Street battles

Well, just to add to the delays, our water supply shut down last night. It happens once in a while, the pipe from the well gets an airlock which has to be cleared. The pipe delivers water by gravity feed to a large storage tank in the house and then it’s pumped through filters and UV treated. If the pressure in the tank drops too far the pump can’t operate. Since it happens about once a year we always have reserve water to hand.

It’s fixed now, and it shows one of the benefits of renting. If I bought this house I’d have had to pay Sunday rates for someone to come and fix it. Fortunately the landlord is well versed in the mechanics of this system so was able to repair it quickly.

Right, I am behind with editing and still have to put those novel prices up. It’s complicated by Amazon’s web crawlers which, if they find the book cheaper anywhere else, will flag it up and possibly get it withdrawn from the Amazon site. So they all have to be changed on Smashwords first, let those prices filter through to the outlets they distribute through and then change the Amazon prices.

In case I was feeling a shortage of distractions, the internet is full of stories about the ‘riots’ in London and elsewhere. They aren’t really all that big as riots go, nothing like the Tottenham ones a few years back. Still, people have been getting hurt at them.

It is all starting to look like a clumsily engineered plan of sorts. Last weekend, BLM and Antifa were allowed to vandalise a lot of things and the police pretty much gave them free rein. In Bristol, police stood back and watched as the mob pulled down a statue of someone nobody outside Bristol has heard of and dumped it in the harbour.

This triggered a nationwide demand for statue-smashing. In response, London sealed Winston Churchill in a box.

Yes, really. He doesn’t even have a window.

You see, all of a sudden, Winston Churchill is a Very Bad Man. I’m sure the Wehrmacht thought so too. However, our side thought he did rather well. We did end up winning that war, although it is increasingly starting to look like we needn’t have bothered.

Google even removed his picture, as well as any reference to the period 1940-1945, from their search results for British Prime Monsters. He also no longer appears on a list of world leaders in that war, although Hitler and Stalin are still there. Google likes them, apparently.

Statue smashing is not a new sport. Americans have been playing that game for some time. It’s new to the UK and… well sir, we don’t like it. Okay, I’ll admit to having paid scant regard to statues and monuments, other than Cenotaphs, throughout my life, but a lot of people like them and even a Philistine like me doesn’t want them smashed. They are, for better or worse, part of our history, and once you delete history, what is left? Pol Pot’s ‘year zero’, that’s what.

Those hippie squatters in Seattle’s breakaway state of Soymalia, aka Chaz, seem to be practicing for just that. Although they are really going to have to improve their farming techniques. They might also want to consider what a Seattle winter can be like. Tents are going to be a tough call in December over there.

But I digress.

Last week it was all BLM and Antifa and most of it was just people marching around with signs on sticks. They were protesting about the brutal actions of a policeman in America and many have now been led to believe that the same things happen in the UK. The rowdy element was allowed to have a little tantrum and threaten a lot of monuments and pretend that they have only just been freed from slavery.

There are a lot of bona-fide slaves in East Africa and around the Middle East right now who would trade places with them in a heartbeat, but the protestors don’t care about them. The rowdy element don’t even care what the protest was really about. They have their own agenda which they were allowed to get away with.

Was there a reason? The BBC and Sky and the Scale Model Mayor all lauded the protest as mostly peaceful. I doubt the injured police would agree, and neither would those who had to clean off the graffiti afterwards. Emboldened by their consequence-free tantrum, the rowdies drew up a list of statues they wanted destroyed, some tenuous link to past crimes was devised (usually slavery even though they targeted abolitionists too) and bragged they were out to smash them all.

The Scale Model Mayor of London joined in with this. He thinks all the old statues should be replaced with new ones to reflect London’s diversity. If he suggests one of Mohammed, the resulting collective sharp intake of breath would suck all the air out of the city. So, History and its tangible residue, the statues, are under threat. A few token ones were removed to rile the public and move to the next stage.

What happened next was entirely predictable and, I suspect, exactly what was supposed to happen. A load of enraged people went to London to defend the cenotaph and the statues. All of these people, including many military veterans, were labelled ‘far right’ and ‘football hooligans’ determined to ‘stop legitimate protest’ because they are ‘racist Nazi bigots’.

What has been glossed over is that these ‘far right’ people did not come to attack the BLM marches. They did not come because they are racists who despise black people. They did not come to tear down the notion that Black Lives Matter.

They came to defend the statues and monuments. That’s their only motive. Having seen the police back off, run away, bend the knee and generally let this toddler tantrum escalate out of control, of course they decided to defend the statues themselves. Any idiot, even Khan, saw this coming.

Tommy Robinson (NHRN) saw it coming. He declined to attend. He saw the jaws of the trap and decided not to walk into them. I have to admit, that’s a smarter move than I expected from him, but thumbs up for seeing his opponent’s next move. He’s getting the hang of the game, I think.

So, last week the police were in shirtsleeves, no armour, no helmets, no protection at all. Around 30 were injured (numbers vary), some seriously, in that ‘mostly peaceful’ event.

This week they arrived in full riot gear. Six were injured. The BBC, Sky, and Mini-Mayor described it as ‘carnage’. These far right thugs spoiled their toddler-tantrum fun!

It was set up. They tried the same thing in Glasgow with predictable results. Glasgow turned out in force and the rowdies ran away. Antifa have also threatened to invade Milwall. Good luck with that one. If we ever have nuclear war and run out of bombs, then we will escalate it and send Milwall fans over. I suspect Antifa are all talk on that one.

Why are the police standing back from the Rowdies of Antifa and the militant wing of BLM? They’ve been told to. The same is true in America. Seattle police are not allowed to enter the Soapless Zone, not because the inmates demand it, but because their mayor will not allow it. There are Hell’s Angels and others on the way. I bet the police will be told to stop them, and I’m sure I know which lot the police would rather deal with.

Meanwhile, politicians everywhere insist we stay home, don’t meet even family members, we cannot see dying relatives, we cannot attend funerals or weddings, now we have to wear masks on public transport (well those of you who actually have access to public transport).

Every other toilet is taped off, bus seats are taped off, you have to stay two metres apart and Boris’s ‘experts’ are threatening to resign if he relaxes that rule.

At the same time, mass protests are allowed. No ‘social distancing’. No control at all. You can forget contact tracing. That’s right out of the window now.

The virus was dying out. Scientists were afraid it might disappear before the highly profitable vaccine was ready. It needed another surge.

Brexit is happening. The government have refused to extend it any more. Remain need chaos, pain, suffering, a reason to make an extension inevitable.

The Marxists want to bring down government and delete history. This is the perfect opportunity.

All of this is happening at once. Every faction sees their chance. Every player in their own particular game sees advantage in this. Every maniac is let loose, every scheme for profit, power and gain is running at full tilt now.

Sometimes, two and two really do equal four.

25 thoughts on “Street battles

  1. The next two weeks are critical: after 1st July Brexit cannot be stopped by the rabble. So we may expect many more crazy disruptions very soon. And 2 – 3 weeks after all the mass gatherings, there should be a surge in CV19 cases, just to add to the mayhem.

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  2. I garnered a still from a video that gargle and farcebok took down. It was of an “ethnic fella slitting the throat of an old white “right wign thug and ceontaph-protector”, who quickly died and had his dying head stamped on by a young upper middle class woman called something or other. The still quickly vanished from farcebok too. I can’t use it sadly or the fuzz would be at the door tomorrow.

    Nothing on the media about this murder at all.

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  3. I just posted at longrider how I’m not sure whether BLMs eruption in the West is the Frankfurt Schools attempt to take advantage of our Covid induced weakness or whether our leaders are letting them run riot to distract from their own inept response to the ‘crisis’, probably an unsaught combination of both.

    The Telegraph were hosting a clip billed as Police forced to confront far right in Trafalgar Square. The helicoptor vid showed a dozen or so men running from vastly more Police, two of them were fighting each other and all were ushered out of the Square with a bit of arm waving. The Police probably have more trouble at Southend United.

    There are some mentions on YouTube of AntifaBLM turning up at towns to be confronted by locals toting arms; being cowards they move on. Salty Cracker has a splendid example with 4 kids in a car filming said locals ” oh my gaaard, that guy has a gun this is just crayzeee, what sort of town is this ?”.

    The Romans had a nifty trick with statues. Sometimes they made the head and body separately so as the new Emperor was announced it was off with old head on with the new. I expect that would suit an Antifa regime nicely.

    I had my first mask instruction today by way of a text from my GP Surgery saying not to visit without one. Nobody is wearing them out and about, except at bus stops, and neither are the workers in the same shops I have been visiting throughout, dunno about the larger non-food outlets that have just opened.

    Acting on a tip-off I visited a nearby farm shop with attached cafe, takeaway only. As my informant
    reported they have a large sturdy trestle table in the yard and were quite happy for me to sit there Illegally (!) and enjoy my breakfast baguette in the sunshine.
    They will continue to get my custom when this is all over.

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    • Thinking like a devious underhanded sneaky bastard purely motivated by self interest (politician for short) I can imagine several reasons for recent events.

      1. Purely about the money. There are many companies developing a vaccine for a virus that’s fading out. If they are to make any money, they need a resurgence of that virus, hence allowing a lot of mad buggers to demonstrate and spread it.

      2. If there is a resurgence, the mad buggers will get wiped out by it. A sort of Golgafrincham B Ark method of getting rid of a lot of pains in the arse. It also disproportionally affects BAME people – who were prevalent in the disease-fest of the protests. Clearout time? Let’s face it, that’s been tried so many times in the past, it cannot now surprise anyone if it’s tried again. It’s the original motivation for so many eugenics programs including Hitler’s Aryan thing and the origin of Planned Parenthood.

      3. Brexit. There are two more weeks in which to ask for an extension. Loads of disruption is to be expected from those who want to slow and ultimately stop the process of Brexit. How to counteract it? Let the idiots protest, but stopping protests after the BLM protest point would be ‘racist’. Let the other side respond, pretend they are all far right and use that to ban protests. So there can now be no anti-Brexit rallies or they get rounded up and fined. If that one is true, well played Boris. Or rather, well played Demonic Cummings.

      4. Antifa/BLM have had this insurgency planned for a long time. They just needed a trigger, and George Floyd’s murder was perfect for them. Blown far out of proportion, this criminal painted as a saint, ‘oh but his last crime was six years ago’ followed by ‘white people must pay for what happened 200 years before they were born’ and their drones don’t even notice. Antifa are part of the whole Frankfurt/Alinsky/Marx nonsense. They just needed an event to start them off.

      It could be another reason, especially in the US. It could be a combination of some or all reasons. What we are seeing, I think, is most likely every group who could possibly benefit taking advantage independently.

      The trouble brewing for them all is that they all have different plans on how this should pan out in future, even though they are all basing their plans on the same thing.

      This is going to be well worth watching.

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      • I’m aware of the pricey vaccines and no doubt we will be obliged to take it in return for being let off wearing stupid masks except thus far Covid hasn’t killed enough of us off yet. Also aware of cheap quinine which is evil because Donald.

        If BAME folk infect themselves by rioting it won’t be the young rioters who suffer but their elders who are generally much more useful to society.

        Brexit. I suppose remainers might think any trouble is good trouble, that Devious Dom might have played a blinding counter stroke had not occurred to me. 6 people protesting against it would not make good telly.

        Yes Antifa did indeed take the opportunity given them in the midst of a long-running ‘crisis’ to enact their evil plans, let’s see what happens when the bikers roll into Seattle.

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  4. Lockdown isnt over until WHO says that the track and trace is up and running. Lets face it, rebellion sounds like a better thing. If someone asks me to wear a mask I’m going to put on a Salvador Dali Money heist one on. If they object I’ll tell them to fuck off. and swear at them in Spanish.

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    • I have met three track’n’trace operatives, one was pretty laid back, two were mask wearing lockdownphiliacs second spike mongers.
      None knew that quarantined new arrivals could go shopping. They have the legal power to place YOU under 14 days house arrest on the word of an anonymous stranger.

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  5. I have lung problems and can’t wear a mask, I was also told wearing one would put me at risk of a severe chest infection. I did try but felt I was suffocating, I read that I am exempt but how do I prove that? Are they going to issues exemption certificates? I wanted to go to Scotland to see my grandkids as soon as I can but no way I could wear a mask for hours on a train

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  6. Legiron,
    I caught Radio 4 The Life Scientific 9am Tuesday, fascinating and timely interview with former bad boy become academic who advises police on how to stop crowds becoming violent.
    Seems the secret is not to be confrontational but to wear soft uniforms, have officers mingle with the crowd to create relationships with those around them so that when the extremists kick off Officers are not already seen as ‘other’ yada yada.
    Might explain the two sorts of policing seen recently.

    Sorry I can’t do links off my phone but voice google got me straight to it.
    “BBC the life scientific June 20th 2020”

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  7. Big Brother is watching me.
    Following a comment on Vernon Colemans YouTube, I just checked my Android -settings- Google- apps.

    The Corvid 19 exposure notifications app is already on it, without my sayso.

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