadly than measles. Conspiracy theory, right? Haven’t our own goverments said this will never be implemented? You trust them, surely?

Well of course. Government is there to look after you.


Something is happening

I have no idea what it is, but it’s something big.

There are reports of blackouts all over the world. The one in Austin, Texas, seems to have been caused by unprecedented snowfall (yeah, it’s that solar minimum we aren’t allowed to mention because y’know, warming). But there was a big outage in Pakistan and reports coming in from all over Europe. Are they real? It’s becoming impossible to tell in the Age of the Censor.

Troops on the streets of Washington DC, verified with videos. Who put them there and why? What are they doing? No idea. An expanding no-fly zone that started over Washington and at the moment extends from South Carolina to New Jersey. Flight information confirms it. What’s that for? And who is ordering it?

Is all this Trump or the Anti-Trumps? Well, social media has silenced Trump and all his support so the orange blabbermouth can’t tell us. The other side is saying nothing.

It’s getting wild now. There was even mention of the Pope getting arrested during a Vatican blackout. I don’t think that’s possible. The Vatican is regarded as a separate country run by the Pope. He’s not likely to order his own arrest. So I call bullshit on that one.

And yet, the information I’m scanning here suggests something is going on, something big, but nothing is confirmed. There are no signs of anyone, anywhere, being arrested for anything but lots of threats from both sides that arrests are imminent. The social media and MSM blackout is total. Even on Parler and Gab, it’s all just hyperbole. Nothing can be confirmed.

Lots of rumour, lots of speculation, nothing concrete. Something is happening but which side is doing it? And what are they doing?

I think this week could prove very interesting indeed.

Or it could be just another lockdown disappointment.

Firefox no more

So, the Mozilla organisation has joined the Internet Speech Control Club. I am really, really disappointed, as a long-term user of the Firefox browser. I have downloaded Opera and am considering Brave as a backup to replace Chrome. It’ll take a while to move all my Internet accounts over but I feel I have no option. I cannot support this censorship.

Look, whatever you think of Donnie, King of the Oompa Loompas, once this kind of control sets in it is going to affect you sooner or later. And you can’t complain if you supported its inception.

Trump has been banned from Twatter, Farcebok, Instantgroan and no doubt others. He’s not alone, they are having quite the purge at the moment, deleting everyone who does not think the leftie groupthink. Sure, if you’re happy with that, cheer it on, but look at Twatter’s stock market lines. All the rest will follow. They will become Leftie echo chambers and nobody else will bother going there. Advertising revenue just slammed into a wall. Capitalist businesses see little point in advertising to communists. Don’t you get that?

Parler is strugging under the weight of Twitter refugees fleeing to their platform. I access it on a desktop via a browser (currently Firefox but that will have to change). Apple and Google are banning Parler’s app from their stores because they don’t impose the same communist approval moderation. Mozilla will no doubt follow suit soon, hence the necessity to try other browsers.

I haven’t been on Gab in a while. I tried it but was put off by the rampant antisemitism on there. We are talking ‘one step from gas chambers’ levels here. I don’t want to be part of that. Parler didn’t have that, it felt more balanced, but it was hard to use. Well, it’s new, it needs a lot of tweaking.

Twatter has just allowed a tweet from the Chinese Communist Party declaring that their enslavement and forced sterilisation of Ugyhurs is a great success and good for them. They allow the Ayatollah of Iran free reign to call for the nuking of Israel and the deaths of gays. They are happy to let BLM and Antifa and various Dem senators and representatives call for the harassment and extermination of their political opponents. Don Trump tweets for calm and peace and they deleted it and banned him. There is nothing anyone can show that proves he called for an attack on the capitol. He didn’t.

All this ‘free stuff’ isn’t really free. It’s all about advertising. If you have several million people on your platform, you can get advertisers to pay a lot of money to access those people. But… when you tell your customers they are not welcome, who are those (capitalist) advertisers advertising to? They will soon realise they are trying to sell stuff to people on benefits who can’t afford what they are selling.

So it’s goodbye to Firefox. It’ll take a little time to get used to new browsers but I think it’s worth it. Firefox has joined the Cancel Crowd and will soon not allow access to sites they disapprove of. One day, that might be this one, so best get out now.

Well, they had a good run.

The One World Religion

It’s a little-talked-about aspect of the New World Order, Great Reset and all those other ‘conspiracy theories’ the WHO, UN, WEF, Boris and even the next King Charles have been telling us all about. Today, Boris has told ‘Covid conspiracy theorists’ to ‘grow up’. That’s right – those who have been saying the virus is being used for political ends, that the first lockdown was just a taster, are still being called ‘conspiracy theorists’.

Boris on the other hand, is simply doing what he assured us he would not do, and what the ‘conspiracy theorists’ predicted would happen. At this point, those ‘conspiracy theorists’ are a far more reliable source of what’s coming than the government.

What’s coming isn’t very nice. The NHS doesn’t like heretics who question their Holy Pronouncements. Mad Hancock and others have suggested that ‘Covid deniers’ and ‘Anti-Vaxxers’ should be prosecuted. There’s that heresy again.

An increasing number of health professionals are declining the new mRNA vaccines. These are now ‘anti-vaxxers’. Really? I rather suspect that those workiing in the medical field, like those of us in microbiology, get a lot of vaccinations. It’s a hell of a risk working in an infectious environment without them. A doctor won’t know who might one day walk into his surgery with something nasty, just as I never knew what was in the contaminated samples I tested until I had the results. Results could take days.

These medics are not ‘anti-vaxxers’ and neither am I. We are merely anti-experimental-procedure-without-sufficient-safety-data-using-a-technique-devised-in-the-mind-of-a-lunatic.

Tried and tested vaccines, fine. Something banged tgether in Bill Gates’s shed in a matter of months, using an entirely new procedure never before tried in humans, not so fine. The Oxford vaccine at least uses standard vaccine technology, but they’ve inserted Covid spike protein into an adenovirus. From there it’s business as usual. (Adenovirus is one of the viruses that cause the common cold so this won’t give you Covid but it might give you a cold).

But I have banged on about the mRNA nonsense enough. This is about the One World Religion. It’s all part of it. It looked like they weren’t ready to start on that yet. I had assumed it would be the Church of Climatology and the Green God vs. Satanic Carbon. It might yet morph into that.

It was when they announced the return of Thursday night clapping that something clicked. This came about just as anyone who questioned the official narrative was labelled heretic. Last time it was ‘clap for the NHS’. This time it’s ‘clap for heroes’. I have never done either, it would be an entirely futile gesture out here unless I clapped into a massive amplifier. Also, I never saw the point.

Vaccine rollout has begun. Anyone refusing the vaccine is an ‘anti-vaxxer’ even if, like me, they’ve been vaxxed up to the eyeballs with pretty much anything else. Anyone questioning the official narrative is a ‘Covid denier’ even those of us who are quite aware that this is a real and nasty virus. Question the masks (which don’t work) or the lockdowns (ditto) and you are denying the very existence of viruses entirely.

Sound familiar? It’s just like ‘Climate denier’ shouted at the climate heretics. I suspect it’s the same people doing this.

One of many things Communism always gets wrong is the eradication of religion. I’ve never felt the need for one but many, many people do. People find comfort in the certain knowledge that they are right about their beliefs. They find comfort in believing there is a higher power looking after them, whether it’s God or Allah or Shiva or Odin or whichever. Even the atheists have meetings, which I’ve always found odd. Why meet to deny the existence of something nobody can prove exists? It’s the grouping of likeminded people – they’ll hate me for calling it a ‘religion’ but come on guys, you have meetings and all agree on something ethereal and shout down heretics. It’s the same.

It’s that grouping that matters. Like-minded people who believe the same thing coming together and feeling stronger in the group. It’s something totalitarian regimes of the past understood very well. Give them hope, let them believe in a deity who will someday come to save them and they’ll put up with anything.

Now I’m not saying religion is a bad thing. I’m an apathist, I don’t care about any gods. I do, however, understand that the belief gives a lot of people comfort and I would never try to take that from them. Besides, there’s only one way to find out which religion, if any, is right and I’m in no hurry.

Religion, however, has been used as a tool of control since the dawn of mankind. All you need do is call yourself the messenger of a particular god, be sufficiently convincing and you have control. I covered this kind of thing a long time ago in ‘Fear the Witch, for it is you‘.

Communism takes away that comforting religion. You have to treat the State as a god and it clearly isn’t. It’s full of people and not very nice people, usually. Anyone with any religion would look at that and think ‘That’s not God. That’s Satan.’

Someone in this New World Order game has realised this and decided to institute a One World Religion. You can call it tinhat foilery if you like. That’s actually a badge of honour these days, the tinfoil brigade have been rather good at predictions in recent times. Someone, somewhere, realised that most people, most by far, need some kind of hope, some comfort, something to let them believe their miserable, oppressed lives have purpose and that there will be a reward at the end of it.

However, none of the current religions will do. Muslims are not going to convert to Shintoism. Christians are not going to convert to Judaism. Buddhists will never consent to being Pagan. Any attempt to force one of the current religions into dominance is going to lead to a very messy and violent war. It has to be something new. Something proven. Something that offers what no religion offers. The true face of a god.

Now here’s the thing. It can’t be human. If Jesus reappeared, that only affects Christians. If the Mahdi appears, that only affects Muslims. Likewise for the messiah of any religion. This has to be something entirely new and unconnected to any existing religion.

Hence Thursday. Friday belongs to Islam, Saturday to Judaism, Sunday to Christianity. The holy day has to be separate from all of them. Clap for hte NHS. Clap for the heroes. Clap for the vaccinators. Clap for the Saviour…

Who is it?

Well, it was entirely coincidental, of course, that the Pentagon started releasing blurry images of alleged UFOs just as this started. Just as War and Pestilence stalked the land. Just as the Mark of the Beast is being issued to those who want to live and work in the New Normal. You don’t have the vaccine, you don’t get to live. Famine is coming, and Death is all saddled up.

No. I do not believe in the End Times but there are those who do and they are in positions where they can make it happen, or at least appear to be happening.

Are aliens coming? We are in the age of CGI where the screen can make you believe that blue alien giants live on a world where land floats in the air. We are at the point where you can make a video that looks exactly like someone giving a speech even though that person isn’t there. You can ‘re-face’ videos with other people’s faces just for fun and it’s very realistic.

They don’t need Ra to be real. They don’t need Odin or Christ or Hu Gadarn to be real. The technology exists to make you believe they are. Or any new alien ‘god’ that has come to save you.

We’ve long been conditioned to wait for a saviour so we don’t have to bother saving ourselves. Jesus was replaced by Spiderman, Batman, Superman, a host of others. You don’t need to do anything, just wait for the hero. The bad news is, there really isn’t one. You want to be saved, save yourselves. Stop clapping. You are the hero, if you can face it.

Okay, full Alcan headgear time. I am going to predict that there will be an ‘alien invasion’ by those who identify as all the gods of all religions, and that it will happen at 8 pm on a Thursday. They will unite believers into a One World Religion and heretics will be dealt with. Then they will go home, leaving selected New Popes in charge.

With current technology, considering the sophistication of what is available to the public and extrapolating to the technology that isn’t… this would be a breeze.


No. Just… no. Just stop it now.

You are not being injected with nanobots to turn you into the Borg with the vaccines. Okay, I’m not taking them but for different (biologically sensible) reasons. Also because the early indications suggest that the mRNA vaccines will kill more than the virus but that’s a different post.

I realise that military technology is decades ahead of what we plebs can have. That’s always been true. We can get GPS to within a metre, it’s safe to assume that the military can do it to within a centimetre. Can they drop a bullet from space into the top of your head? Maybe not yet but you just know they are working on it.

Back in the 60s, the CIA invented the heart attack gun. It fired a sliver of ice containing tetrodotoxin. You died of a heart attack with the only entry wound looking like an insect bite. That’s real, and almost as old as me.

Nanobots, however, are at the very early stages. They are Amish machinery even if you multiply what is released to the public by a hundred. They could maybe build a tiny barn inside you but they are nowhere near ready to link you to 5G or control your brain.

Oh, sure, I can quite believe there are those who want that power but I do not believe they have it yet, or are even close to it.

And why would they need it?

You are tracked by your phone. You have voluntarily put listening devices and internet cameras in your homes. You think Alexa isn’t listening all the time? Then how does it know when you say ”Alexa”?

You have paid for, and carry, all the tracking and listening devices any government could want. Why would they bother investing in massively expensive nanotech when you’ve already accepted their tracking anyway?

There are no chips in the vaccine. Nothing currently viable will fit through the needles. Do not worry about chips or 5G in connection with the vaccines. These are the ‘lizard people’ that wrecked Icke’s credibility. Ignore the crazy extrapolations.

It all hides the reality. Lizard people. Nanobots in vaccines. It really sparks the tinfoil hats, doesn’t it? Icke has been right about a lot of things but then he goes all ‘lizard people’ andf we shut him off.

The new one is nanobots and 5G. It’s bollocks. You are not going to be remotely controlled from an internet mast. No need.

You are already controlled by TV.

Asymptomatic spread

The competition has been won 🙂 It was indeed, 10cc, Wall Street Shuffle, 1974. I’ll have to get more obscure in future. Oh, and this packrat still has their first album on vinyl.

So. Lets have some good news first although it seems hardly anyone wants that these days. Asymptomatic spread of COVID-19 is not a thing. At all. I could link to a number of newspaper articles but you might prefer the original paper in the British Medical Journal.

So why were we even concerned with this? Well, it does happen. It’s now demonstrated that it doesn’t happen with COVID-19 but it has happened with other pathogens. HIV is a case in point, the virus can be slowly active and spreading for a long time before the spreader shows symptoms. So it was an error on the side of caution, now demonstrated to be unneccesary in this case. I bet many of you won’t give up your masks though.

Some might remember the story of Typhoid Mary. Salmonella typhi is a bacterium, not a virus. Asymptomatic spread is rather more common in bacterial infections. Typhoid Mary, certainly at first, had no idea she was carrying the disease. She showed no symptoms at all, but everywhere she went, the disease followed. Asymptomatic spread is a real thing with some diseases. It has been shown that COVID-19 is not one of those diseases. And nobody wants to believe that. I wonder why?

Cross-species spread is much more common than within-species spread. Escherichia coli O157, the terror of a few decades ago, has no effect on cows. It lives quite benignly in their guts. Humans getting it can experience very severe disease. The cow experiences nothing at all.

Incidentally, this sparked a terror of E. coli overall. Look at a culture collection catalogue. Page after page of E. coli variants, almost all of them harmless to humans. The harmless ones are in your gut right now. Yes, every one of you. A few, including the K88 variant, is harmless to humans but turns pigs into faecal power squirters. It all depends on the interactions with other species inside you.

That part is critical. We are not all the same. The British Standard Human does not exist. Typhoid Mary was not really ‘immune’ to S. typhi. She was more accurately described as unaffected by it. It settled into her internal microflora as a benign aspect, but in anyone else, it was blowout time.

Salmonella pullorum used to cause a lot of problems in farmed chickens. It made chickens ill, not people. A lot of effort went in to eradicating it. It worked, mostly. It hasn’t completely gone. However, the chicken gut merely replaced it with a species harmless to chickens. S. enteritidis. Unfortunately this one made humans shit through every orifice so now farmed chickens are routinely vaccinated (through drinking water) to try to cut down on their Salmonella load. It’s not perfect but it works.

Salmonella needs to get into you mob-handed. A hundred of them is not enough. You need to take in several thousand at once. Sounds a lot, but it really isn’t. Several thousand bacteria in a 100 ml glass of water won’t even make it look cloudy. Less than that and the gut bacteria will beat the crap out of them before they get a chance to beat the crap out of you. You need a seriously big dose at once to get sick. Since they will only be on the outside of the chicken (the outside includes the body cavity) cooking will kill them. It’s true they are also in eggs – they get into the ovaries – but usually in small numbers, too low to be a problem.

If you are worried about eggs, float test them in a jug of water. If they sink they are fine. If they float at the surface throw them away. Floating means a gas buildup due to bacterial activity. If they sink but sit upright, hard boil them right away. You can still fridge them and eat them later (let them go cold before fridging them or the yolk will turn green) because hard boiling will kill any bacteria. Mostly though, the Salmonella load in eggs is too low to be concerned about. It’s only a problem if you keep then too long and let the buggers grow. Oh, and cooking kills them.

Another one that doesn’t bother chickens but will ruin your month is Campylobacter. This hasn’t been eradicated from poultry but there are many people trying to do that (including me before I retired and no I didn’t succeed either). This one manages to get deep into the actual musculature of the bird, which is why I insist on chicken being well cooked all the way through. It makes you shit water and can do worse – it can set off autoimmune diseases that might never go away. If I were you I’d be a lot more worried about undercooked chicken than COVID-19. You think the weeks of fatigue and headache of ‘long covid’ (actually post-viral syndrome) is bad? Try permanent paralysis from a pink chicken sandwich.

Asymptomatic spread from animals to humans happens a lot. We call them ‘zoonoses’. The microbe in question has no effect on the animal but can be devastating in humans. It works the other way too. Asymptomatic spread between humans is far less common but does happen. So it was sensible at first to assume this might happen with COVID-19. We had little information at first, we have much more now and we now know it does not happen.

Still, it it is good to know that COVID-19 does not do this. If someone has no symptoms they are not spreading it. This has now been demonstrated. Every government knows this and has known this for some weeks at least.

So the masks are not about a virus.

Show the Mark

There has been much brushing off of Covid ‘passports’ as merely more tinhat foilery. Yet, in Australia, Quantas have already declared you are not getting on their planes without proof of vaccination. To their rare credit, Ryanair will impose no such restriction. So far.

In America, Dr. Faust has insisted that mandatory vaccination for travel is not off the table. The UK government has said it has no plans for a Covid passport but has commissioned two pilot schemes to see how it could work. Quite a few companies, worldwide, are going to demand proof of vaccination as a condition of employment. Others are not making it compulsory but offering bonuses to those who accept it.

There is a really hard push to implement this. Why? Money, mostly.

This is the equivalent of ‘we just want a nonsmoking area in restaurants’. It’s the foot in the door. You know, surely, that mandatory medication will not be just this one vaccine, right?

It isn’t going to stop there. The first thing you will notice about your shiny new Covid passport is that it has multiple blank pages where the next vaccine, the next medication, the next drug you need to be ‘safe to travel’ can be stamped in. Oh, it’s ‘for the safety of other people’ now. This is no different to the old ‘for the cheeldren’ mantra. It’s bollocks. If the vaccine works you can’t catch the disease even if nobody else is vaccinated. Any other response means you know the vaccine doesn’t work – so why did you get it?

This virus is less deadly than flu and far, far less deadly than measles and many other diseases. So why compulsory vaccination just for this one? It’s that foot in the door. You accept compulsory vaccination for this one, and next thing you hear is ‘Oh but this and this and this are even more dangerous, you have to be compulsory vaccinated against them too. And you need blood pressure control and sugar level control and cholesterol control and…” The list will never end.

New Scientist spotted this several decades ago. There is no money in curing disease. There is endless money in treating disease. Type 2 diabetes? Lose weight, change your diet, it’ll go away as long as you haven’t completely wrecked your pancreas. Type 1 doesn’t, I’m afraid. You’re born with that one. Ah but it’s so much better to live on your preferred pizza and chocolate diet and also take these pills. High blood pressure? Stop watching the news for a start. That’ll help. Ah, but you can flob out in front of the TV with a beer and some pills. Keep watching TV. Keep taking the pills. Watch the profits roll in. Watch the greenbacks tumble.

People imagine that pharmaceutical companies are there to help them. No. They are not. They are there to make money. That is their only goal. You are the ones they make money from, but if they cure you, the money stops flowing.

It is the dream of every pharmer that you will be forced to take their product forever. Sounds bad?

Well, what if McDonald’s or Coca-Cola could persuade government that you had to have at least one Crappy Meal or glass of chemical fizz every day or you won’t be allowed to get on a train? Do you think they’d turn that opportunity down? Of course it won’t happen, they can’t claim any medicinal benefit but if they could…

…then they’d be Pharmers. Feeling ill? We have a treatment for that. You’ll have to take it forever but it will improve your life (note that in some cases of chronic illness this is true). Nowadays it’s ‘Not feeling ill? We have a test to see if you are,’ and so many dopey fuckers have fallen for it. Pharmer boardroom cleaners must be sick of cleaning laughter piss off chairs. How the hell did non-sick people get convinced they have to be tested for something when they’re not sick at all?

It was the ‘asymptomatic spread’ which has now been repeatedly shown to be not a thing at all. The ‘masks protect others from you’ when they actually achieve nothing and even if they did, if you don’t feel ill you aren’t spreading anything. If you are ill with a virus the mask won’t stop it anyway.

People are now demanding a vaccine that the makers say won’t stop them getting the disease, won’t stop them spreading it, but might make their experience a little less uncomfortable.

I have been vaccinated against tetanus, polio, so many other things. They all promise a good chance of me not getting the disease at all and if I do, it’ll be trivial. They promise I won’t be spreading it. The only exception was rabies vaccine which only promised it would give me enough time to get to a hospital. Since rabies makes Covid look like a bit of a sniffle, I took those odds.

Now, Pharmers are immune to prosecution in a way you could only hope to be from any disease. They don’t care if it’s safe. They don’t care if it kills more of you than the disease it’s supposed to prevent. Neither do their shareholders. It’s not going to cost them anything if the vaccine for a 99% survivable virus has a 99% kill rate. Not. One. Penny.

Do not imagine that the business of pharmacology cares about your health. They care about money. Nothing else. You are going to need the Mark of the Beast to do anything soon, the proof that you have taken the Pharmer dose of this week’s drug.

You are of course free to scoff and ignore me, and I genuinely hope you are right to do so.

But you aren’t.


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