I am covered in white paint. The kitchen is done (no photos until the floor tiles are down, they will be last) and I finally have an oven that isn’t 10% broken glass. The floor tiles are the vinyl sticky-down ones. Cheap and easily replaced if damaged.

The whole kitchen was pretty cheap because it’s a small kitchen and I have a year to pay for it all. The oven was expensive, but that wasn’t optional. The last one broke in spectacular fashion. Fortunately the hob, extractor etc were all in fine fettle. I clean the hob after every use. Not because I’m anal about it but because if you use it dirty, it cooks the dirt on and then it’s hell to clean. If you clean it after every use it’s just a matter of a quick wipe and it’s done. With care it’ll last forever.

The extractor was an interesting thing. I noted it needed a new filter (never opened it before) and Kitchen Guy asked me why I needed a filter at all. The hood vents to outside. There is no purpose in having a filter unless it recirculates into the kitchen. Well, since it vents to the side Plastic Man lives on… sod the filter. He can suffer the horror of second hand bacon and the terror of second hand fried bread. Let him smell it every day while his wife tries to make him lose weight.

Today I painted the kitchen, starting with the ceiling, hence my personal white paint coating. No ladders – I do not mix well with ladders – I used a roller with an extendable handle and a brush taped to a stick for the edges. When painting ceilings, a floor mounted light is very useful. I have a massive halogen death-ray masquerading as a work lamp that I bought from a company called Screwfix several years ago. It was surprisingly cheap. The thing is, when painting ceilings, the last thing you want is light directly in your eyes. Most people fix their main light to the ceiling. I do too. Turn that thing off and get a floor mounted light. Then you can paint without being blinded.

Also, as I was painting new white over old white, it can be hard to tell if you missed a bit. The floor light reveals all.

Poundland sell a painting sheet made of surprisingly thin plastic. It doesn’t look all that big in the pack but when you unfold it, it’s vast. Tape it to the top of the wall cupboards and in my small kitchen, there was no danger at all of even one drop of paint landing where it wasn’t wanted. It looks like it was painted by someone who actually knew what they were doing.

There is paint on the floor but… the floor is going to be replaced. Just as well. I’ve made a hell of a mess of it.

I’m often asked why I always paint the kitchen white. ‘White shows up all the dirt’, they say. Well yes, and that’s the point. I do not want dirt in the kitchen and white makes it easy to find and exterminate. Other rooms can be any colour but in the kitchen, dirt matters.

You would think I would also paint the bathroom white, but I don’t. Consider what you are expelling in there. It is a naturally shitty place. The kitchen is not, or shouldn’t be.

Switching subjects, I showed my Ubuntu-enhanced laptop to someone who is sick of Windows today. Mr. Gates, can I just say Ha ha! You just lost another income stream.

Now, I know you’ve been looking for the subliminal message in that pile of rambling nonsense so here’s the answer. There isn’t one. It’s here, in a photo I took on holiday on my short visit to the harbour at Crail.

noAberdeen has a similar bye-law although you wouldn’t think it if you saw the Red Stripe drinkers massed on street corners and park benches. What Aberdeen doesn’t have is that ‘No thanks’ in exactly the same pattern as the ‘No to Independence’ campaign.

Here is a little observation tower at Crail -

towerIt doesn’t show too well in that photo but the tower has a Union flag on top. Other small towns flew the Saltire. Crail, it seems, is a ‘no’ to independence. Hence the ‘no thanks’ logo on the anti-drink law sign.

What interests me is whether the towns flying the Saltire would have ‘Public drinking? Yes please!’ signs. Because that is what that sign implies.

I’d go to those towns.

Some people have no brains.

And they work at the BMA.

Once more they insist that anyone born after 2000 must be banned from buying cigarettes. Sigh. Anyone born after 2000 is no more than 14 years old now and therefore currently banned from getting any until they are 18. Those who want cigarettes now have little trouble in getting hold of them anyway. So this ban will have precisely zero effect on young smokers other than to drive them to cheaper prices from dodgy street-corner sellers.

Sellers who are likely to have more, ah, ‘interesting’ things in stock than just tobacco. If tobacco becomes an illegal drug then it will join the inventory of those who sell illegal drugs. A good idea? Only in cloud cuckoo land.

If this ban is implemented, illegal sales of tobacco will rise even further than they are now and illegal drug use will skyrocket. No use pointing this out to the BMA. They will simply pretend it won’t happen, and tell you so in that superior tone of voice that always reveals the smug bastards for the utter cretins they really are.

The Blatantly Manipulative Arseholes also want this -

Among the measures suggested to improve public health was ‘decisive action to reduce the affordability and availability of alcohol’.

Reduce the affordability and availability. So only doctors can afford it. What a stupid idea. Homebrew is already taking off again, and the result of making the shop stuff unaffordable will mean that every shed in the land will have a supply of totally unregulated amateur hooch with little to no quality control and God only knows what strength.

The manifesto added: ‘As a first step, a minimum unit price of no less than 50p should be introduced.’

Other blogs have said since this minimum price was first mentioned that it was just a foot in the door. The BMA have now clearly admitted that. 50p per unit is just the first step. And what in Hell’s name is a medical union doing producing a manifesto? Do we get to vote for it? No? What a surprise.

On booze, there is something the BMA and its drone medics are well aware of but they don’t want you to know about. Coincidentally, the Curmudgeon mentioned it this very day.

I recall making homebrew beer when I was 16. Perfectly legally. There is no age restriction on beer kits because they contain no alcohol at the point of sale. Introduce age restrictions if you like. Just try introducing those same restrictions of fruit and yeast (you can use a bread yeast at a pinch) and watch the kids fire up the winemaking. Their experimental stuff will be deadly, sometimes literally so.

All these controls and bans will have exactly the opposite effect to what is claimed. It is now so obvious and so frequent that it can only be intentional.

Surely the entire medical establishment is not this stupid?

Dr. Who and the golden arrow

Tonight I am between the two days of intense work. Longer hours, fewer days. It’s woirking so far. Tonight I also caught up on the last two episodes of Dr. Who on the BBC iPlayer.

Peter Capaldi is an excellent Doctor in my book. Curmudgeonly and capricious, rather like the original William Hartnell version. The story writers, however, need a damn good kick up the arse.

The Robin Hood episode was fun and obviously ties in with an overall theme (robots looking for Silicon Heaven) that is running through the series. But getting a spaceship into orbit by firing a gold arrow at it, which magically gives it a power boost just by getting stuck in the superstructure… that is incredibly silly. Especially since the alien robots had spent many years casting engine parts from gold. If all they had to do was throw it at the ship, why didn’t they?

I’d be embarrassed if I had published a story like that.

The second one (actually number 4 in this series) was called ‘Listen’. In this one we really saw William Hartnell in Peter Capaldi, where he insists that the Tardis ‘has to recharge’ so he can spend more time on the planet at the end of the universe. Hartnell used a similar trick in the very first Dalek episodes. He claimed the ‘fluid link’ was broken and he needed to get more mercury, so they just had to investigate the Dalek city. Nearly got them all killed and would have if it wasn’t for the fact that most of the Daleks were just painted on the walls.

Yep, this new Doctor is a lot like the first one. The best one. He just does not care

‘Listen’ could have, and should have, been a hell of a lot more horrific. The potential was there for something terrifying. Personally I would have taken it much, much further… but then again, it goes on TV at 7 pm so I suppose the mollifying ending was justified. They just get Outraged of Tunbridge Wells phoning in again if they do it properly.

The story made sense, which is something stories really have to do. The Roibin Hood one could have but the arrow bit was just too daft.

‘Listen’ also gave me ideas, dark and nasty ideas, the best kind. I used the idea of ‘The Hiding’ in ‘Jessica’s Trap’ but had not extended it to a species. It was just a fallen angel spell.

When you look in the closet or under your bed, you see nothing. But if a creature had developed to the point where it was perfectly hidden at all times then ‘nothing’ is just what you would expect to see.

Haloween is coming…

The Arrogant Agenda.

Dick Puddlecote reveals the breathtaking arrogance of the WHO. They accuse the EU, the ones giving them a load of money, of a ‘lack of respect’ for not just doing as they are damn well told.

The EU has at least some people who were elected to be there. Sure, most of them weren’t, but the WHO has been voted for by who, exactly?

Frank Davis lays bare the arrogance of an ‘emergency physician’ who believes we should all be forced to stay perfectly healthy all the time so he won’t have to do his job. Which would mean, in any other profession, dismissal for being no use. Not in Health though, oh no. Being an arrogant, self-important arse gets you promoted in that line of work. Being an actual efficient medic gets you nowhere.

Junican takes apart the new asthma nonsense (part 1 and part 2) in which ‘scientists’ take the theory of inherited traits right back to pre-Mendelian days. All that ‘DNA’ and ‘gene’ stuff? Science might as well not have bothered at all. Watson and Crick – nice molecule but it doesn’t do anything other than stop the cell nucleus deflating. No, your grandchildren will inherit the diseases you didn’t get from a lifetime of smoking.

People believe that, you know. They really do.

(an aside – I know there are now ideas that the structure of DNA can be altered by add-on bits so your kids might not get exactly what you have, but expecting such add-ons to survive burning is a stretch and if you are smoking with your gonads, stop that right now. It’s creepy, it’s wrong and the smell of burning hair is awful).

We are all well accustomed to the arrogance of those who tell us how to live, whether it’s smoking, drinking, waistline or whatever. Since those are the things that affect us individually and immediately, it’s what we concentrate on. But are they hiding something deeper?

Consider that smokers, drinkers and chubbies dying earlier would save the government a massive amount on pensions. We pay in but we’re not expected to live long enough to get it back.

Consider that the UN has stated that it wants a massive reduction in the human population of this planet. Well why not just let us eat, drink and smoke ourselves into an early grave? That way everyone’s happy.

Then again, that’s a problem for ther Righteous. They don’t like ‘happy’, especially when we do it.

The fragmentation caused by all these controls is right up Marx’s alley (someone should have poked a red hot poker up there before he wrote that book). Smokers and fat people are routinely abused in public and in the press now. Supermarkets have a ‘think 25′ policy when selling booze where they demand ID from anyone who looks under 25 – even though the booze-buying age is 18 here. Everyone is set against everyone else.

Marx, of course, wanted the destruction of the family unit. Antismoking, antidrinking, and the Fat Kids Brigade are helping achieve that. Schools are teaching kids that their parents are evil and must be reported.

They are also teaching kids earlier and earlier about sex, including gay sex. Kids do not need to know this. Tell a kid how something works and they will go away and try it themselves. Especially if you tell them not to. So now we have children raping children and the Marxists blame it on ‘online porn’ but they can’t ban online porn because then who will they blame for their own actions?

Just as they can’t ban tobacco or alcohol or sugar or salt. Completely removing the thing they blame would reveal the real cause of those problems. The Righteous. The Marxists. Fabians… politicians.

Marxists, Fabians, is there a difference? Doesn’t really matter any more, there are fifty shades of Righteous now and they are all grotesquely perverted. They all have their pet projects but there’s some co-ordination going on behiond the scenes because they all have one thing in common.

They all break societies, friendships and families.

I doubt the anti-this-and-that idiots have any idea they are being controlled. I mean, just look at some of the things they believe! I do not believe Common Purpose is running the show although it probably thinks it is. I have watched Julia Middleton’s attempts at manipulative body language on You Tube and she might as well wave bloody semaphore flags around. Pathetic. There is no way that woman is responsible for anything except, perhaps, wind.

I also don’t believe we are being manipulated by man-eating lizards who live inside the Moon. If that were the case they’d make us breed faster and grow more numerous to provide an endless protein source. It’s what I’d do if I was green and lived in the Moon. I’d also engineer lots of wars and make planeloads of people vanish – hey, wait a minute!

Seriously though, the Marxists/Fabians want the destruction of the family. Your duty and loyalty will be to the State, not your parents or siblings. You will be alone and yet part of the Collective. An ant in an ant colony. Shouldn’t be hard, we already have a Queen.

It’s been under way a lot longer than I imagined. Anna Raccoon’s latest post was an eye opener.

I remember my grandmother’s final months. Her brain was wearing out and she didn’t always recognise me. A hard thing to witness in a very, very strong-willed woman. She had never smoked, incidentally, before any anti-loons pipe up. She didn’t drink either and wasn’t fat.

She was in an old people’s home. I don’t want to run those places down, the one she was in seemed very nice and she was well looked after but I am sure her decline started after she moved in there.

But just like hospitals, there were restricted times when we were allowed to visit. It had never occurred to me before. Hospitals had visiting hours since before I was born and having been brought up with it I never thought to question it.

Now, how much more of the stuff in place before I was born should I be questioning? It’s starting to feel as though the NHS is not failing, Social Services (coincidentally, I’m sure, the SS) are not failing when they steal well-treated children and leave the battered ones to die. It is starting to feel as though they are not failing at all. They are doing exactly what they were set up to do.

Quietly. Stealthily. Slowly and incrementally so we don’t notice. We won’t notice because we are the cattle and they own the slaughterhouse. They just lead us right into there.

Fragmentation is the key to it all. Break up society, destroy meeting places, turn friends into enemies, crush the family. So the EU/US insistence on turning Ukraine and most of the Middle East and Africa into chaotic war zones is all part of the plan. Letting in huge numbers of migrants to anger the indiginous in every available county – all part of the plan. Letting certain groups get away with anything so the locals hate them – part of the plan.

They break you and then they offer to fix what they have broken as long as you agree to their conditions. You can belong again. You can be part of something again. You can join the Whole Human Race as an equal.

You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile. The Borg, like Orwell’s ‘1984’, should be considered a warning. Look at people wearing Google Glass and then look at the Borg…

The one anomaly here is Scotland. If the Fabians want total breakdown, why are their agents (politicians) trying to prevent Scottish independence? In Ukraine and Syria and Iraq the just bomb the separatists. Why not in Scotland?

Maybe it’s not part of the plan. The plan was for Scotland to be an EU region but Salmond wants that anyway, so where’s the problem?

The Plan is long term. Very long term. The Plan might well call for independence for regions so they can be set against each other later on. But not yet. Not now. The EU hold is not strong enough. Those regions might not all accept EU dominance. Besides, England is EU-sceptic and that has to change before the regions can be successfully imposed. It’s too soon for Scotland to be a region.

I could be wrong. The Scots hate the idiot leaders of all three Southern Softie parties and they are all up here annoying people into voting ‘Yes’. If there was a ‘Fuck off Cameron’ on the voting form it would win.

Maybe, once again, Scotland is the testing ground for someone’s mad idea. That would be par for the course.

You don’t get world domination by bringing everyone together as the EU etc pretend. You get world domination by smashing everyone apart and letting them ask you to bring them back together.

Then you set the terms.

It is astounding to even consider the arroigance of a mind that wants to rule the world. Such minds really do exist and we are at a point in history where those minds have reached positions of power. Others have tried in the past, usually with armies, but this time they are doing it in slow, hardly noticeable increments.

If we are lucky they (or rather, their idiot drones) will continue to overreach and head into absurdity and wake the sleeping people.

If we are not, then Scotland will become Panoptica within ten years. The rest will follow, as usual.

Just look at the state of my plums!


My plums have mutated while I was out at Smoky-Drinky tonight. I now have Siamese Plums.

I think I’ll have to check the blueberries in the  morning…

There is much going on in the world to rant about but I am just too drunk to care tonight. There might be something sensible tomorrow but I offer no guarantee.


The new computer is a few weeks away but already I am wondering. Ubuntu or Mint? There are many other options of Linux to look at but those are the two I’ve tried so far.

Ubuntu looks the more powerful of the two in my limited (two days) experience and the new computer is powerful enough to let a Lex Luthor type take over half the galaxy.

On the other hand, Mint looks very similar to Windows XP which was where I stopped – apart from the Gateway laptop which has Vista. Having been Windows-run since the early 90s, the transition to Mint looks so easy, but will it waste the power of the new machine?

Ubuntu 14.04 looks rather like a cross between Windows and that Apple stuff. It has nothing to do with Apple, of course. If it did I wouldn’t have bought the book-plus-disk in Poundland. Apple once stated that their warranty was invalid for smokers in case a molecule of nicotine in the device wiped out their entire repair department. If there is one thing I can do with a grudge, it’s hold it. Really tight. Forever. I own nothng made by Apple and never will.

But Ubuntu feels like it can do so much more with a big machine than Mint.

I have Mint running delightfully on my Acer Aspire and that has only 8Gb of solid-state hard disk. Mint comes with the full office package, word processor, spreadsheet, PowerPoint lookalike (don’t need that so much now I’m not lecturing) and Firefox. It also has GIMP for photo editing and VLC media player that plays pretty much anything. I don’t see any immediate need to install anything else.

Ubuntu has all the Office stuff and Firefox but then the GIMP and VLC options are free downloads (I already have) so that’s not an issue.

This computer is at least ten years old. It has a 160 Gb hard disk. I have used 90 Gb. There are a hell of a lot of photos. Loads of text but that doesn’t take much space. A mass of music and video files. I nick old music videos and films from YouTube using RealPlayer because someone always pops up  with some copyright issue and gets them removed. Are the Animusic ones back on there, I wonder? Anyway, VLC can run RealPlayer video files too.

You can get a Terabyte external hard disk now that is even within a part time janitor’s salary range. I just don’t know that much stuff! I still recall hard drives of one or two megabytes that were unaffordable to  a research scientist. That was in the 1990s, hardly the middle ages. Times are changing, fast.


There is another decision to make. In the upcoming Scottish Independence vote I can have a vote if I want to use it. Having no known Scottish heritage means I could just be an independent observer.

I was determined to vote ‘No’ because Oily Al and his Spiteful Nannying Puritans hate me. But by supporting No, I would be on the side of the Cleggeron Coagulation and the Ed Miller Band, and they hate me too. Both sides want me either controlled or dead and they don’t care which.

Why do they all hate me? Because I choose to live my life my way, not their way. It’s why they all hate you too.

Having read the comments here and Jerub-Baal’s return to Blogland I am havering. If ‘Yes’ wins there will be chaos. Not just in the UK but all over the EU as separatist movements get a surge of optimism. Not even Obama can bomb them all.

If ‘No’ wins then Osborne has a whole raft of Tory promises (otherwise known as lies) that are even more wildly uncosted than Oily Al’s idiot plan to run the country on hot air and costly bird-choppers.

It’s chaos either way. If the Coagulation get the ‘No’ vote then all those promises will be ‘in the future’ as in ‘in yer fekin dreams. pal’. The ‘No’ win would leave things just as they are but not quite. A ‘No’ will embolden Wastemonster to fuck up Scotland royally until the EU make it a region anyway.

A ‘Yes’ win (in Glasgow you tick the ‘Aye right pal’ box) would finish Cameron, smack Eddie Moribund down hard and Clegg… well who cares? Oily Al would ooze smugness right up to the point where he gets voted out forever because he is, basically, a git.

So now I am forced to decide between chaos and utter chaos. Between Ubuntu and Mint.

Two major decisions, in one month?

Men are not equipped for this.


Yea or nay?

The Scottish independence vote looms. It is about 50/50 so far so half the country is going to be pissed off either way. The outcome will not be good. If the ‘Yes’ lot lose their National Socialists will turn nasty. Oh yes, National Socialism is exactly what we are looking at in the SNP.  Green energy and smoking bans? Heard it all before.

Many outside investors are pulling their money out of the UK in anticipation of the UK becoming skint if Scotland votes ‘Yes’. Well there’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. If there is no money in the UK and Scotland votes ‘Yes’ then the UK and Scotland will experience that flushing sound. Not because Scotland voted ‘Yes’ but because all the money is gone. It might come back if they vote ‘No’. It might not. Destitution might be the outcome of Oily Al’s donkey-like determination to be ‘Brayfart’ no matter what the result.

Oily Al’s ambition its to be the man who made Scotland independent, Whether he wrecks it in the process is of no concern to him. He wants to be William Wallace and have a shorter fatter monument to himself put up in Edinburgh. But atl least he is clear on this point.

Cameron is more complex. He does not want to be the Prime Monster who lost Scotland. Then again, the EU regions will take Scotland from his control anyway. Then again, he wants to stay in the EU. Then again, staying in the EU means letting Scotland become an EU region and if that means pretending they will get independence, he has to do it, Then again, losing Scotland means Labour lose 30-odd MPs and while that does not make a future English Tory goverment a certainty, it would be a big help. He’d have to cut loose Wales too if he wanted to be certain. If there was ever a time when a Prime Monster wished he hadn’t got the job, this must surely be it. His only consolation is that he isn’t likely to have it much longer.

What Salmond wants is clear. What Cameron wants is not. There are so many conflicting issues. If Scotland separates they are not guaranteed to be part of the EU and if they are, they will have to accept the Euro. So all this talk of keeping the pound or having a Scottish currrency is bullshit. Scotland will not have its own currency if it is in the EU. It will have the Euiro. No question. It will be a new sign-up.

But what about the rest of the UK? They will also be, in EU eyes, a new country. Will they have to reapply? Spain won’t like it.  They have the Catalans demanding what Scotland has demanded so Spain will try to wreck both half’s chances of rejoining.

Which sounds good for the rest of the UK but not for Scotland. Oily Al’s fag-packet costings depend on the EU bailing him out. They won’t if he’s not in it.

As for Cameron, he is in panic mode now the ‘yes’ vote is polled at 51%. Why? Well, it risks the expulsion of both parts of the UK from the EU gravy train That’s why Moribund is worried too. They are not worried for us. They are worried for themselves.

A separate Scotland within the EU becomes a de facto region as planned by the EU anyway. Salmond will be the regional governor and nobody in Scotland will be any nore independent than they are now. If Scotland votes ‘No’ then the plan continues as before and gets to the same result in the end anyway, The EU don’t care about this vote.

Spain does. Spain could veto Scottish membership of the EU and also throw Cameron out too. That’s what Cameron is scared of. Spain does not understand that Catalonia will eventually be an EU region anyway. They think, as do half of the Scots, that independence si a real thing.

Cameron is scared of liosing his cushy EU future.

What is interesting here is Clegg. He seems not at all bothered by it all despite having a good Lib Dem presence in Scotland (okay, he lost a lot of it to the SNP but he’s still doing well)..

I suppose the big question is – what does Clegg know?

Then again, that has been the question for quite some time.


In the news, the Daily Mash reports on the worst possible outcome and if you are havering, your next queen after independence should help make up your mind.